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Black Desert 2020-01-17 10:00




Slaughtermas was great fun, and we wanted to run some more events where we could get more time to play with you guys, while also offering some great rewards for participating! So Community Week will see your favorite Pearl Abyss Community Managers (and Shirna) jumping in-game each day, answering questions and running fun events for you to join in! 



Hide-and-Seek Desert Edition

NA: Sunday January 19th 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM PST
EU: Tuesday January 21st 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM UTC


Enjoy running around the desert aimlessly? We’re going to be running a pretty standard hide-and-seek event where it is your job to find the NPC’s with a slight twist, only one of the GM characters will be hiding. The first 4 GM’s you will need to find will all be placed at the desert entrance to Sand Grain Bazaar, and the last GM will be hidden in the desert. Find him through clues given by the CM’s in chat during the event and you can get rewards!


  • Talk to the quest giver GM NPC in Sand Grain Bazaar, then talk to the 3 Objective NPCs who will be nearby.
  • The final NPC will be hidden in the desert for you to find. Once you find it, interact with it to receive a golden medal.
  • After the event finishes, and the results have been collected, we will distribute the rewards. Once the rewards are sent, you will then be able to delete the medal from your inventory.

1st Place: Grandpa Cron’s Gift x3 + Christmas Furniture x1
2nd~10th: Grandpa Cron’s Gift x2 + Christmas Furniture x1
All Other Finishers: Grandpa Cron’s Gift x1 + Item Collection Increase Scroll [60 min.]



Arsha Challenge

NA: Monday January 20th 8:45 PM - 10:45 PM PST
EU: Wednesday January 22nd 8:30 PM - 10:30 PM UTC

Take out your frustrations on Pearl Abyss staff this week as the Arsha challenge will open. 3 Members of Pearl Abyss staff will await those who dare attempt the challenge. The staff members will organise themselves into 3 stages, each being a 1v1 against you, the player. Each time you defeat a member of staff, you will have the opportunity to either run with the rewards, or risk them all by attempting to fight the next GM.

● On the Arsha server, around 5 minutes before the event starts, a GM will ask people to send them a whisper. Send the GM a whisper saying what they ask, and you will be entered into the queue.
● This will be a first come, first served event, so those that have the quickest fingers will find themselves with a better chance of entering. 

● You do not need to wait in a specific place, we will teleport you to the venue of the fight when it is your turn. (NOTE: Players carrying trade items will lose those items if they die).
● Fights will be 1v1 between the GM and the player.

Beating the 1st Staff Member: Valks Cry x4
Beating the 2nd Staff Member: Valks Cry x8
Beating the 3rd Staff Member: Valks Cry x16



Let’s Go Fishing

NA:  Tuesday January 21st 7:30 PM PST
EU: Thursday January 23rd 8:30 PM UTC

It’s time to relax as we’re going to go fishing together. We will be taking one of our GM boats out to sea and go hotspot fishing. Space will be limited on our boats, so you are more than welcome to go out on your own boat and join us in a convoy. We’ll just be sailing around the seven seas, so make sure to come out! 

In the case of a whale spawn, we will drop the fishing and go net ourselves a Blue Whale. For this, we strongly recommend bringing a Matchlock and a Butcher Knife so that you can partake. Remember that Blue Whale rewards go to the top 5 teams who kill it, so making sure that you party up with other adventurers will be essential if you’re looking to catch your first whale kill!

Rewards: Fun 



3v3 Tournament

NA: Wednesday January 22nd 8:30 PM PST
EU: Friday January 24th 8:30 PM UTC

3v3 Tournaments is something that the Community Team have been wanting to run for quite some time, and we feel now is the time to introduce the 3v3 tournament to you guys. Spots will be limited for this tournament, so unfortunately we cannot guarantee everyone who applies will be selected. We are aiming for a 16 team bracket, and participants will be randomly selected. There is a possibility that the bracket will be expanded to 32, however 16 would be preferable.

However if there is enough demand for a tournament of this kind, we will try to run them on a more regular basis.

To apply, all you will need to do is fill in the google form for you and your teammates, and we will notify you that you have been selected for the bracket. If you are selected, you will be required to be on the Arsha server 15 minutes before the event starts (you will be allowed to do other things while on the server, but we ask that you are present on the server at the time.) We will then notify players that they will soon be teleported to the arena to begin their fights. You will then have time to add your buffs or heal up before the match starts. 

Matches will be a best of 1 in the round of 16, and best of 3 for the remainder of the tournament. If you die, you are not permitted to use resurrection items otherwise your team will instantly be disqualified. In the case of the best of 3’s, we ask that players hit the respawn at the nearest town and wait to be ported back to the arena for the second and third rounds. Further rules will be found at the bottom of this notice.

1st Place: 2,000 Pearls per player, Transaction Maid
2nd Place: 7 Day Sealed Book of Combat, 10x Elion’s Blessing, Transaction Maid.
3rd/4th Place: 1 Day Sealed Book of Combat, 10x Elion’s Blessing, Transaction Maid
All Other Participants: 1 Day Sealed Book of Combat, 5x Elion’s Blessing



To join, sign up at: Link

※ Please have just one member of the team sign up for all 3 players on the team.

 Sign-ups are accepted until Tuesday, January 21st 7:00 AM UTC (0:00 AM PST)



- Please make sure that your team is on the Arsha Server 15 minutes before the tournaments start time.
- In case of crashes/disconnects, Community Manager Discretion will determine whether a repeat will take place.
- Resurrection items such as Elion’s Tears or Elion’s Blessings are NOT permitted. Using said items will result in a disqualification in the best of 1s, and a lost set in the best of 3s.
- Food Buffs, Elixirs and Alchemy Stones are permitted.
- In cases not listed above, Community Managers have the discretion to make decisions on the outcome of the match.
- If 1 player of a team does not show, that team will be forced to play the match with 2 players. If 2 players of a team fail to show, the match is forfeit. Matches will not be delayed to wait for players to enter the game. 

- In case of members of the same guild being on opposite teams, we may move the tournament to a different location.

- Players that attempt to interrupt the tournament will find themselves ported out to sea.

- All rewards will be sent during the maintenance on February 5th.


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