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Install the Black Desert launcher if your game doesn't start.

Please Install the Black Desert launcher to start the game.

1 Run the downloaded - file to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Please start the game once installation is complete.


Notices [Notice] [XBOX] Special Pearl Box Discount!
Black Desert 2022-08-11 00:00

All Pearl Boxes 20% off for 2 weeks!

We're applying some deep cuts to Pearl Boxes!
Prices of each Pearl Box have been slashed by up to 20%!

Enjoy this special discount!

Sales Period:

NA: August 8th, 05:00 PM - August 23th, 02:59 AM (PDT)

EU: August 9th, 01:00 AM- August 23th, 10:59 AM (UTC+1)
ASIA: August 9th, 09:00 AM - August 23th, 06:59 PM (GMT+9) 

* Discount does not apply to the [1+1] 1000 Pearls in the store.
* This discount is only for XBOX Adventurers.
* Sale period and details may be changed upon mitigating circumstances. 

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