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Notices [Notice] Regarding the Improved Pet Looting Update
Black Desert 2022-05-04 00:00


It has been confirmed that the content listed below from the April 27th maintenance patch notes do not match the updated contents that made it to the game. 

April 27th Update Content

Improved Pet Looting

The way pets acquire loot, as mentioned in CalpheON Episode 2, has been improved. Previously pets had to follow the character when the character moved, so the more the character moved, the slower the speed of picking up loot. As many adventurers have constantly provided their opinions on the topic, we have had a lot of discussions and tests to find a way to improve this situation, and we have been able to improve the way pets behave by looting items first. After this change it is expected that the chance of missing loot even when moving around a lot will be eased. 
● The way pet's pick up items has been improved.
- It has been improved so that pets will pick up loot first, even if the character moves.
- It has also been changed so that using Pet Skills such as hostility detection, rare monster detection etc do not affect the loot collection rate.

The Improved Pet Looting update will make it’s way into Black Desert Console during the May 11th maintenance.


We apologize for the situation regarding an update that was highly anticipated by our Adventurers. Going forward, we will do our best to provide a better service.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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