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Event [Updated] Art of Kamasylvian Alchemy 05.11.2020


Kamasylvian Alchemy is renowned amongst any alchemist worth their salt. For a limited time only, Kamasylvian alchemists are sharing some of their methods to allow everyone to dabble in alchemy! Through Simple Alchemy, alchemists all over can now create the [Event] Kamasylvia Box and in turn, the [Event] Shiny Kamasylvia Box.

Event I - Kamasylvian Material Play-Time Challenge

Spend time in the Black Desert world and obtain both [Event] Steppe Seals and [Event] Meadow Trails! You can use these items to make Kamasylvia Boxes.


Event Period 

NA: May 13th 5:00 PM ~ June 10th 4:59 PM (PDT)

EU: May 14th 1:00 AM ~ June 11th 12:59 AM (UTC+1)

ASIA: May 14th 9:00 AM ~ June 11th 8:59 AM (GMT+9)


Event Details


Play Time

Challenge Reward

1 hour

[Event] Steppe Seal x3

2 hours

[Event] Steppe Seal x3

3 hours

[Event] Steppe Seal x3

4 hours

[Event] Steppe Seal x3

5 hours

[Event] Steppe Seal x3

6 hours

[Event] Steppe Seal x3

[Event] Meadow Trail x1


Event II - Art of Kamasylvian Alchemy

Use your [Event] Steppe Seals in order to create the [Event] Kamasylvia Box. With a little more work, you can use the [Event] Meadow Trails with the Kamasylvia Boxes to create the Shiny Kamasylvia Box! 


Event Details


1. Obtain [Event] Steppe Seals and [Event] Meadow Trails. 



How to Obtain

[Event] Steppe Seal

Can be obtained via gathering, fishing or defeating monsters (Until 5/27)

Can also be obtained via play-time challenge rewards (max. 18 per day)

[Event] Meadow Trail

Can be obtained via play-time challenge rewards (max. 1 per day)


2. Through Simple Alchemy, use 20 [Event] Steppe Seals in order to create the [Event] Kamasylvia Box. 



Randomly obtain 1 of the following

[Event] Kamasylvia Box

Sharp Black Crystal Shard, Hard Black Crystal Shard, Memory Fragment, Black Stone (Weapon), Black Stone (Armor), Spirit Essence of Wind, Spirit Essence of Earth, Spirit Essence of Water


3. You can then use Simple Alchemy to combine 20 [Event] Meadow Trails and 20 [Event] Kamasylvia Boxes in order to create the [Event] Shiny Kamasylvia Box. 



Randomly obtain 1 of the following

[Event] Shiny Kamasylvia Box

Resplendent Alchemy Stone of Destruction, Laytenn Power Stone, Tungrad Earring, Ogre Ring, Basilisk’s Belt, Ring of Crescent Guardian, Blue Whale Molar Earring, Tree Spirit Belt



Event Notice

  • The play-time challenges resets everyday at the following times:
    • 5:00 PM (PDT), 1:00 AM (UTC+1), 9:00 AM (GMT+9))
  • Items given in this event may be character bound or family bound depending on the item. Please check the tool tips of the items to find out their attribution.
  • Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change, modify or cancel the event depending on mitigating circumstances. 
  • Any changes made can be found on this event page.  
  • Participating in the event using inappropriate methods will result in a cancellation or retrieval of your reward and restriction from the game.
  • If you have any questions about this event, please send a ticket through [Support].
  • This event follows the [Event Rules].