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GM Notes [GM Note] Quell the Flame
Black Desert 2022-05-10 00:10

"Only the destruction of the god-consuming flame will restore the long-lost paradise of dragons."


Born after the reign of Labreska, the Golden Dragon and scourge of dragonkind, Drakania is the last hope of the dragons in reclaiming their long-lost paradise.

Pre-create your Drakania May 11th, ready for when she sets foot in the Black Desert world on May 25th

The Destroyer of Ynix, Drakania

Black Desert’s newest class, Drakania, is the very antithesis of Guardian. As one stands as the holder of Ynix, the other pledges to destroy it no matter the cost. What caused the two paths to diverge so drastically?

The calm composure of a trained warrior belies a draconic rage of no bounds.

Combat Style

Drakania wields her Slayer, forged from the desires of slain dragons, and her Shard, forged from the scales of their bodies, in her quest to restore the paradise of dragons. Her Shard gathers ions from the air around her and directs this energy to her Slayer, allowing Drakania to unleash powerful attacks and destructive strikes.

As the last hope of the dragons, Drakania has a second dragon heart, enabling her to recover quickly from injuries and race across the battlefield like a raging storm. When she steps onto the battlefield, all will know the new era of dragons is nigh.

Drakania Skill Preview

Markthanan's Flourish

Gathers ions in her Slayer to unleash a potent assault.

With enough ions, enemies will be flung upwards and struck down.



Brimbolt Strike + Flow: Brimbolt Wave

Releases the ions gathered in her Slayer to deliver a powerful strike.

Her follow-up attack transforms her remaining ions into a crashing wave of brimbolts.



Brimbolt Raze

Spins with her Slayer, gathering ions.

Draws in enemies in a wide area and sweeps them away.


Flow: Markthanan's Wings

Spreads Markthanan's Wings with gathered ions to soar forward.

Markthanan's Scale

Plants her Slayer into the ground and absorbs ions

The incoming ions surround Drakania and form a barrier, protecting her.


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