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Updates [Update] 06/10 Patch notes
Black Desert 2020-06-10 09:00



This update brings the Great Ocean, Margoria! With the ocean comes a host of additions in terms of monsters, quests, items to obtain, and more. Check out the details below:



Take to the high seas Adventurers! Margoria has arrived and with it comes more than a few areas to check out! The seas are now ready to be explored but be careful as navigating in the Great Ocean is difficult. Adventurers will not be able to use the world map or confirm their position in the ocean. If Adventurers are lost, take some time to rest on the shipwrecks that are around the ocean to gather your thoughts (and knowledge), then make your way out again.


While the waters are dangerous, Adventurers who manually man their boat through the Great Ocean will be able to gain Sailing experience. Regardless of what ship you use, increasing your Sailing life skill will allow you to master any sea vessel that you pilot! Take a Fishing Rod with you as there are plenty of new fish available.


Make sure to pass by Port Ratt, a wonderful town full of sea-faring enthusiasts. Because Port Ratt has now opened the doors for Adventurers from all over the world to come visit, Adventurers will now be able to access new accessories that use coral as well as all-new trade items. Not only that, the residents of Port Ratt have shared their methods in making new foods, elixirs, and items! Adventurers will also be able to start a variety of new quests in Port Ratt. Talk to Gintabam, the Wharf Manager of Port Ratt, to start a questline for the Vadabin Diving Mask, which will allow Adventurers to venture the ocean floors.


Diving underwater can prove to be quite beneficial as there are new resources to be gathered from the ocean. These materials can be used in making accessories. Certain items can be processed into making materials necessary to improve your travels, like the Giant Pearl Oyster that can be processed to obtain the Golden Pearl, which can be used in making Sealed Old Moon Camping Anvils.


Don’t have a boat to get to Port Ratt? Head over to Olvia to board the NPC ferry to Lema Island as a stopover and then to Port Ratt. A warning to those who take the ferry from Lema Island to Port Ratt – sea monsters are afoot on that route, so be ready to take on some sea threats.



With the opening of Port Ratt, Adventurers will want to travel the ocean to visit the sea-faring town. However, taking a raft there will be quite dangerous. Therefore, the residents of Port Ratt and Port Epheria worked together to release the methods on how to make Epheria Sailboats, Epheria Frigates, and Guild Galleys!


Make sure to prepare your sea vessels with cannons as well as a crew that can fire them [characters must be level 50 or higher]. If you take to the high seas, keep an eye on your Ship Rations, which are automatically consumed when moving with the ship or using it’s skills. To refill your ship rations back to normal, speak to the Wharf Manager to purchase them. Higher qualities of ship rations will allow you to recover more.  


One thing to note is that these boats and galleys are meant to travel the ocean, requiring a lot of care into navigating them. If Adventurers hit reef hazard zones, they may find their vessel damaged.


※ More information regarding boat skills and methods on how to craft the boat in our soon-to-be-released Margoria GM Note.


You are also now able to get Roroju’s Rescue Raft via the [Daily] If You Need a Boat quest.



While the Great Ocean houses plenty of new resources for Adventurers, there are dangers that lurk in the ocean. Sea Monsters threaten the waters of Margoria but defeating them can earn Adventurers rare items that can be sold for Guild Silver as well as materials that will allow your Guild to become more powerful.


Goldmont Pirate Ships are also lurking among the sea monsters. Chase them away with whatever tools you have and obtain Goldmont Pirate Golden Coins for your troubles. They fetch for quite a bit of silver if sold to NPC vendors.


However, Sea Monsters and Goldmont Pirates are not the only threats to worry about as Adventurers may encounter the Margoria Phantom Ship. A mysterious ship that sails through the ocean, Adventurers who see the Phantom Ship will notice that their own vessel will come to a complete stop as raging storms will turn the sky into a pitch black. The vessel will no longer be able to move and will only have their cannons operational. The Phantom Ship will send ghosts (equivalent to the number of people aboard your vessel). Defeat them or sink the Margoria Phantom Ship to continue on your way and to restore color to the skies.


With the Great Ocean now available to be explored, a whole host of quests are ready to be taken on by Adventurers! However, Margoria isn’t the only place with ocean quests as new ocean quests have been added to the Valencia Region!


Many Adventurers have passed through Mediah, taking on and completing quests to alleviate the concerns of the people. While the people of Mediah thank you for your efforts, they feel that you should be rewarded for your efforts. Therefore, we resolved an issue so that you can now obtain the following titles by speaking to certain NPCs:



Quest Requirement

NPC (Location)

Cooperator of Bareeds III

Apocalyptic Prophecy

Bareeds III (Altinova)

Friend of the Tinyas

Enslaved By the Barbarians

Horio Tinya (Abandoned Iron Mines)

Incarnation of Revenge

[Boss] Illezra’s Creation

Brorum (Tariff)

Ruins Worker Assistant

Worker Training: Ron

Worker Training: Totenan

Worker Training: Bully

Jamo Hasa (Ancient Ruins Excavation Site)

Ruins Guide

Surveying the Excavation Site

Jamo Hasa (Ancient Ruins Excavation Site)

Ancient Fissure Guardian

Reproducing the Bautt Slate

Ain Greid (The Ancient Fissure)

Dark Chaser

Three Days of Darkness

Tantu (The Mausoleum)

Enlightened of the Kamasylve

The Wisdom of Sylvia

Herawen (Kamasylve Temple)

The Awakened

[Boss] Awakened Black Spirit

Sirare (Altinova)


The Calpheon main quest line has also been smoothed out by tweaking the quests between Behr and Hexe Sanctuary. Certain quest NPCs have been moved to be in front of the NPC Becker’s cabin. The quest line has also been tweaked in that you would return to Behr after completing the quests at Hexe Sanctuary.


Guild Missions

Alongside the release of Margoria also comes the following new Guild Missions:


Guild Size

Guild Mission




[Subjugation] Protect the Villagers

Defeat Margoria Sea Monster x2

Guild Skill Experience (45,000)

Silver (10,000,000)

Essence of Fury x1

[Subjugation] Protect the Villagers I

Defeat Hekaru x1

Defeat Ocean Stalker x1

Guild Skill Experience (45,000)

Silver (10,000,000)

Essence of Fury x1


[Subjugation] Protect the Villagers

Defeat Margoria Sea Monsters x3

Guild Skill Experience (60,000)

Silver (15,000,000)

Essence of Fury x1

[Subjugation] Protect the Villagers II

Defeat Hekaru x2

Defeat Nine Shark x1

Guild Skill Experience (60,000)

Silver (15,000,000)

Essence of Fury x1


[Subjugation] Protect the Villagers

Defeat Margoria Sea Monsters x4

Guild Skill Experience (75,000)

Silver (20,000,000)

Essence of Fury x1

[Subjugation] Protect the Villagers III

Defeat Ocean Stalker x2

Defeat Candidum x2

Guild Skill Experience (75,000)

Silver (20,000,000)

Essence of Fury x1

Extra Large

[Subjugation] Protect the Villagers

Defeat Margoria Sea Monsters x5

Guild Skill Experience (135,000)

Silver (25,000,000)

Essence of Fury x1

[Subjugation] Protect the Villagers IV

Defeat Candidum x2

Defeat Nineshark x2

Defeat Black Rust x1

Guild Skill Experience (135,000)

Silver (25,000,000)

Essence of Fury x1


Other Quest Changes

The number of boxes/crates that you can interact with to complete quests has been increased in the following regions:

  • Duvencrune
  • Grána
  • Calpheon City
  • Port Epheria
  • Heidel
  • Altinova
  • Valencia City


We also added a warning that you need to have at least two empty Inventory slots for the [Kamasylvia] A Poacher's Suggestion quest and made Friella's pet mouse easier to steal.



A few minor UI changes will also come with this update, mostly to tidy up certain windows as well as improve the usage of certain functions.


The NPC Search function will now be able to be used by pressing X [Xbox] or □ [PS4], similar to how the chat window functions. The hazy effect from the NPC Search bar will also be removed to improve readability.


Other UI changes:

  • Can check both the grade and enhancement information of items in the Item Exchange List when exchanging with NPCs
  • Added a notification window when you try to exchange items with certain NPCs to confirm the exchange
  • Mount Info UI has also been updated


We have smoothed out the summoning of certain bosses during the main quest line so that there is less of a delay when landing the first hit on a boss.


Balenos will also see a monster reduction with the following monsters:

  • Grass Beetles


The following monsters will see a slight reduction:

  • Parasitic Bee
  • Fox
  • Wolf
  • Weasel


This week we have a lot more balance changes that will hit some classes. We are constantly monitoring and taking feedback for character balance, and we thank you for your continued discussions.



Flow: Kiss of the Wind:

  • Fixed an issue with MP recovery when using the skill with Penetrating Wind


Ground Lifting:

  • When used after Headbutt, the initial movement to use Ground Lifting has changed.

Ground Lifting:

  • Cooldown for Awakening: Tantu’s Iron Buster will apply when switching from pre-awakening to awakening when using either Headbutt or Frenzied Destroyer into Ground Lifting

Buster Training:

  • Fixed an issue where Berserker would momentarily slow down when using this skill laterally in conjunction with certain skills


Ultimate: Blitz Stab:

  • Can now immediately be used after Blitz Stab
  • After using Blitz Stab, press RT/R2 to use Ultimate: Blitz Stab
  • This skill can now only be used in tandem with Blitz Stab

Blitz Stab:

  • Can now be used in pre-awakening by pressing ↑ + RT/R2

Shield Chase:

  • Movement distance of Shield Chase I and II have been improved to match Shield Chase III
  • Shield Chase I, II, and III’s block effects have been unified to be Forward Guard effects, which now also have an immunity to CC status effects

Verdict: Lancia Iustitiae:

  • Cooldowns has changed as follows:

Skill Name



Verdict: Lancia Iustitiae I

30 sec.

30 sec.

Verdict: Lancia Iustitiae II

29 sec.

27 sec.

Verdict: Lancia Iustitiae III

28 sec.

24 sec.

Verdict: Lancia Iustitiae IV

27 sec.

21 sec.


Wave of Light:

  • Added an All DP decrease effect

Death Line Chase:

  • Will remain in awakening when using the skill backwards
  • Switches to Shield Chase when used consecutively

Flow: Lucem FLuxum:

  • Attack range has been adjusted to match its effects

Terra Sancta:

  • Attack range has increased to match the range of the wave hit
  • Added a 100% Critical Hit effect for PvE


  • Number of hits in PvP has been increased to 4 in order to match the number of hits during PvE. As the number of hits is increased, the damage per hit has now been decreased.
  • Added a 100% Critical Hit effect when used out of cooldown



● Added a list of daily quests you can complete to get flares to the description of flare

● Improved the recipe for [Guild] Sea Monster’s Neidan to:

- Young Sea Monster’s Neidan x100 + Black Stone Powder x10

- Sea Monster’s Neidan x100 + Black Stone Powder x10

● Fixed an issue where when using the Saunil Siege Captain Summon Scroll while lower than level 57, the monster would spawn but the quest wouldn’t

- The quest should now be obtainable if the scroll is used when meeting the level conditions

● Improved the sound effects of when Muskan appears out of the Dark Rift

● Matched the color of the grades of ecology themed knowledge entries in the Knowledge window to the color that appears when you first get those certain grades of knowledge

● Fixed an issue with the quest window where in certain situations, the window would not refresh properly after forfeiting a quest

● Fixed an issue where you could not catch local fish near the inaccessible areas around Tuir Valley or Al Halam Sea

● Fixed an issue with the Dried Briar and Acacia Leaf items, where the item information incorrectly displayed “Energy” instead of “Stamina”

● Fixed an issue where you could not Communicate with certain Tier 7 horses

● Fixed an issue where [Guild] Cannonballs and [Guild] Flame Cannonballs are not able to be placed into the cannon

● Fixed an issue where Patrigio's Secret Shop window closed if you tried to purchase an item without enough Silver

● Fixed an issue where the button for bidding and the explanatory text was overlapping in the View Details part of the Guild House window

● Fixed an issue where text overlapped in the Guild House Auction window when viewing the list of bids in certain situations

● Fixed an issue where the Node Tax Info. button was visible when interacting with the node managers of certain regions where there are no Node Wars


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