GM Notes [GM Note] A Letter from the Lead Producer
Black Desert 2019-03-04 08:00

Welcome everyone to the world of Black Desert.


My name is Kwang-sam Kim, Lead Producer of development for Black Desert on Xbox One. At Pearl Abyss, our goal is to make Black Desert the greatest action MMORPG in the world with your help.



Black Desert has been running on PC for quite some time, but the Xbox One version was not just a straightforward port of the game. It has been a huge task to bring over nearly everything in the Xbox Version, but we have managed to do it. We didn’t want to sacrifice anything for this version, and never lose sight of our goals.


Do you want to play the best action RPG? Explore huge open worlds? Forge strong relationships with friends and guildmates, enter wars and find yourself in unpredictable situations? We want to create these new and exciting experiences with you guys.


We’ve seen groups team up and fight against monsters, hundreds of players get tangled up in wars, and tens of thousands share an experience in the living world of Black Desert. Through gathering, building, trading and more, players of Black Desert have molded their own world.


We ran two beta tests, and if you participated in them, you would hopefully seen that we take feedback incredibly seriously, and have worked hard to apply that feedback to help make a more perfect version. And we are now ready for the release.


Despite being newcomers to the Xbox arena, we’re determined to continually improve our game and our service, to one day become one of the heavy hitters.


But listening to your feedback doesn’t end here. We’re always listening to your feedback and will try our best to provide the very best gameservice. Our GM’s are always on your side, and through Discord, Forums, Twitter, Facebook and in-game chat, they are always ready to pass on great feedback.


If you’ve ever played an MMORPG, you would know how important it is to continually grow the game, through new classes, new regions to explore and new quests to dive into. We currently plan to expand rapidly and continually grow the world of Black Desert. We may be new to the Xbox world, but we are experts at creating memorable MMORPG experiences.


I promise that you will not be left disappointed by Black Desert.

So come and dip your toes into the waters, and find out why Black Desert is for you.



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