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GM Notes [GM Note] [Updated] Sail into the Great Ocean!
Black Desert 2020-06-12 08:00


Do you remember the moment you first casted a fishing rod by the Velia Coast?

Margoria - the largest ocean you can find in Black Desert – is finally open for Adventurers!


Margoria Waters and Port Ratt

Newly opened Margoria is a vast ocean stretching far northwest from Port Epheria and Velia. It is bigger than the entire accessible regions combined in Black Desert!


While sailing the ocean on a Galley or an Epheria Sailboat, you may come across a moment when you lose the exact location of yourself on the mini map or the world map. Then be ready, you have just taken the first step into the Great Ocean!


Margoria Waters

  As it only takes a few seconds for fish biting in the Great Ocean, it would be a highly efficient choice for you to use a manual fishing rod.

Also, you can easily fill up your inventory with pricy yellow-graded fish while drying or throwing away green- or blue-graded fish thanks to the extremely short time consumed for landing fish.

What’s more, yet undiscovered caves, cliffs, various collectable items and new knowledge are awaiting you out there in the Great Ocean!


However, you must never put your guard down in the Great Ocean. All sorts of threats such as a new family of sea monsters, ghost ships, tornados, and lightning are lurking in the Ocean to tear your boat apart.



Sea monsters

Sea monsters are giant sea creatures hiding deep under the Great Ocean of Margoria.

The identified sea monsters up to date are Candidum – the white ghost, Hekaru – the great swallower that engulfs all beings passing by, Black Rust with steel-like jaw, Nineshark – the gruesome monster that makes all beings shiver with fear, and Ocean Stalkers – the mysterious monster.

Even though you cannot hunt sea monsters in the way you defeat other ordinary monsters, you can easily sail away from their eyesight on an Epheria Sailboat as they are big enough to be seen from afar. Besides, you can defeat them if you are on a Galley with guild members!

Take on the challenge and try defeating gigantic sea monsters together with your guild members – you can even earn rewards worth 100 million silver.


Goldmont Pirate Ship

You may find Goldmont Pirate Ships wandering around among sea monsters. Just like sea monsters, you can chase them away and get Goldmont Pirate Golden Coins which are well paid at the shop.


Ghost Ship

Unlike sea monsters you can easily notice without difficulty, it is hard to spot and avoid ghost ships in advance. So gear up if you only have fishing rods on board before you encounter them, as they may wreck your ship without sweating. Once a ghost ship appears, the screen will darken and you will be unable to control the wheel, ultimately limited from sailing further.

When you successively defeat a ghost ship with cannon, you will get rewards that you can sell for silver.                         


Natural disasters

You are also likely to encounter various natural disasters in the Great Ocean alongside sea monsters.

Margoria Tornado is a swirl of wind often found in the Great Ocean. As the tornado rapidly cuts down the ship’s durability, you must always be alert when sailing in the Ocean and take another path once you see one in a distance. If not, your ship will be wrecked apart leaving you stranded in the Ocean.


What’s worse, you can also be hit by the lightening though at a low rate. Although the lightening won’t be critical enough for you to be killed instantly, auto-fishing could be cancelled. So once again, you will need to check the rod from time to time.


Port Ratt

Once you cross the vast waters of Margoria, you will reach Port Ratt, a place of oriental charm.

Fancy red lights and oriental buildings create an exotic atmosphere for the visitors, making Port Ratt a more beautiful place at night than during the day.


Fish caught from the Great Ocean could earn you a great sum of silver at Port Ratt, but why not try naval trade and put some more silver in your pocket?


Naval Trade

 Just like desert trade, naval trade/ maritime trade refers to a type of trade in which you bring in the trade items from Port Ratt through Velia and to inland, and make profit through Imperial Trade and Delivery. To deliver as many trade items as possible at once, an Epheria Sailboat is a must.



Big Vessels


As the vast Great Ocean poses life-threatening threats including sea monsters and ghost ships, it is challenging to fully enjoy the Great Ocean content with an ordinary boat.

Therefore, an Epheria Sailboat and a Galley need to be manufactured to take the best advantage of the content. Yet, it takes quite a big endeavor and perseverance to make one!


But still it is worth it! With the cannons installed on the boat with which you can fight against the sea monsters and the lookout where you can climb up and have a wider and farther view, you can detect all sorts of threats in the Ocean in advance and get out of them.

Galleys are specially designed for offshore battles with 8 cannons installed, while Epheria Sailboats have 2 cannons but have bigger inventory and weight capacity making them perfect for private trade.


It is not an exaggeration to say that rations power big ships. Rations can be supplied together with cannonballs before departing. It costs 10,000 silver per cannonball.


Please note, big ships can be damaged! Each of the damage inflicted on the ship will add 10% to the total damage gauge, and once it reaches 100%, you must repair the ship to be able to use it again.


Guild Galley

Unlike Epheria Sailships individuals can own, Galleys can be only manufactured through the guild house just like guild elephants.

Guild houses where you can build a Galley are No.1 and No.2 guild houses in Olvia, Velia, and Altinova.
You can bid for a guild house through auctions separately run in each of the region.


Constructing a Galley is quite similar to nursing an elephant.

Just like you need to capture a baby elephant to start nursing it, you must have a design for a Galley. Designs can be purchased from the Amity Shop once you have achieved a certain level of amity with Philaberto Falasi from Port Epheria.


Rest of the materials except the design can also be purchased from guild shops or crafted through guild processing.


■ Required materials for a Galley

[Guild] Clearance Permit x300

[Guild] Galley Design x25

[Guild] Iron Core Timber Square x800

[Guild] Desert Alloy Ingot x600

[Guild] Spirit-laden Plywood x1,500

[Guild] Wind-laden Flax Cloth x160


Once a Galley is constructed, it will be sent to the guild house in the form of a ship license.

Take the license to the Guild Wharf Manager and register it. Now, there you go! Get aboard and show the Great Ocean what your guild can do!

A Galley is equipped with 8 cannons and can carry up to 10 members – just the right condition to hunt sea monsters.


Epheria Sailboat

Epheria Sailboats are the fastest and the biggest boat one can own. They are also the biggest carrier of items. Even though Epheria Sailboats may not have a great influence in maritime battles with only 2 cannons attached, they are optimized for personal naval trade with its 25-slot 4,000 LT inventory.

Epheria Sailboats can only be made in Level 3 Shipyard located in Port Epheria 3-5, 2F. You can obtain the design for the sailboat through the daily quests below.





Dream Crushed by Cox Pirates 


Accept Margoria Main Quest 

Grotesque Trench


Accept Margoria Main Quest 

Collected Map, Toward the Ancient Shrine 


Accept Margoria Main Quest 

[Daily] Falasi Family’s Kindness

Philaberto Falasi

Reach Lv.11. Reset every 00:00 UTC 


 ■ Required materials for an Epheria Sailboat

Design: Epheria Sailboat x20

Standardized Timber Square x800

Steel x600

Pine Plywood x1,500

Flax Fabric x300


Epheria Frigate

Epheria Frigate is a big battleship individuals can own. It is equipped with 4 ports unlike ordinary sailboats.


Just like Epheria Sailboats, Epheria Frigates can be made in the Shipyard located in Port Epheria 3-5, 2F. You can obtain the design by completing quests from Philaberto Falasi.


■ Required materials for an Epheria Frigate

Design: Epheria Frigate x25

Standardized Timber Square x1,000

Jade Coral Ingot x800

Pine Coated Plywood x1,600

Enhanced Flax Fabric x300



Big vessels are capable of using skills to help you overcome all sorts of tough challenges unfolded in the Great Ocean. Skills will consume Stamina, and you will be no longer able to use them when there is not enough Stamina.


Sailing Skill

Consumed Stamina








On top of the abovementioned skills, you can also use “Volley” where you can fire both portside and starboard cannons while sailing. You can start using “Volley” from Sailing Level 1; you cannot disembark from the ship during cooldown.


Boatman / Sailor

While you could upgrade the sailing speed of a fishing boat by using Totem of the Sea, you can hire boatmen and sailors to enhance the ability of a big vessel.



Boatmen can be equipped like an item on big vessels. You can hire one regardless of your sailing level for 1,000,000 silver once you have achieved a certain level of amity with the NPC.


Boatman’s Ability

Obtainable from

Sailing Speed +1%

Bravant from Trent

Turn +1%

Khaora from Falres Farm

Brake +1% 

Berocchio from the Northern Wheat Farm

Acceleration +1% 

Tarte from the Gabino Farm 


Reach Sailing Skilled 1 to upgrade the boatman to a skilled boatman by completing a quest from Philaberto Falasi in Port Epheria. And once you reach Sailing Professional 1, you can try levelling up the skilled boatman to a professional boatman. You must have reached more than 1,000 amity with the NPC to receive the quest from Philaberto Falasi, and you need a set of items obtainable from the Margoria waters to complete it.



Sailors can be equipped like an item on [Guild] Galleys. You can hire one through the Guild Wharf Manager.




[Guild] Goblin Sailor

Boosts speed

[Guild] Giant Sailor 

Brake +1% 

Weight Limit +50 LT 

[Guild] Dwarf Sailor 

Turn +1% 

Max Durability +5,000 


Just like boatmen, you can level up sailors to Skilled and Professional through Dichzy Borne from Lema Island based on your sailing level.


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