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GM Note GM Notes- Mediah 03.13.2019



A land forged from the blood of the Lord of Corruption, its arid climate, rocky landscapes, intimidating monsters, and bustling towns, Mediah will immediately give you the feeling that you have ventured far away from home. Mediah sits between the two rival nations of Calpheon and Valencia. During the war between the Western Alliance and Valencia, Mediah acted as a neutral state, trading with both regions. During this time, Mediah flourished, but that prosperity didn’t last long. 


A series of natural disasters hit the whole world. From torrential rain to droughts, tsunamis to sandstorms, the world became an almost inhospitable place. Barbarian tribes descended upon Mediah. The fierce Nagas were pushed away by Fogans, and Orcs and Ogres began their migration away from the region. 


Mediah persevered, and eventually, the merchants guild founded a new capital city, Altinova. Villagers and merchants flocked to the city from all over. What happens next? Find out as the gates to Mediah have opened.  


With Mediah open, around 40 new nodes have been added. We have also added new towns and cities for all to explore.



As Calpheon, Serendia, and Valencia were occupied by war, Mediah chose to remain neutral, and trade with each region. The wealth that Mediah amassed during this time was used to found the new capital city, Altinova. 



Although most cities of its size are built for warfare and governance, Altinova’s development was focused around commerce. This has led to Altinova becoming a breathtaking city full of hidden beauty. The location of this sprawling city makes it a trading powerhouse, that sits as a gate to Valencia and is accessible by both land and water. 


This mysterious village on the shores of the Junaid River is the home of the Sorceress. Residents of the town have begun taming the Black Spirit and recently managed to force one to possess a Magic Pot, making it visible for all to see.



Not much is known about the cause of the explosion, but testimonies of those nearby tell of piercing screams in the dead of night, which made way to a very brief moment of silence before a massive explosion. Everything nearby was aflame. 


Not much is known about the cause of the explosion, but monsters known as Ferrids have taken over. Some of them may look playful, but they are almost made of fire, and the main staple in their diet is lava. Adventurers are warned that this location can be incredibly deadly. 



Mediah could not escape the catastrophic weather effects that were facing the world. The power of mother nature reclaimed these Iron Mines for quite some time, and as the sandstorms died, the Barbarians took over. This region is now completely lost to the Mediah Merchants guild, and it is said that the Barbarians took captives from the nearby village of Abun to man the mines.




Not much is known about the Hasrah Ruins. Most of those who enter never return. People who do make it out alive speak of the ancient relics that litter the area, and the living ancient weapons that guard them.




The construction of this fort was ordered by the royal family of Mediah, to help protect the trade routes of pirates. However, the fort is now occupied by the Sausans, who seemingly have stopped the flow of naval travel. This area is now particularly dangerous, as the Sausans are a power native group to Mediah. 




Although technically not part of Mediah, the islands of Kuit and Padix are now explorable. The fierce Cox Pirates seemingly displaced the villagers who lived here, and now call the islands home. Their reputation is so strong that Calpheon, who was never much for naval warfare, is considering launching a punitive expedition across the island. 



With so much more to explore, are you ready to open the next chapter of your epic journey into the Black Desert?