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Notice Jarette’s Winners Announcement! 05.19.2020



As mentioned in an earlier notice, Princess Jarette has been looking for a group of Adventurers to attend the Heidel Ball: AT HOME in-game event and she has at last made her decision! On her behalf, we would like to thank all Adventurers who had applied, but unfortunately, Princess Jarette was only able to invite a select few.  


If your name was not selected, you can still join in on the festivities through the broadcast on our official channels!  


Jarette’s Winners List

The following have been selected by Princess Jarette to attend the Heidel Ball: AT HOME in-game event: 



Aet** Cis*** Dra**** Gig**** Jre*** Mac******** Nem* Pru**** Shi***** Twi****
Aff******* Col******* Dra***** Glo** JSK* Mak******* No* Puf*** Shi******** Und*******
Ah_**** Cow******** Dra******* Gra******** Kai** Mal**** NoL****** Pul************* Sin********* Val****
Ahm**** Cub** Dyr****** Gya******* Kaw**** Man***** Nor* PUR** Sir******** Vei**********
Aki**** Cup**** Eli** Hal******* Keh***** Mar*** Nx* Rai*** Sis** Vil**
Alf***** Cut***** ElS*** Han** Kis******* Mea******** Oli**** Reb************* Sis*** Vit***
Ano******** Cut******* Emb******* HAR****** Kix*** Mee***** Oly**** Rei******* Sol**** War*****
Arc**** Dan***** Err** Hea****** kra********** Mem* OMa***** Rel******* Sol***** Wha************
Asu**** Dar***** Evo****** Ia* Kro*** Mew***** Ome****** Ren****** Squ***** Wil***
Avy** Dar***** Eye***** Iam********* Kuh*** mon*** Ord************* Req******* Ste****** Win******
Bai****** DAR****** Fal******** Inf********** Kur*********** Moo****** Orn********* Rie** Sto****** Wyr*******
Ben** Dar******** Far***** Iro***** Lae**** Mos****** Oss****** Rin**** Sub*** Yak*******
Bhi** Dar******** Fau*** Iro****** Lat********* Mou****** Pan***** Riv* Sun******* Yam*
Bla****** DCh****** Fen****** Ita*** Le_***** Mou********* Pan****** Rol**** Swe******** Yar**
Bli***** Dea***** Fie*** Jaa** Lia** Myk********* Paw****** Sak** Tai**** Yuk*****
Boo******** Dea******** Flc********* jaw*** Lie**** Myo** Pea****** Sca****** Ten**** Yum***
Bri******* Dea******** For********** Jen****** Lot*********** Nad*** Per*** Sem***** Ter******** Yxm*
Bst***** Dom*** Gan***** Jo* Lxs***** Nal***** Phe**** Sha***** The*** Zal***
Bya***** Don*** Gee** Jok*********** Lyo*** Nam*** Poo** Sha***** TK_******** Zwr**********
Car****** Dra*** Geo** Joy***** Lys****** Nap***** Pri*** Sha********* Too**** Zxx*




AF* Bal********** Dai******* Fas*** Hir***** Kor*** Mel**** Ric****** Sin***** top*****
ali******** Be* dan*** Fat******* His*** Kou***** Mel****** Ror***** Sin****** Une*********
All**** Bel**** DaR** FiG* Hyg** Kru** Mer**** Rou******** Smi***** Val****
als***** Ber****** Dar****** Fis*** Iam*** Kru**** Met***** RuH** Smu*** Val*****
AM* Bla*** DaV**** For***** IKe*** Kuc*** Min* Rui** Son*** VeR****
Ame****** Bli** Dej*** FUN*** Ima***** Kwi** Mis****** Rya**** Sox**** Vor*****
Amo**** Bli******* Dek* Fuo****** Imp****** Laf***** Mit****** RYG* SSD** Waz*
Amo**** boa******* Der***** Fur******* Inf**** Lam**** Miz***** Sap***** Sun**** Wee*******
And** bol* Des***** Gal*** Int******* Lel*** Mor**** Sar* Sun**** Whi**********
Ang*** Bra**** Doo* Gaz*** Iro** Leo********* Mor**** Say*** Suy** Wis******
Ang********* Ca* Dre****** Gel****** Isl********* Lig************* Msh**** Scr***** Tac***** Wit**
Ani******* Cal**** Dre******* Gno******* Isu*** Lor******* Neo****** SEN*** Tai*** WO_**
Anu***** Cat*** Eld**** Gon** Je* Luc*** NEU*** Ses* Tak*** Wol**
ARE**** Con***** ElV************ Gre***** Jen***** Luc******* Oma**** She** Tan***** Wol*****
Arr*** Coo*** End******** Gre****** Jen****** Luc********* Pat**** Shi**** The**** Wol*******
Art***** Coo******* Ene** Gri******** Jor********* Mac**** Pik**** Shi****** The******* Xel****
ast******** Cou****** Eri*** Grr***** Kaj** Mar* Pir****** Shu*** The******** Xez***
Aug**** Cri********* Eth***** Hag*** Kaw******** MAT* QH* Sig******* Tho****** Yin******
Aut********* Cuz******** FAI****** Ham******* Kei* Mat*** Rai***** Sil***** Tim* Zep**
Azm**** Dae******** FAO* Hig****** Kol**** McT*** Red* Sil******** Tom*** Zer*


The Princess Jarette’s Invitationitem will be sent to the selected winners during the maintenance on May 27th, and with this item you will be able to attend the special event location on the 30th.   


How to use Princess Jarette’s Invitation

① Be on the ‘Rulupee’ servers on May 30th and make your way to Heidel. There a receptionist will be waiting for you, and at the right time will allow you access to the location.   

② You can find more details about the invitation by inspecting the item in your inventory.   

As a guest of Princess Jarette, you will also receive the following items:   


Special Title 

Princess Jarette's VIP 


Heidel Ball Outfit Gift Box 

Black Cloaked Dog 

- [Event] Blessing of Old Moon Pack (7 days) 


* The “Princess Jarette’s VIP” title is a permanent title, therefore it will not be removed from the game after the event.

* After completing the special event and quest with “Princess Jarette’s Invitation”, Adventurers will be able to obtain the title. 

* Opening the Heidel Ball Outfit Gift Box will give you the class-specific Heidel Masquerade outfit except in the following cases:  

- Striker: Syahzar Outfit (helmet, armor, gloves)

- Archer: Gierach Outfit (helmet, armor, gloves, shoes)

- Shai: Florchestra Outfit (helmet, armor, shoes) 

* Items will be distributed by in-game mail during the May 27th maintenance  



Jarette’s Winners’ QnA 

Winners will also be sent a survey to have their questions heard by the development team soon! You will have until May 23rd 7:59 AM PDT (May 23rd 3:59 PM UTC+1) to submit a question. You can also send a question via video, which may then be shown during the broadcast of the Heidel Ball: AT HOME!  


Event Period 

May 19th May 23rd 7:59 AM PDT (May 23rd 3:59 PM UTC+1) 


Video Q&A Reward 

If you choose to send a question via video and the Black Desert Team shows it during the Heidel Ball: AT HOME broadcast, you will be sent the following items! 

  • Black Spirit plastic model 
  • Black Desert mouse pad 
  • Black Spirit plushie 
  • Black Spirit stress ball 



* Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change or cancel the event depending on mitigating circumstances. 

* Participating in the event using inappropriate methods will result in a cancellation or retrieval of your reward and restriction from the game 

* Violating any of the Terms of Service will result in cancellation/retrieval of your reward and restriction from the game 

* If you have any questions about this event, please send a ticket through [Support > Submit a ticket]