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Notice [Updated] Kwangsam’s 100 Day Celebration Event 06.12.2019

We have sent 100 Loyalties to everyone's mailbox. Make sure to collect them to grab these items before they disappear! 



If you missed the ‘Into the Abyss’ live stream, then you have missed out on some interesting announcements. The first of which is that Shai, Black Desert’s latest class, will be making her Xbox debut on June 19! You will be able to create your Shai on June 19, and will be able to play with her from June 26!

Shai hails from Florin, and wields a large boomerang called the Florang. Her off-hand, the Vitclari is a lantern light trinket that she uses to cast buffs on her allies, and debuffs on her enemies. Although she may not be the strongest physically on the battlefield, her presence can definitely turn the tide of battle.  

In other news, it has also been exactly 100 days since the launch of Black Desert on Xbox One, and we will be celebrating with some amazing items! Each day, we will be adding these items to the loyalty store for you to pick up for 1 loyalty each! The sale includes a Character Slot expansion, Blessing of Kamasylve and more!

Once again, we would like to thank all of our players for the last 100 days! In those 100 days, we have added 4 (soon to be 5) new classes, 2 new regions, awakening, node wars and conquest wars, 2 world bosses and so many other things. We hope that during the next 100 days, we can continue to excite you as players, and bring more of the Black Desert world to life.


The Black Desert Team