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Updates [Update] Patch Notes - September 14, 2022
Black Desert 2022-09-14 09:00


A new update is here, bringing changes to Node/Conquest Wars as well as a variety of quality of life changes! Read on to see all the latest changes to Black Desert Console.



Conquest War, Node War

This update brings about quality of life improvements and balancing to building siege weapons and annexes during Node and Conquest Wars. First off, you'll be able to change the highlight color of other guild names, thus making it easier to discern between friend or foe. In addition, for more convenient installation of forts or annexes, we reduced the construction time to 1 second and adjusted the types of terrain required for construction as well. With the remote construction function added prior, we hope this update's additions also serve to be useful for our Node and Conquest War engineers. Last but not least, we made Node and Conquest War forts, command posts, and annexes a bit sturdier, making them slightly more impervious to normal attacks so these buildings wouldn't be destroyed too quickly. However, we also increased the damage of elephants and the ballista to retain the destructive power of siege weapons as well.

● Changed so the number of installed forts on the World Map are now displayed an hour before Node/Conquest War begins.
● Changed the installation time for Fort/Command Post/Field HQ and all annex buildings from 15 to 1 second while Node/Conquest War is not underway.
- Installation time still remains 15 seconds when a Node/Conquest War is underway.
● Adjusted the terrain requirements for installing Fort/Command Post/Field HQ and all annex buildings for Node/Conquest Wars.
- You can now install structures even on terrain with a slight incline. Terrain that are too steep are still excluded from installation.
※ The bottom portion of structures will appear differently based on the installed terrain.

● Changed the maximum durability of forts and command posts for Node/Conquest War.
- Fort (Tiers 1 to 4): durability +20%
- [Conquest] Command Post: durability +20%
● Changed the maximum durability and DP of recovery centers for Node/Conquest War.
- Recovery Center (Tier 1): durability +10%
- Recovery Center (Tier 2): durability +10%, DP +25%
- Recovery Center (Tier 3): durability +10%, DP +16.7%
- Recovery Center (Tier 4): durability +10%, DP +14.2%
- Recovery Center (Conquest): durability +10%, DP +28.5%
● Changed the maximum durability of supply depots for Node/Conquest War.
- Supply Depot (Tier 1): durability +15%
- Supply Depot (Tier 2): durability +15%
- Supply Depot (Tier 3): durability +15%
- Supply Depot (Tier 4): durability +15%
- Supply Depot (Conquest): durability +15%
● Changed the maximum durability and DP of elephant nurseries for Node/Conquest War.
- Elephant Nursery (Tier 1): durability +10%
- Elephant Nursery (Tier 2): durability +10%, DP +25%
- Elephant Nursery (Tier 3): durability +10%, DP +16.7%
- Elephant Nursery (Tier 4): durability +10%, DP +14.2%
- Elephant Nursery (Conquest): durability +10%, DP +28.5%
● Changed the maximum durability of normal and enhanced flame towers for Node/Conquest War.
- Flame Tower (Tier 1): durability +10%
- Flame Tower (Tier 2): durability +10%
- Flame Tower (Tier 3): durability +10%
- Flame Tower (Tier 4): durability +10%
- Flame Tower (Conquest): durability +10%
- Enhanced Flame Tower (Tier 3): durability +15%
- Enhanced Flame Tower (Tier 4): durability +15%
- Enhanced Flame Tower (Conquest): durability +15%
● Changed the damage of normal and big hwachas for Node/Conquest War.
- Hwacha and Big Hwacha: damage against enemy Adventurers +10% for all tiers of Node War and Conquest War
- Hwacha and Big Hwacha: damage against horses and elephants +5% for all tiers of Node War and Conquest War
● Applied the following changes to elephants and Cadria elephants usable during Node/Conquest War.
- Spear thrower (in passenger seat) damage +50%
- Basic and charging attack damage +50%
- Horn Attack and Fore Chop damage +37.5%
- Damage against enemy Adventurers +15%
- Max HP +100%
● Increased Ballista Workshop's DP +300% for Conquest War.
● Applied the following changes to the Ballista:
- You can now attack Wooden Fences, Wooden Fence Gates, and Barricades with the Ballista.
- Damage against Recovery Centers, Supply Depots and other annex buildings +1000%
- Damage against enemy Adventurers +7.7%
- Damage against Castle Gates +50%
- [Guild] Old Ballista Arrows can now be used in a Ballista.
* [Guild] Old Ballista Arrows can be purchased from the Supply Depot. (Removed)
● Fixed the issue where nodes in unrelated territories were being liberated upon the conclusion of a Conquest War.



New and Improvements


● Improved so the character's appearance changes smoothly in the Skill Demo window.

● Changed so the Standby Expression applied via the Customization UI will display properly when your character is idle.

● Changed so the falling motion does not display after using Flow: Dragon Flight or Flow: Markthanan's Wings from a high place with your trion.
- Changed so that it affects the surroundings when trying to land from a high place.
- Fixed Flow: Dragon Flight skill description accordingly.

● Flow: Dragon Flight
- Changed so that your character lands a bit slower when the skill is used continuously.
● Black Spirit: Tectonic Slam
- Fixed the issue where using Tectonic Slam via Quick Slot in Hexeblood would activate the skill even when it was locked after having learned Core: Tectonic Slam.




● Changed "Dark Rift" spawning point from Titium Valley to in front of the Sand Grain Bazaar hill.
- This change will be applied to the next Dark Rift that spawns in Titium Valley if one has already spawned before the update.




● Changed the Max Purchase Limit and Selling Limit of Cream, Cheese, Butter items from the Central Market.
- Order and Max Purchase Limit: x500 → x1,000
- Max Purchase Limit when selling orders are more than 3,000: x3,000
- Max Selling Limit: x20,000
● Improved so the following [Honor] outfit items can be equipped while moving or on a mount.

[Honor] Dobart Helmet
[Honor] Dobart Armor
[Honor] Dobart Gloves
[Honor] Dobart Shoes
[Honor] Taritas Helmet
[Honor] Taritas Armor
[Honor] Taritas Gloves
[Honor] Taritas Shoes
[Honor] Hercules' Might Helmet
[Honor] Hercules' Might Armor
[Honor] Hercules' Might Gloves
[Honor] Hercules' Might Shoes
[Honor] Grunil Helmet
[Honor] Grunil Armor
[Honor] Grunil Gloves
[Honor] Grunil Shoes
[Honor] Lemoria Helmet
[Honor] Lemoria Armor
[Honor] Lemoria Gloves
[Honor] Lemoria Shoes
[Honor] Akum Helmet
[Honor] Akum Armor
[Honor] Akum Gloves
[Honor] Akum Shoes

● Changed the items that can be obtained from Gathering Production Node of Lynch Farm Ruins in Northern Plain of Serendia to Silver Azalea and Bunch of Silver Azaleas.
- Slightly increased the ratio of Bunch of Silver Azaleas that can be obtained from this Production Node.
※ Therefore, the work from Lynch Farm Ruins in Northern Plain of Serendia was completed and the items were sent to your Heidel Storage.
● Shoes have been separated from [Warrior] Cornelius Armor/N outfit.
- Separated shoes cannot be registered to the Central Market like the Cornelius outfit.
- [Warrior] Cornelius Shoes/N will be obtained separately upon opening [Warrior] Cornelius/N outfit chest.
* Adventurers that already have [Warrior] Cornelius Armor will get [Warrior] Cornelius Shoes in their Heidel Storage.
* Adventurers that already have [Warrior] Cornelius Armor N will get [Warrior] Cornelius Shoes N in their Heidel Storage.
※ If dye applied to your outfit has changed, please contact [Support] by sending a screenshot of the tooltip where dye info can be checked.



Quest, Knowledge

● Improvements applied to the Season Pass are as follows:
- Improved so "How to Get a Powerful Accessory 2." can also be achieved by completing any of the "[Daily] Old Moon Guild Subjugation Request" quests regardless of monster zone.
- [Season] Old Moon Guild Special Monster Mission is now unavailable with the above changes.
※ If the quest has already been received and is in progress, it can be completed normally.
● Changes for the quest requirement for "Herald's Journal Volume 2" and "[Timed Quest] How Quick Can You Fish?" are as follows:

Before After
Catch Sea Eel x2 in 10 min Catch blue-grade fish x2 in 10 min

● Fixed the issue where Eileen and the torch appeared awkwardly when you talked to her after accepting "[Balenos] Richie Rescue."



Background, NPC, Effects, Cutscene

● Adjusted certain locations in Olun's Valley to appear more natural.
● Fixed the issue where you could not cross the bridge near the Sherekhan Iron Mine when on wagons.
● Fixed the issue where some plants were placed unnaturally in Navarn Steppe.




● Applied the following improvements to Storage items in the Transport UI:
- Improved so the Destination list shows 10 destinations in the Sent tab.
- Improved so Transportation list shows at once in the Sent tab.

● Fixed the issue where your fairy's skill slot icon displayed abnormally in the UI after attempting a Fairy Skill Change.




Improvements on the Auto-run feature will be applied in this update.
Previously, Adventurers were guided in the safest route possible to ensure no significant threats occurred on their adventure, and this sometimes meant the long way around was taken. To minimize these aspects, Adventurers will now be taken to a more efficient route. The issue of obstacles not being detected, and players simply being guided in a straight line, has also been improved.

● Improved the Auto-run feature for characters and when riding mounts on land.
- Improved so you take a more efficient route upon using the Navigate feature.

Before After

● Fixed an issue where leaving a guild may at times end the game session.
● Fixed certain issues with character actions to improve server lag.



Pearl Shop

● Fixed an issue where the discount period of an item is not displayed if the discount period of the product is too long.
● Adjusted the sales period of New/Returning Adventurer only products to indicate the remaining time of the New/Returning Adventurer Buff.



Modified or Changed

● [Corsair, Drakania] Fixed the issue where other Adventurers equipped with the Sun's Resolve outfit appeared abnormal.
● [Drakania] Changed the length of the Sun's Resolve outfit's cape.
● [Shai] Fixed the issue where your character's neck appeared abnormal when equipping the Hop Hop Troupe Helmet.
● [Lahn] Fixed the issue where the chest in your character's hands appeared awkward during the Cheer social action.
● [Sage, Corsair] Fixed the issue where equipping the Cantabile Outfit wouldn't display the special idle animation.
● [Witch] Fixed the issue where the pants portion of the Shell Belle Outfit (Shucked) appeared abnormal when moving while crouched or in certain combat stances.
● [Striker] Fixed the issue where wearing the WeDan or Blazing Inferno outfits in certain situations does not appear as intended.
● [Musa] Fixed the issue where wearing the Wind Waker or Tundra Warden outfits in certain situations does not appear as intended.
● Changed the quest icon for 'Blood Wolf's Oath' to a more natural icon.
● Fixed the description of [Event] Blessing of Old Moon Pack to read more naturally.
● Fixed an issue where the Incarnation of Corruption does not appear in certain situations after the Unstable Star Debris has been summoned during the Blackstar gear crafting quests.
● Fixed the issue of the HP bar showing during the Serpen summoning cutscene in Sycrakea.
● Fixed the issue of the effects displaying awkwardly on the screen when you're short of materials during enhancement.
● Fixed an issue where pressing B/◯ in the Enhancement window would exit the window entirely.
● Fixed the issue of the navigation path routing awkwardly upon selecting a destination while at sea.
● Adjusted the 'Honorable Adventurer's Certificate' tooltip to better reflect the current season.


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