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Event Account Linking Event Extension 03.28.2019


If you linked your In-Game account to our support site, you will have received your Sky Hawk pet after the maintenance on 4/3. If you haven’t linked your account already, you have one more chance to link your account and receive a Sky Hawk pet. We have extended the event period to run for another 13 days, so this is your final chance to be rewarded for linking your account! 

All you need to do is sign up for an account at and link it to your in-game account by going to your profile and pressing ‘Y’. Please make sure to enter your email address exactly as you entered it on the website (Xbox automatically capitalizes the first letter of an email address, so please change it accordingly). 


Event Period
4/3/2019 12 AM UTC ~ 4/16/2019 12 AM UTC 

Reward: Sky Hawk pet
4/17 after the maintenance

*Event Rule: A pet will be given once per account. If you received the pet during the 4/3 maintenance, you will not receive it again.