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GM Notes [GM Note] Summer Fiesta All-in-One
Black Desert 2022-08-25 00:11

GM Events starting August 17th! (UTC+1)
The Summer Fiesta Continues!🌕


Event 1.
Share your Late Summer Night Photos
5,000 Pearls for the top prize!

Event 2. 
Dragon Appreciation Fanart
Top submission will be chosen as Discord server banner!

Event 1
Summer Fiesta: Secrets of the Rift
Defeat monsters from the Dark Rifts during the event period and perhaps you will be lucky enough to obtain a Box of the Enraged Undead, which contains nothing but the best of armor pieces.

Event 2
Summer Fiesta: Double the Chance of Remnants of the Rift
During the event period, the item drop rate of Remnants of the Rift from Dark Rift monsters will be doubled!

Event 3
🌟Summer Fiesta: Lara’s Special Requests🌟

Lara in Heidel is asking for some help, but each request seems to be quite unique!
Until the September 7th Maintenance (UTC+1)

Black Gem x20


Black Stone (Weapon) x50
Black Stone (Armor) x50


Memory Fragment x40


[Event] Rare Tungrad Accessory Box x1

* Each event quest can be completed once per family.

Event 4
Summer Fiesta: Treasure Hunter’s Serenade

Treasure hunters are gathering for the Summer Fiesta and it is up to Adventurers to defeat them!

What are the next
 Summer Fiesta Events?!

Black Spirit's Adventure!

+2 Dice for Daily Dice!
Until the September 1st Maintenance (UTC+1)

Learn More Here

The next set of Summer Fiesta events will be released on September 1st! 

Coming soon

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