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GM Note [Updated] GM Notes - Node/Conquest War 04.03.2019


We’re excited to announce that Node Wars are becoming a permanent addition to Black Desert for Xbox One. This new, large-scale PvP mode allows guilds to duke it out over the ownership of certain nodes throughout the Black Desert world. Owning these nodes will shower your guild in riches, as the guild will receive a large sum of silver generated from the tax that a node generates. 



The 1st season of Node War will finally start on April 7th 2019. Node Wars happen Sunday to 
Monday every week, from 6 PM ~ 8 PM (EU- UTC+0/ NA-PDT). Each day, Tier 1 ~ 4 nodes will open up for battle. Different nodes limit guilds to the amount of members they can bring to the fight. The smallest nodes allow 25 players to join, whereas the largest nodes allow up to 100. Make sure you find the perfect times and nodes for your guild members to join to maximise your chances of winning!



Node War Servers

You will only be able to place a fort on these two servers. Also, make sure that you join the same server as the region you are battling over (i.e Nodes in Balenos must be fought in the Balenos-1 server, Serendia Nodes must be fought on the Serendia-1 Server)





To win a Node War, all you need to do is to be the last guild remaining on a node. You can accomplish this by all-out attacking your opponents, beating them into submission. You can opt for a different strategy by biding your time, waiting for your opponents to be weakened and then strike at an opportune time. At the end of a Node War, if more than 1 guild remains on a node, it becomes liberated and nobody will gain the tax from that node.


If you occupy a tier 1 node, you will not be able to challenge for a node on tier 2-4.  If you occupy a tier 2-4 node, you will not be able to challenge for a node on tier 1. If a guild owns a territory through Conquest War, the guild will not be able to participate in a Node War for that territory.


All forts must be placed no later than 1 hour before the start of Node Wars. Once Node Wars starts, you will be able to see enemy forts if you are near. For an enemy fort to appear on the world map, you will need to have one of your guild members deal damage to the fort in order for it to show up on the minimap. After 1 hour of Node War, all forts will be revealed on the world map. 

Once a Node War finishes, all remaining forts and annexes will disappear. The server will then reopen to the general public.




First you need to purchase a fort. All Node War materials can purchased from the Guild Military Supply Manager NPC. These NPC’s can be found in all major towns across the Black Desert world. 

Purchasing items from the Guild NPC takes silver from your Guild Funds. As you need to purchase a Square Fort first, you will need at least 500,000 Silver in your Guild Fund. There are 3 types of Square Forts that can be purchased. 

The Square Fort can be installed on any node tier (Tier 1-4) and offers a small amount of annexes that can be built. 

The Strong Square Fort can only be built on Tier-3 nodes and allows for a medium amount of annexes to be built. 

The Sturdy Square Fort can only be built on a Tier-4 node. This Fort allows you to build the most amount of annexes for your Node War. 

To place the fort on a node, you must have at least 10 guild members online. Once the foundations of the fort has been placed, it will take up to 1 hour to be built. Remember that only Guild Leaders and Officers can place a fort. 

Once the fort has been completed, you are eligible for Node Wars. However, without defences, your guild will lose incredibly quickly. Therefore we recommend building annexes to improve the hardiness of your fort. 
Note: Only Guild Leaders and Officers can purchase Forts



Marking Participation 

Once a fort has been established, guild members must mark their participation through the guild menu and do so on the server that the fort is built on. 

Guild members who say they will participate will be able to change their participation status up to 1 hour before the start of Node Wars. After that, it is impossible to cancel your participation in Node Wars. 

If the maximum number of participants for a guild has not yet been reached, any guild member will be able to change their participation status to join in the battle at any time. For example, if 20 people sign up for a Node with a maximum of 40 people, 20 more guild members will be able to change their status to participate before the Node War starts. (It is possible to change from not participating to participating, but not the other way round once the 1 hour window starts). 



Annexes offer defensive capabilities to your guild’s base of operations. From barricades to traps, hwacha to recovery centers - everything that you can add to your base has a purpose, which is to help you win your Node War.



Annexes are also not visible to enemies until the Node War starts.It takes around 100 seconds for annexes to be built. The durability of your annexes will start low, but increase steadily to 100% over the 100 seconds. 

Unlike Forts, annexes can be built even after the start of the Node War.


Key Annexes



The staple of any forts defense: the humble barricade. This structure helps to protect your fort and force your enemy into difficult offensive positions. Mixing barricades with traps is a key victory. 


Recovery Center

Getting your troops back into the fight as quickly as possible is key to defending well in Node Wars. The Recovery Center helps cut down the maximum respawn time by 6 seconds and by building multiple centers, you can stack their effects. 


At the beginning of a Node War, there are 10 seconds before you can respawn and jump back into battle. This base respawn time increases by 1 second for every minute that passes; if you die, it will increase by another second. The maximum respawn time is 120 seconds, but with 5 Recovery Centers, you can cut the maximum respawn time down to 90 seconds! 



Flame Tower

The Flame Tower while short ranged, is a powerful defensive powerhouse. You must have at least 1 person on the Flame Tower in order to operate it, and it requires Flame Tower Fuel in order to operate. It’s cost is easily justified as anyone who is unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end will be turned to ash. 




The Hwacha is a pseudo rocket launcher, and fires multiple singijeon towards the enemy. This defensive structure provides incredible range when compared to the flame tower, at the expense of damage.




Indomitable Flag Factory

Once the Indomitable Flag Factory has been completed you can start production of the Indomitable Flag. They will take 30 minutes to create, and you can deploy them anywhere. Once they are deployed, they will act as a frontline outpost where your guild can respawn. You can reinforce the flag with barricades of its own. Placing the indomitable flag in a key strategic location can really turn the tide of battle.




Wooden Fence Gate

This gate can be installed around your fort, and offers an easy way for guilds to enter and exit the fort area, as well as get elephants in and out too. You can use up to 2 gates per fortification.  Gates can be opened by guild members, but be careful, if you leave it open you leave a huge entry point for your enemies to get into your base.




Supply Depot

The Supply Depot allows you to purchase necessary supplies for Node Wars. You can purchase ammo for your Flame Tower or Hwacha, or guild only potions. This function can be used by Quartermasters or higher.  


Supply Depots also allow you to repair your equipment. As fighting in Node Wars can be a long process, your armor and accessories will start to lose durability. The supply depot will allow you to repair your gear from the comfort of your own fort. This function can be used by all guild members. 

Lastly, you can revive your horses at the supply depot. It can not be used to retrieve horses from other regions, but it can resurrect your noble steed that died in battle. This function can be used by all guild members.



Note: Guild Leaders, Officers and Quartermasters can purchase annexes.


Guild Rank

Items that can be purchased from the Guild Store

Guild Leader

All Items


Command posts, Square Forts, annexes, Guild Materials, and everything below this rank


Can purchase new defensive structures and related ammo (when given permission)

Normal member

Guild craft materials





Once you win a Node war, your guild insignia will be displayed across the node that you own for all adventurers to see. Besides bragging rights, guilds will also receive the tax accumulated in the given territory. This silver will give a huge boost to a guild as the leaders will be able to purchase new buffs, bonuses and also pay their guild members for representing them. 

If a node ends in a tie, and the node is liberated, the tax it generates will be stored and go to the next owners. This of course makes the node even more tempting to guilds, as they could get a serious amount of silver for one weeks work.





Conquest Wars are a battle for control over a region of the world. Conquest Wars take place at the end of the Node War week, and guilds will battle it out for control of Balenos and Serendia. As Balenos and Serendia do not have seats of power, these regions will function more like a secondary Node War where the Command Post will need to be placed anywhere in the region. 

The rules of engagement for Conquest Wars are exactly the same as Node War. You will need to defeat all other guilds in order to claim the rights to the taxes generated from the region. In order for a guild to enter the Conquest War, they must first own a Node in the region they are fighting for. 

The Node of the Guild that wins Conquest Wars will be liberated, as they now own the whole region instead of one small section of it. They will also be unable to participate in Node Wars for the next week. Winners of the Conquest War will not be able to attack another region, they must defend their region from other guilds that wish to take over. Guilds that lose in the Conquest War will still maintain their control over the nodes of the region. 

During Conquest Wars, guilds who attack an established guild will be able to plunder a certain amount of tax. Even if the guild fails to steal the region from the current owners, they will be able to plunder the taxes assuming they live long enough. By surviving 10 minutes, the guild will start to plunder an amount of Silver from the current tax fund. This plundered Silver will be paid out immediately upon completion of Conquest Wars, and will be sent to the Guild Funds. The longer the guild survives, the more Silver they will plunder.




The rewards for Conquest Wars improves each week that a guild owns the region. When the guild is first taken over by a new guild, they must pay a straight 50% of their tax to the armies of the region for maintenance and also to help ensure a smooth transition to power. These costs reduce each week that the same Guild owns the node, meaning there is more money in the pot for the occupying guilds each week. 

Each week, the occupying guild will also receive a slightly larger cut of the tax funds, as they need to bribe less and less of the aristocracy to maintain power over the region. Lastly, any guild that participates in Conquest Wars will receive a cut of the taxation in loot if the defending guild manages to hold. If a new guild takes over, the other participants will receive nothing.




Each week, 2 hours before Conquest War, the Tribute Wagon will travel between cities. This is a chance for all players to try and claim back some of the money that has been collected as taxes. Attacking the Wagon will instantly set your status to PvP mode, but there is no Karma penalty for attacking the wagon. Chase down the Wagon and hit it as much as you can while picking up its drops to earn free silver!