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Black Desert 2020-02-26 09:30



As aforementioned in our previous notice regarding cross-play (LINK), due to the partial merge of the game databases, there will be a wave of name changes. 

After that announcement we have received a lot of feedback regarding that issue from Adventurers worried about their names being changed and the detailed criteria which will be applied during the process.

We have taken feedback into account when coming up with a revised system of name changes, and we adapted that into a way where the name changes will affect the least amount of players possible.

In case of two identical names existing in both XBox One and PlayStation 4 version of the game, only one of them will be changed based on the criteria below:

  • If one of the users is inactive, only the inactive user’s name will be changed, and the active user will keep their name (inactive user is defined as a user who has not accessed the game 30 days prior to March 4th.)

  • If both users are active, the user who created their name first in relation to the release date of the game on their platform will keep their name. 

The release date used for this process will include the early access period. So for the purposes of this process, the Xbox release date is March 1st 2019 and the PlayStation 4 release date is August 20th, 2019.

For example:

1 Inactive Player, 1 Active player: Xbox Player A has not logged in for 45 days, the PlayStation player A logs in each day, the Xbox players name will be modified and the PlayStation players name will remain the same.

Both Players Active: If a PlayStation user created their name on August 21st, and a Xbox user created their name on August 19th, the PlayStation user will retain their name, and the Xbox user will have their name changed. [PlayStation user is 1 day after release, the Xbox user is 6 months after release].

If an Xbox user created their name on March 1st, and a PlayStation user created theirs on August 23rd, the Xbox user will keep their name and the PlayStation user will have their name changed [Xbox release date, PlayStation release date +3]

Both Players Inactive: If both players are considered inactive, then the system for 2 active players will be applied.

Please note that above criteria applies to Family, Character and Guild names.

Guild: Guild activity in the last 30 days will be taken into consideration when applying these changes. 

Names that are changed will have a suffix added to their name, and be compensated with a Name Change coupon. The suffix will be _BDC.

For example: There are 2 players named BlackDesert, one of the player names will be changed to BlackDesert_BDC. BlackDesert_BDC will be compensated with a name change coupon. .


To avoid additional creation of names which can possibly overlap after cross-play update sales of Family, Character and Guild Name Change Coupons will be stopped starting today (February 26th) until after the maintenance on March 4th.

Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience caused by that situation, hoping for your understanding and cooperation.


We promise to make every effort to make Black Desert console an even more exciting gaming environment for our Adventurers from both platforms.


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