Updates [Update] 01/17 Minor Patch
Black Desert 2020-01-17 08:30



A small patch was released on January 17th to address the following issues:

※ Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash when depositing mounts into storage

※ Fixed an issue where items would visually multiply in the transport window, and then display an error message. No items were actually duplicated with this process. 

※ Fixed an issue where the tooltip for the 'Let's Make Moon Rice Cake' event ingredients incorrectly stated they should be arranged in an [l] shape. (These items need to be combined in a [-] shape to receive [Event] Moon Rice Cake)

※ Fixed an issue where parts of Rosa De Sharon and Arctic Fang Outfit tooltips were displayed in English if the game language was set to Spanish.



Please restart the game to apply these changes.


Thank you!


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