Updates [Update] [Updated] 02/06 Patch Notes
Black Desert 2020-02-06 03:00

A new update has been released which brings Kunoichi and her awakening, and so much more. Check out the details below to discover all the changes coming in this update.




The Kunoichi makes her way to Black Desert PS4, and comes complete with her Rabam skills and awakening. Kunoichi uses the Sah Chakram to stain the world red with the blood of her enemies. Find out more about how she came across the Sah Chakram in the GM Note [Link].


We will be increasing the amount of tax revenue that is distributed through Conquest War. The current payout system is underwhelming, and we are making improvements so that the Silver distributed to guilds that own the regions is more representative of the effort required. This will also have the trickle down effect of improving the payouts for guilds that own nodes.

These changes will not apply retroactively, and will only apply for Conquest War payouts AFTER this update.
Tax applied to Central Market transactions will not be affected by these changes.


There has also been a rise in relic theft in Valencia, with Graverobber Afuaru appearing in monster zones across the region (except Aakman Temple and Hystria Ruins). Afuaru is incredibly skittish, and if an adventurer gets too close Afuaru will make a run for it. He will try to pop smoke screens to get away, and after the third he will escape and cannot be defeated.


Defeating Afuaru will drop items of great value, so if you see him about you should take him down as quickly as possible.


As mentioned in an earlier GM Note, we are combining the Sealed Book of Combat, Armstrong’s Skill Guide and Cliff’s Skill Add-On Guide into one item. The Secret Book of Old Moon combines these items together and adds a few extra bonuses to help adventurers on their path to greatness.


The Secret Book of Old Moon provides the following benefits:

Combat EXP +100%
Skill EXP +50%
Life EXP +50%
Reset (enhanced) skills freely
Change Skill add-ons freely
Use villa buff via your campsite without having a villa invitation
Stable Slot +1 (for all regions)
Wharf Slot +1 (for all regions) 


Secret Book of Old Moon FAQ

Q: Does the Secret Book of Old Moon stack with other buffs?
A: Yes, all current EXP buff items will stack with the Secret Book of Old Moon. Additionally, the Secret Book of Old Moon will stack with any remaining Sealed Book of Combats that you have.

Q: What happens with items such as Armstrong’s Skill Guide or Cliff’s Skill Add-On Guide if I activate them at the same time?
A: Although they can be activated at the same time, their effects will not provide anything extra for you to use. It will not increase the duration, or provide other effects. Therefore we STRONGLY recommend not using Armstrong’s skill Guide or Cliff’s Skill Add-On Guide in conjunction with the Secret Book of Old Moon.

Q: Can I use my Secret Book of Old Moon with a Value Pack?
A: Yes, you can use these items together. 


Blessing of Kamasylve

As well as the new item, Secret Book of Old Moon, we are also improving the Blessing of Kamasylve item to contain more bonuses.

Blessing of Kamasylve provides the following benefits:

Energy Recovery +2
Item Drop Rate +20%
Central Market Warehouse Capacity +2,000 VT
Transaction Maid Volume Limit +100 VT
Storage Transport Weight Limit +1,500 LT


The cold grasp of Christmas music has been lifted, and spring is on its way to Black Desert. Snow has also been removed, and the world will not look white anymore.


Artisan’s Memory and [Event] Artisan’s Memory have been modified. They will now provide x5 the restoration effect of Max. Durability instead of x4.


Around 40% all monsters in the Black Desert world have been removed, and the monsters that survive this cull will respawn twice as fast. The change is intended to improve performance of Black Desert, and we will be monitoring the changes incredibly closely.



Dev Note:

We have been working on providing a much more refined gameplay experience for adventurers, which means striving for more optimization. This patch we are modifying hunting grounds (aka grind spots) so that overall there are less spawned monsters. To counteract the absence of certain packs, we are greatly increasing the spawn rates of monsters that survived which results in similar character growth and profits.



The Black Abyssal Weapon obtained from completing the ‘[Boss] The Overlord of Omar Lava Cave’ has been changed so that it can be used immediately after it has been collected. Once obtained, the item can be exchanged for a ‘Black Abyssal Weapon Box’ by talking with Abdul Jaum, the skill instructor from Altinova. He will give you the materials needed to turn the Black Abyssal Weapon back into a box.

Adjustments have been made to the upper limits of the following items on the Central Market: 


- Memory Fragment
- Ancient Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame - Power
- Red Battlefield Crystal: Power
- Black Magic Crystal - Cobelinus
- Black Magic Crystal - Hystria
- Black Magic Crystal - Carmae
- Forest Path Wagon Wheel
- Forest Path Wagon Cover
- Forest Path Wagon Flag
- Forest Path Wagon Badge
- Ain Mainhand Weapons
- Enhancers (Melee AP, Ranged AP, Magic AP, Grapple Resistance, Accuracy)
- Reducers (Melee Damage, Ranged Damage, Magic Damage)


This change will not instantly up the prices of these items, but will allow them to rise in value if the market conditions allow.

The Totem system for fishing boats has finally been added. Totems gain EXP as you catch certain types of fish, and will grant bonuses depending on the grade of the totem. This includes mount speed, weight limit and more. You can purchase these from Crio, and as they level up from the EXP from fishing, you can enhance them with Black Stones to make them better.
We have also added Marni Stones to 3 new areas (totalling 6 new stones):
Marni’s Stone (Crescent Shrine) Marni’s Stone (Crescent Shrine) II
Marni’s Stone (Basilisk) Marni’s Stone (Basilisk) II
Marni’s Stone (Pila Ku) Marni’s Stone (Pila Ku) II


We have removed the ability to exchange high quality wine for energy recovery items, and we will also be removing High Quality Wine from the game. This hidden interaction was designed back when Black Desert originally launched, and as the economy progressed it became an easy way to refill your energy for a very small amount of silver. The decision to remove this exchange was a difficult one since the interaction was incredibly popular with people who do lifeskills, but with more and more people taking advantage of lifeskills it was important for us to protect the value of gathered items. This change will hopefully protect these prices from decreasing further.

※ High Quality wine will be removed, and users who have this item on their account will be compensated with 200,000 Silver per bottle of Wine, which will be sent to their mail.

※ High Quality Wine was not removed from the game as previously highlighted. We removed the items from your inventories, and you can purchase them from specific vendors in the world. You cannot exchange them for energy anymore. [Updated]


A new branch has been added to the Balenos quest storyline. After talking to Grusha, you will be able to choose between [Crossroad] Goblins at the Ruins, [Crossroad] About Goblins, and [Crossroad] The Untold Truth About Giath. This new crossroad will explain the origins of Giath, and will feature new quest dialogue and knowledge.


Other Quest Changes
● Altar of Blood has been modified. When starting at levels above 1, you will need to have knowledge of both the level you wish to start at and the previous level too.
● Rewards have been added to the following quests:


Quest Name Additional Rewards
The Source of Corruption (The Birthplace of the Witch Questline) Ancient Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame - Power x1
The Source of Corruption (Highland Junction Questline) Ancient Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame - Power x1



We are making a few changes to the Wizard class, and a small fix for the Mystic. There are also various fixes for character costumes that are not listed here due to their minor improvements.


Aqua Jail Explosion and Flow: Arne’s Stream now have a Down Attack effect.
Casting speed of Aqua Jail Explosion has increased.
Slow Movement Speed effect added to Aqua Jail Explosion
The effect of Aqua Jail Explosion will now match the skill speed of the skill.
Increased the damage of Flow:Arne’s Guidance


  Before After
Damage 701% 890%


● Changed the range of Cataclysm and Black Spirit: Cataclysm to the maximum range for all hits to damage equally.
Hellfire now has a Forward Guard effect.
Holding O while using Hellfire will now maintain its charge.
Increased the trigger speed of Flame Know after the use of Hellfire.
Fixed an issue in PvP where the damage for Flow: Fire Fist Marg was applied for the skill Flow: Fire Breath Marg.
Removed the Forward Guard effect of Chilling Wave

● Fixed an issue where the PvP reduction text was missing from the following skills:

- Flow: Arne’s Guidance

- Flow: Arne’s Stream

- Flow: Fire Breath Marg

- Flow: Fire Fist Marg


● Fixed an issue where the ‘Reduced PvP Damage’ modifier was not showing on the following skills:

- Flow: Gorr Roll

- Flow: Gorr Launch

- Flow: Voltaic Tett

- Flow: Rage Tett


Fixed an issue where Air Smash was applied to all Combo:Hurricane hits.
● Fixed an issue where the last hit for Rapid Stream IV caused Knockdown instead of Floating.


In the enhancement window, you can now place items in the window even if you do not have materials to enhance, or the max durability is too low. This will allow you to check any enhancement related things with the item.
● The processing window has been improved so that it will now remember your last selected processing option. This will only apply to the last selected option in your current play session.
● The following UI has been updated:
- Pet List
- Campsite UI
● You will now be unable to process items that are currently slotted with Magic Crystals.


● Imperial Trade NPC’s have been added to ALL channels.
● Fixed an issue where the Underwear set bonus did not work correctly when a Pearl Item expired.
● Fixed an issue where Desert Sickness was being applied in Pila Ku Jail.
● Fixed an issue where Enhancements could not be performed again after selecting ‘No’ as a warning menu pops up.
● Fixed an issue where the warehouse would become unusable if you first open the transport window.

● Fixed an issue where certain Goblin Workers could not be registered on the market.

● Fixed an issue where aiming cannons while continuously firing the cannon causes an error.
● Fixed an issue where knowledge could not be obtained from certain NPC’s even when the conditions had been met.