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Black Desert 2019-05-29 05:00

Due to issues affecting the NPCs, Imperial Trade NPC's have been disabled until further notice. You can still craft the Imperial Trade boxes, however the NPC's have been disabled.


Discover your past to unlock your future as Awakenings have been added to all ten Black Desert Classes. Awakenings bring a whole new way to play your favorite classes, giving them more utility and firepower at the press of a button. But if eliminating your enemies in spectacular fashion isn’t your thing, we have also added Hunting, Imperial Trading and more.

Once a character reaches level 56, they can accept a quest from the Black Spirit which will start them on the path to awakening. Once completed, your character will be able to switch between pre-awakened and awakened combat by pressing the Y button. This simple switch allows you to flow through combat between both forms effortlessly. Of course, with a new form of combat comes a new weapon for your character to attain and use in battle. Find out more about your favorite classes awakening below.

All skills are just example skills, and are not our recommendations for which skills to use.

Once awakened the Berserker has access to a powerful Iron Buster which gives him a ranged option to engage with enemies. The Iron Buster channels energy to deliver powerful blows, as well as giving the Berserker huge movement capabilities.

Powerful punches allow the Berserker to knock his enemies in all directions. When this skill is off cooldown, it will heal the Berserker when used.

Flame Buster

Loads the Iron Buster and fires from a medium range. The longer this skill is charged, the more damage it will deal. Gains WP on successful hits.

Giant Leap
Fires the Iron Buster at the ground, causing the berserker to cover huge distances while being invulnerable to damage. When the Berserker lands, a powerful shockwave will dead damage.


Ground Lifting
The Berserker lifts the ground from beneath his enemies and deals massive damage.

The Dark Knight unlocks more of her powers when she awakens, channeling magic through the Vediant to control 3 magical swords. This gives the Dark Knight powerful area of effect damage skills that can be cast from medium range.


Spirit Hunt

Spirit Hunt works as a gap closer, charging the Dark Knight forward at a short distance and after the charge unleashes slashes around her.

Spirit Legacy
Controls nature's energy to deal massive damage directly in front of the Dark Knight. This skill will also restore MP for every good hit, and reduce enemies DP too.

Twilight Dash
The Dark Knight teleports forward and deals damage where she lands. This skill also restores mana, and will give a movement speed buff for a short period of time.

Trap of Vedir

This skill will launch the Dark Knight backwards unleashing an explosion of energy in front of her. The trap will stun it’s victims, and also decrease the enemies evasion.



Lahn’s bloodthirsty nature unleashes itself once she gets hold of the Crimson Glaives, two divine blades connected by a chain. She remains a predominantly melee class, however her awakening gives her more damage and even more mobility.


Example Awakening Skills:


Flailing Blades
This skill pulls Lahn closer to her opponents to deal damage, and can be used during other skills to extend her combos.


Deadly Dance

Lahn gracefully spins the Crimson Glaives around her to deal huge damage around her. When hit, enemies will be knocked up into the air and receive bleeding damage.

Bridled Despair
Lahn unleashes her Crimson Glaives in front of her, unleashing a ruthless spinning attack that cuts through her opponents. This skill must be used from the Ring Menu options.

Bleeding Hearts
By throwing the Crimson Glaives at her enemies then pulling them down to the ground, Lahn ensnares her enemies dealing extra damage. This skill is used with Bridled Despair and Flailing Blades.


With the Crescent Blade, Musa unlocks a large bladed polearm that once belonged to his father, one of the masters of combat. Musa remains a melee class, but his awakened skills offer more damage.

Musa drags his Crimson Blade across the floor, forcing energy from the tip to knock back enemies.


Below the Belt

Musa gets up close to his enemies, unleashing a huge spinning attack from down low. This skill will recover Musa’s WP on good hits.



Musa steps sideways, dragging his Crimson Blade through enemies dealing massive damage to anyone unfortunate enough to stand in front of him.

Crust Crusher

Musa slams his Crimson Blade into the floor, channeling his inner energy into the blade. This causes powerful shockwaves to emanate from around him, knocking down foes in the process.


Blessed with the Kamasylven Sword, the Ranger’s awakening transforms her into a graceful melee character. She maintains her incredible mobility and finds even more utility from switching between awakening and pre-awakening forms.

Breezy Blade
With her new found melee skills, the ranger dashes forward and swipes through her enemies, dealing high damage and restoring her EP.


Waltz of Wind

By blending into the air around her, the ranger teleports to her enemies, unleashing a powerful sword attack.


By channeling the power of nature, the Ranger slams her dagger into the ground unleashing the energy at her enemies, knocking them down and dealing incredible damage.


Nature’s Tremble
Splits her enemies in half by unleashing the spirit of nature at them. This skill will also reduce the DP of enemies on good hits.

Unleashing the power of her Scythe, the Sorceress becomes darkness personified. The powerful scythe, once wielded by the original Sorceress Cartian, unleashes massive amounts of damage on her foes, and gives her more utility up close.

Cartians Protection
The Sorceress raises her Scythe to block incoming damage while also dealing damage to enemies in front.



While spinning around with her scythe, the Sorceress unleashes a massive attack knocking enemies down and reduces magic defence.


Grim Reaper’s Judgement
By gathering Cartian’s energy into the Scythe, the Sorceress unleashes a massive slash killing anything in her way.


Cartian’s Nightmare

Cartian’s Nightmares were filled with crows. This skill channels that nightmare to unleash a huge flock of crows at her enemy.


Power literally bursts out from the Striker, as in awakening the Striker is joined by powerful Echo Spirits that help him in combat. The Gardbraces that Striker wears help control some of the energy that flows through his body.

Echo Spirit

Summon forth Strikers spiritual Echo Spirits and bring the apocalypse upon your enemies. This skill teleports the striker behind his enemies, and the echos will deal a lot of damage to your enemies.


Spiral Cannon

The Striker leaps forward while performing a corkscrew, chewing up any enemies that are foolish enough to stand toe to toe with the Stiker

Ultimate Crush

The striker launches enemies up in the air, and allows his echoes to smash them back down, recovering WP as well as knocking opponents to the floor.


Ferocious Assault

The Striker takes a huge leap forward then smashed the ground unleashing a groundbreaking attack that rips the floor from under your opponents feet.


Wielding a massive Greatsword infused with the soul of the mighty warrior Goyen, the Warrior becomes a one man army capable of defying the odds against overwhelming opposition.


Grave Digging

The Warrior uses his Greatsword to smash into the ground, releasing a powerful shockwave capable of knocking the sturdiest of enemies to their feet.


Solar Flare

The Warrior charges forward with his Greatsword held up, piercing enemies and causes a large explosion on impact.

Slashing the Dead

The warrior jumps high in the air delivering a massive downward strike capable of knocking his enemies to the floor.

Head Chase
This skill allows the Warrior to charge at his enemies with incredible speed, getting him into the mix as quickly as possible.

Through years of study and experimentation in magic, the Witch has unlocked the power of Aad’s Sphera. These powerful magical tools give her the ability to summon forth elemental guardians Tett and Gorr, as well as improve her overall magic abilities

Summon: Keeper Gorr/Keeper Tett

By summoning the guardians of Earth and Lightning, the Witch gives herself an ally on the field, which can deal damage while the Witch focuses on casting other spells.

Voltaic Pulse

The witch absorbs lightning from the world around her, releasing it in a massive shockwave that knocks down her foes.



By releasing a short burst of lightning, the Witch can slow down her enemies approach and leave them open for more ferocious attacks.


Fissure Wave

Using her attunement to earth, the Witch channels a powerful shockwave through the ground that kills enemies, and allows her to recover some MP for every good hit.



The Godr Sphera are powerful magical orbs created by Lord Red. Bringing forth the guardians Marg and Arne, the Wizard gains a powerful ally on the field, one that is capable of handling themselves while the Wizard channels other spells.


Summon: Keeper Arne/Keeper Marg

By bringing forth these powerful allies, the Wizard creates an ally that can get up in the face of the enemy while he rains destruction from above.


Aqua Jail Explosion
Through communing with the Godr Sphera, the Wizard is able to bring forth a colossal wall of water, imprisoning foes and reducing their movement speed.

Bolide of Destruction

The Wizards attunement to fire allows him to summon a huge ball of fire to drop on his enemies, incinerating anything beneath it.

The Wizard uses his Sphera to collect fire elemental fragments from the air around him, then thrusts it right into the heart of his enemies.


This update will bring a new life skill in hunting. Pick up those matchlocks and go hunting creatures with the tag. From alligators to seagulls, wolves to whales, there are plenty of animals to go out and hunt. Click here to find out more about hunting from our user manual [Link].

Under the cover of darkness, a new vendor comes. The Black Market NPC, Patrigio, can be found across the Black Desert world, selling items ranging from Black Stones to Kzarka Weapons. It costs 50 energy to coax Patrigio into showing you a different item, so make sure that you are prepared . Patrigio will sell items between 22:00 ~ 07:00 in-game time, so make sure to visit him while you can.

If you currently do not have the silver to pay for the goods, you can press Y to hold the item for 15 real world minutes. This gives you a chance to shuffle silver between your characters and pick up potentially cheaper items from Patrigio.


Here is the total list of what items you could possible get from Patrigio.

Kzarka's Sealed Weapon Box, Kzarka weapons for each class, Kutum's Sealed Sub-weapon Box, Kutum sub-weapon for each class, Dim Tree Spirit's Armor, Giath’s Helmet, Red Nose’s Armor, Bheg’s Gloves, Muskan’s Shoes, Book of Combat (1 Day), Ogre Ring, Sicil’s Necklace,  Basilisk’s Belt, Ring of Crescent Guardian, Blue Whale Molar Earring, Tree Spirit Belt, Awakening Weapon Box, Witch’s Earring, Mark of Shadow, Hard Black Crystal Shard Bundle: 3, Sharp Black Crystal Shard: 3, Cron Stone Bundle: 10, Hard Black Crystal Shard Bundle, Sharp Black Crystal Shard, Black Stone (Weapon) Bundle: 5, Black Stone (Armor) Bundle: 5

Patrigio can be found in the following locations:





Imperial Delivery is an effective way to make silver from cooking and alchemy. All you need to do is craft 20 of a specific item, then process them into a box with the new Imperial Delivery processing options. You can check out a full guide in our Game Guide found here [Link].

Black Spirit Essence is also on its way. While carrying trade packs on either your person, horse or wagon you will occasionally run into bandits looking to steal your goods. You can also use the Shiny Golden Seals that come with Imperial Trade. This essence will allow you to upgrade certain Magic Crystals. All you need to do is heat together the Black Essence with the corresponding Ancient Magic Crystal and you will have a Black Magic Crystal with extra stats for your character to use.

And since trade is a focus right now, the Desert trading buff has been added. Trading can already pull in a decent amount of silver depending on your current trading rank, but the desert buff will make that even more prominent. The buff will increase the prices of trade items by 100%, and increase the price of crafted crates by 50%.

To start, you will need to be ranked Artisan in trading or higher in order to start the quest line to unlock the ‘Token of Desert Trading’ buff. Once you reach this level, you will need to start the quest by speaking with Ashim, the General Goods Vendor in Ibellab Oasis. Make sure that you go to Profile>Quests in order to turn on Life Skill quests otherwise you will be unable to see the quest.

Once you complete this quest line, you will first need to wait for the initial 50% buff (given during the quest) to wear off, then head to ‘Pilgrim’s Sanctum: Sharing’ to pick up the 100% Token of Desert Trading buff. You must be at Artisan Trading level 2 in order to get the Token of Desert Trading buff from Samaya, and it costs 100 energy to get it.

Mysterious accessories have been added to the Blacksmiths inventory. The mysterious accessory boxes will give you a random accessory ranging from green grade to yellow grade accessories. The prices for these mystery packages are as follows:

Mysterious Ring: 60,000 Silver

Mysterious Earrings: 70,000 Silver
Mysterious Belt: 60,000 Silver
Mysterious Necklace: 90,000 Silver

We have increased the maximum number of contribution points a player can have. The upper limit is now 400 contribution points, giving you plenty of points to go out and build up your node empire. To find out more about contribution points and node management, please visit our game guide here [Link].


Although horse breeders across the land have been breeding horses to higher tiers, we have not yet seen a tier 5 horse in the wild. That will all change as the quality of horses out in the wild has improved dramatically and it will now be possible to catch a Tier 5 in the wild.

With the continued advancement in horse breeding knowledge, the chances of breeding horses that turn out lower than their parents has been reduced, and also the chances of attaining a Tier 6 and tier 7 horse have also been increased.

Other Mount Changes:

  • The Camel’s ‘Fast Foot’ skill in the desert has been increased by 40%.
  • Fixed an issue where Drift would occasionally not work after using Instant Acceleration.

Waragon’s bury themselves beneath the ground, and very rarely surface. The valley they reside in is a known Black Stone hotspot, and it seems to have affected them beyond repair. The Waragon Nest has been reorganized and changed to a recommended 165AP. This area is designed to offer an alternative zone to play in, and a gateway area to the higher level areas such as Basilisk Den, Cadry Ruins and Gahaz bandits.

All the locations of the Waragons have been modified, and Stone Waragon has been changed to Colossal Stone Waragon. The HP and AP of Stone Waragons, Stone Mutant Waragon and Colossal Stone Waragon have also greatly increased.

The Colossal Stone Waragon will not attack players first, yet when it is attacked, it will continuously summon Stone Waragons and Stone Mutant Waragons (max.100). You can not gather the summoned Waragons (i.e Butcher, Fluid Collection etc) however they will be able to drop the following items:

Asula’s Weakened Magic Earring, Asula’s Weakened Magic Ring, Rocaba Helmet, Black Stone (Weapon), Black Stone (Armor), Waragon Hide, Waragon Blood, Waragon Meat, Stone Waragon Hide.

Once taken down, the Colossal Stone Waragon will drop the following items:

Serap’s Necklace, Black Magic Crystal- Sturdiness, Waragon Hide, Waragon Blood, Waragon Meat, Yona’s Fragment, Black Stone (Armor), Scroll written in an Ancient Language and Stone Waragon Hide.

The Stone Waragon Hide is particularly sought after by nobles and farmers alike, and as such the Stone Waragon Hide can be sold for 1,800 silver.

To help adventurers level up their life skills, we have increased the EXP gained through Hunting, Training and Farming. As hunting is a new life skill, we want to try and boost hunters up so that their life skill levels do not drag the user down too much while leveling. Training and Farming also see a hold up in the lower and middle tiers where life skill progression slows down considerably, so we have made a few adjustments.

Fishing also becomes easier with the introduction of Seagull fishing. Keep your eyes to the skies as seagulls are known for hovering over schools of fish which are just ripe for the picking. You will need to be Master 1 Fishing in order to correctly observe all the seagull hotspots. Just throw your tackle into the water and wait for a bite.

The following bosses have imbued themselves with dark energy and have had their attack patterns modified:

  • Biraghi
  • Kelcas
  • Dim Tree Spirit
  • Black Mane
  • Illezra’s Servant
  • Mad Scientist's Assistant
  • Kavali


There are a few items that are receiving changes. These changes are minor, but we would like to put them here to remain clear about changes happening in Black Desert.

  • The descriptions of Asula's Weakened Magic Ring and Asula's Weakened Magic Earring have had their descriptions changed to include their drop spots at Waragon Nest.
  • Golden Pig’s Blessing has been changed to affect the whole family instead of just the character that uses it.
  • The descriptions of Asula's Weakened Magic Ring and Asula's Weakened Magic Earring have had their descriptions changed to include their drop spots at Waragon Nest.
  • Fixed an issue with the descriptions of fish still mentioning that connecting nodes increases their sale value.


There are many quests in Black Desert, and sometimes the quests may not work as intended. We are constantly trying to hunt down issues with quests and fix them as soon as possible. 

  • In Mediah, the following Tavern Scroll Quests sold by Datu Varudatu will reduce your amity by 1:
    [Scroll] Graveyard Dominator
    [Scroll] Dominator of Ancient Weapons
    [Scroll] Dwarf Dominator
    [Scroll] Elite Hunter
    [Scroll] Cute Little Things
    [Scroll] Fist to Fist II
    [Scroll] Robbing the Rogues II
    [Scroll] Food Chain II
    [Scroll] Breaking the Spells II
    [Scroll] Crushing the Steel II
  • Fixed an issue with Wizards where they couldn’t accept the quests to upgrade their Dim Magical Offhands.
  • Fixed the issue in Node Wars, it would seem as though you were dealing damage to friendly guild members.
  • Fixed an issue where once completing the Nantusa Letusa quest, you could not proceed with the next quest in certain situations.



You can now block other users from your chat window. To do so, open the chat window with the view button, highlight the user you wish to ban and press LT+A. This will open up a menu where you can whisper a player, add as a friend, block the user or view your current blocked user list. To select an option, press Y. Once blocked, all messages from a user will be hidden, and they will be unable to message you. To unblock a user, go to the Block List, select their name and press A. 

We have added the discount coupon function to the game. Discount coupons will sometimes be distributed to players, and these coupons will offer discounts on certain items. Please note that a coupon has both an expiration period before you use it in your inventory and another expiration period in the pearl shop. Please check the description of an in-game coupon for both expiration periods.

We would also like to announce that the Rookie Pack and the Premium Rookie Pack in the Pearl Store will be removed from sale June 5th 12th. Although it is written in the Pearl Shop that the discount ends at the end of 2019, it will be removed from sale. 

We are constantly working on improving the overall experience of character classes. This can range from character balance, animation changes or quality of life features to help your character move in a more natural way. Check out the changes below.


Swimming in Black Desert can be an awkward experience, especially when trying to dive underwater. So we have added the function to dive with LB, and surface with X to the game. These commands will be prompted on screen whenever you are in a body of water that can be swum in.

We have also improved the control of characters when swimming to make it a smoother experience.


Skill Descriptions

To help players get to grips with how effective certain skills are, we have added information regarding the max amount of targets that can be hit with skills. This has been added to all skills.

The Hit rate indicated in grab skills is the hit rate of the damage of the skill and not the grab success rate. The following skills have been updated to reflect this:

-Warrior: Take Down
-Musa: Flow of Darkness
-Witch: Mana Absorption

-Wizard: Mana Absorption

-Dark Knight: Luscious Snare

-Striker: Massive Suppression


Combat Changes

We have made slight changes to the way character positions are handled in the following circumstances:
- The position of an attacker after hitting another player
- The position of a player that has been attacked by another player

- The position of a character after using a skill

Although these are slight improvements, we are hoping that we can continue to improve the performance over time.

Other Character Changes

  • Fixed an issue where characters using skills which ignore collision would end up stuck inside monsters.
  • Fixed an issue where collecting water would collect several times the amount intended in certain situations.
  • If your trade weight is over 125%, you will not be able to jump.



  • Fixed an issue where the Warrior would switch combat states after jumping a wall.
  • Fixed an issue where the Warrior’s model would become deformed when wearing Airblock and Python Boxer Briefs.
  • Improved the effects of Charging Thrust.


  • Night Crow will now activate first when hitting LT+A


  • Obsidian Ashes has been improved when used in places with low ceilings.



  • Skill effects have been added to the following skills.

            Absolute: Pendulum Kick I

            Absolute: Pendulum Kick II

            Absolute: Salp’uri Purge

            Absolute: Blooming Netherflower

            Absolute: Cymbidium

  • Fixed an issue where in certain circumstances, Four Point Splatter would not work as intended after using Three Point Stipple.


  • Fixed an issue where doing Headbutt into Powerful Headbutt would not recover WP correctly.
  • Headbutt II ~ Absolute: Headbutt now have additional strikes when leveling up.
  • Storming Beast II has been fixed so the range increase effect of the knee strike works correctly.
  • Tackling Rock now applies damage correctly when not on cooldown.
  • Fixed an issue where only one hit would apply when using the Rock smash skill.
  • Fixed an issue where Frenzied Destroyer IV would not apply the correct critical hit chance in PvE
  • Fixed an issue where Berserkers were able to move incredibly quickly using Storming Beast and Headbutt.


  • Fixed an issue where you could not use Teleport while running with weapons drawn.
  • Fixed an issue when using Teleport would result in abnormal behavior in certain situations.
  • When using teleport, the falling animation will only display when falling 10 meters or more.


  • Fixed an issue where you could not use Teleport while running with weapons drawn.
  • Fixed an issue when using Teleport would result in abnormal behavior in certain situations.
  • When using teleport, the falling animation will only display when falling 10 meters or more.


  • Whirlwind Cut: Cyclone skill has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where using Rising Storm during Whirlwind cut, the cooldown on Whirlwind will be applied to the skill.
  • Fixed an issue where Carver: Typhoon could not be used once Absolute: Carver had been learned.



[Other Changes]

  • Fixed an issue where the first time you register maids, the cooldown does not apply.
  • The Calpheon Northwest Gateway stables will now show up when searching for a stable.
  • Horse Information can now be pulled up through a Ring Menu Setting
  • Added the Challenge Rewards to the Main Menu
  • Added Monster Information to the first page of the World Map.
  • Fixed an issue where the text and the chart in the profile window regarding ability did not display the same information.
  • Fixed an issue where certain NPC’s who give quests related to gathering were not appearing.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not add horses to the breeding menu in certain situations.
  • Added information regarding the origin of workers on the Worker Exchange window.
  • Fixed an issue where Alchemy/Cooking Knowledge windows could not be closed with the B button in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue where the Guild Skill Window would not update in real time after learning a skill.
  • Fixed an issue with workers working in other towns where they would not use the materials in their home town.
  • Fixed an issue where the horse armor appearance (On/Off) was not working in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor would not properly go from Store to your inventory in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue while adjusting the screen safe zone, other menus may appear.
  • Fixed an issue where when dying with negative Karma, the death window would show previously broken magic crystals.
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor seems to be out of bounds while processing from storage.
  • Fixed an issue where during conquest wars, players with forced PvP on would display as not flagged up.
  • Fixed an issue with the chatting UI where the Guild and System icons were incorrectly showing.
  • Fixed an issue where during the tutorial, gear could be enhanced.
  • Fixed an issue with the arrow motion in the skills “Blasting Gust” and “Tearing Arrow”
  • Fixed an issue where Guild Allowances could not be set for newly promoted Guild Officers.

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