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Event [Extended] Cherry Blossom Festival 03.18.2020


Event 1. Cherry Blossoms Everywhere!

Event Period

NA: After March 18th maintenance - April 7th, 11:00 PM (PDT)

EU: After March 18th maintenance - April 8th, 06:00 AM (UTC)

ASIA: After March 18th maintenance - April 8th, 03:00 PM (GMT+9)


Spring has just hit the world of Black Desert and cherry blossoms are everywhere! Take in the sights and enjoy a pleasant stroll!



Event 2. Collect Cherry Blossoms - Get Rewards!

Event Period

NA: After March 18th maintenance - April 7th, 11:00 PM (PDT)

EU: After March 18th maintenance - April 8th, 06:00 AM (UTC)

ASIA: After March 18th maintenance - April 8th, 03:00 PM (GMT+9)


Event Details

Collect Cherry Blossoms based on how long you spend in Black Desert! Collect all 5 Cherry blossoms to make the most out of this spring time event!

Play Time

Challenge Reward

1 hour

[Event] Cherry Blossom X1

2 hours

[Event] Cherry Blossom X1

3 hours

[Event] Cherry Blossom X1

4 hours

[Event] Cherry Blossom X1

5 hours

[Event] Cherry Blossom X1

Exchange the [Event] Cherry Blossoms to receive [Event] Delicate Cherry Blossom Ornament Box or a Fine Accessory Box!

• Olvia - Buntt
• Velia - Tachros
• Heidel - Cruhorn Wyrmsbane
• Calpheon - Psebor
• Altinova - Abdul Jaum
• Valencia - Rabam


Exchange Item


Obtainable Items


[Event] Delicate Cherry Blossom Ornament Box

Memory Fragment x3

Black Stone (Armor) x3

Black Stone (Weapon) x3



 [Event] Resplendent Cherry Blossom Ornament Box

Memory Fragment x10

Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Weapon) x1

Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Armor) x1



[Event] Shining Cherry Blossom Ornament Box

Memory Fragment x15

[Event] Black Magic Crystal Box x1



Fine Accessory Box

Randomly obtain 1 of the following

Ogre Ring

Tungrad Earring

Basilisk's Belt

Ring of Crescent Guardian


[Event] Black Magic Crystal Box Contents:

Black Magic Crystal - Cobelinus, Black Magic Crystal - Hystria, Black Magic Crystal - Harphia, Black Magic Crystal - Addis, Black Magic Crystal - Carmae, Black Magic Crystal - Viper



Event 3. The Rise of Cherry Blossoms

Event Period

NA/EU/ASIA: After March 18th maintenance - Before April 1st maintenance


Event Details



Cherry Blossom Seed

During the event period, you will be able to buy Cherry Blossom Seeds by going to Pearl Shop > Loyalties for just 1 loyalty! Only 1 per family

Cherry Blossom Pot

Plant the cherry blossom seed in a garden and can be obtained when it is fully raised!
Interior Decoration Points: 20 Points

Note: Points from the Cherry Blossom Pot can only be applied once - multiple Cherry Blossom Pots do not accumulate points.


How to get a Cherry Blossom Pot:

Step 1. Rent a fence

The following NPCs will allow you to rent a fence for 3 Contribution Points

  • Finto Farm: Martina Finto
  • Dias Farm: Enzo
  • Abun: Difry Hussey

Step 2. Set up a fence

  • Setting up fences can be done outside of safe zones

Step 3. Plant the seed

  • In the fence, press on LT/L2 to bring up the gardening menu
  • You can see how many seeds you have as well as which ones are already planted

Step 4. Harvest the Cherry Blossom!

  • Can be harvested after it has fully grown
  • Speed of growth is dependant on how the seed is watered and fertilized
    • Once the Cherry Blossom Pot is obtained, you can return the fence to the NPC you got it from to regain your contribution points



Event 4. The Craft of Spring Draughts

Event Period

NA/EU/ASIA: After March 18th maintenance - Before April 1st maintenance


Event Details

During the event period, defeat monsters, gather, and fish to obtain [Event] Fresh Peach Flower Petals and [Event] Vibrant Peach Flower Branches! By getting these ingredients, Adventurers will be well on their way to be creating some rare Draughts!



[Event] Fresh Peach Flower Petal

[Event] Vibrant Peach Flower Branch

By adding some Purified Water, use Simple Alchemy in order to create [Event] Vibrant Peach Flower Draught!



[Event] Fresh Peach Flower Petal x5

[Event] Vibrant Peach Flower Branch x1

Purified Water x1

[Event] Vibrant Peach Flower Draught


Effects of [Event] Vibrant Peach Flower Draught

  • All AP +10, Combat EXP +20%, Skill EXP +10%, Critical Hit +3, Movement Speed +3, Max Weight Limit +100LT, All Special Attack Extra Damage +10%
  • Duration: 15 mins / Cooldown: 10 secs

That’s not all though! For those who lead the pacifist life, you can Shake [Event] Vibrant Peach Flower Branches and Purified Water to create [Event] Heartwarming Spring Draught!



[Event] Vibrant Peach Flower Branch x5

Purified Water x1

[Event] Heartwarming Spring Draught


Effects of [Event] Heartwarming Spring Draught

  • Gathering +3, Fishing +3, Movement Speed +3, Life EXP +20%, Weight Limit +100LT, Processing Success Rate +20%, Auto-Fishing Speed +10%, Gathering Resource Gain Chance +8%
  • Duration: 15 mins / Cooldown: 10 secs



Event 5. Making a Peach Flower Coronet

Event Period

NA/EU/ASIA: After March 18th maintenance - Before April 1st maintenance


Event Details

Speak to the Seed Vendor Ahr in Calpheon to start a questline to make your own [Event] Peach Flower Coronet. Hand over the things that she needs so that a coronet can be made for your efforts!




[Event] Make a Coronet

Give Ahr Flax Thread x3

Contribution EXP 150

[Event] Beautiful Connection

Give Ahr Acacia Sap x3

Contribution EXP 150

[Event] Art of Flowers

Give Ahr [Event] Fresh Peach
Flower Petal x10 and [Event]
Vibrant Peach Flower Branch x10

[Event] Peach Flower Coronet

Please note that a level 15 or higher character can start the questline and that this questline can be done once per family.



Event Notice

  • All event related items are family-bound and will not be deleted once the events are over. 
  • [Event] Vibrant Peach Flower Draughts and [Event] Heartwarming Spring Draughts share cooldown period with other potions and only the effect of the last potion is applied. 
  • When using [Event] Vibrant Peach Flower Draught or [Event] Heartwarming Spring Draughts, no other elixir/potion effects can be applied except for the following: Perfume of Courage, Perfume of Swiftness, Spirit Perfume Elixir, Whale Tendon Elixir, and Tough Whale Tendon Elixir. 
  • Play-time challenges can be completed 5 times a day [based on time spent in the game]. Changing Servers or Entering the Character Selection window may affect gameplay time calculations.
  • Play Time Challenges will reset at the following times:

       - EU: 00:00 (UTC) / NA: 17:00 (PDT) / ASIA: 09:00 (GMT+9)

  • Items received during the event may be restricted from selling on the Central Market and to NPC vendors and may also have expiration dates. 
  • Reward items given out during the event may or may not be bound, depending on each item. Thus, some event items cannot be moved or restored.
  • Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change or cancel the event depending on mitigating circumstances.
  • If changes are made, they can be found on this event page.
  • Participating in the event using inappropriate methods will result in a cancellation or retrieval of your reward and restriction from the game.
  • If you have any questions about this event, please send a ticket through [Support].
  • This event follows the [Event Rules].