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Updates [Update] Patch Notes - October 12, 2022
Black Desert 2022-10-12 00:10


A new update is here, bringing Guild Boss changes and more to Black Desert Console! Read on to see all the latest changes to Black Desert Console.



We changed parts of the “Guild Boss Subjugation” content where Adventurers would defeat boss monsters with fellow adventurers and guild members. This change came about when we were thinking about creating a “merry gathering” where Adventurers can come together about once a week to have fun. With this update, the “Getting Ready for Guild Boss Changes!” event will begin to heighten the enjoyment of the guild boss content.
The event will include encounters with Khan, Giant Mudster, Ferrid, and Ancient Puturum. We adjusted the difficulty of the bosses so that it will be fun to do at the end of the week, and adjusted the loot dropped to share the joy with your guild members. We hope that this will help in creating fond memories together with your fellow adventurers.
With the start of the event, we will continue to create even more opportunities where you will be able to create even deeper bonds with your guild members.
(Additionally, we are preparing event guild missions to help you enjoy this guild boss changes event.)

Guild Boss Changes

Loot Drops

- Added Marni's Unstable Fuel as a guaranteed drop (the amount increases according to the tier)
- Changed the Enchanted Scroll (+20 and +30) that dropped according to a set probability to Advice of Valks (+30 and +40)
- Increased the probability of Gold Bar 1,000G dropping (probability is increased even further depending on the tier)
- Increased the amount of Gold Bar 100G and Gold Bar 10G dropped a guaranteed drop (the amount increases according to the tier)

Fights - Changed so bosses no longer deal debuff attacks that ignore defensive effects
- Added a feature so guild bosses mass attack at a set probability
- Changed so only a set amount of damage can be applied on the guild boss.
- The guild boss' damage on a 0-3 level basis is multiplied by 2.8, 1.6, and 1.13.
- Changed so the player's debuff effect is not applied towards the guild boss.

Changes per Guild Boss

Loot Changes

- Increased the probability of obtaining Khan's Concentrated Magic by 2.4 times
- Guaranteed Lunar Black Stone and Solar Black Stone (except for level 0 boss)
- Can obtain Gold Bar 1,000G and Gold Bar 100G.
(Number of Gold Bar 100G and probability of obtaining additional Gold Bar 1,000G increases per level.)

Loot Changes

- Energy of All Creations can be obtained as well as the previous loot item "Stone of Malice."

Combat Changes - Doubled the HP of Giant Mudster
- Tripled the DP of Giant Mudster

Loot Changes

- Stone of Malice can be obtained as well as the previous loot item "Energy of All Creations."
※ Stone of Malice is a skill crafting item of Magic Crystal of Infinity.

Combat Changes - Doubled the HP of Ferrid
- Tripled the DP of Ferrid

Loot Changes - Belongings of an Ancient Guardian can be obtained at a set probability.
Combat Changes - Increased the HP of Ancient Puturum by approximately 1.3 times
- Tripled the DP of Ancient Puturum
  • You can receive one of the following items up to max DUO (II) level when you open the item "Belongings of an Ancient Guardian" upon defeating the Ancient Puturum.
    • ▼ Obtain the following item up to DUO (II)

Black Distortion Earring
Tungrad Ring
Tungrad Necklace
Tungrad Belt
Ogre Ring
Laytenn's Power Stone
Eye of the Ruins Ring
Valtarra Eclipsed Belt
Narc Ear Accessory
Tungrad Earring
Ring of Crescent Guardian
Basilisk's Belt


  • Revealed Shakatu's hidden Yar! skills.
    • Now you can duel the guild boss of the Shakatu Merchants, Shakatu, in a game of Yar!
  • Changed the means to complete Igor Bartali's adventure logs volume 13 chapters 1 and 2.
Igor Bartali's Adventure Log Before After
Vol 13 Ch 1 Defeat the Cadry Commander Defeat the Sand Spirit
Vol 13 Ch 2 Defeat the Shadow of Gahaz Defeat Shakatu in a game of Yar!




Due to crystals that could be transfused into main weapon and glove sockets both sharing "- Precision" in their name, we sought to lessen the confusion by changing the name of the crystals transfused into glove sockets.

  • Changed the name of three crystals transfused into the glove socket.
Before After
Magic Crystal of the Sun - Precision
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Precision
Black Magic Crystal - Precision
Magic Crystal of the Sun - Ensnare
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Ensnare
Black Magic Crystal - Ensnare
  • Gloves have been separated from the [Sorceress] Iron Thorn outfit.
    • Separated gloves cannot be registered to the Central Market like the [Sorceress] Iron Thorn outfit..
    • [Sorceress] Iron Thorn will be obtained separately upon opening chests that have the [Sorceress] Iron Thorn outfit.
    • Adventurers that already have [Sorceress] Iron Thorn outfit will get [Sorceress] Iron Thorn Gloves in their Heidel Storage.
      •  If dye applied to your outfit has changed, please contact [Support] by sending a screenshot of the tooltip where dye info can be checked.




  • Changed Wasteland Iguana so they no longer hide beneath the stones near Stonebeak Shore.



We've improved Bonus Hunting Quests to be able to be completed via the Black Spirit instead of certain NPCs. Additionally, we've added a "Talk to the Black Spirit" condition to the Quest Requirement, so rewards aren't accidentally received when summoning the Black Spirit to interact with it for other purposes such as Enhancement.
  • Added a "Talk to the Black Spirit" condition to the following Bonus Hunting Quest:
    • [Bonus] A Hunting Quest for Both Our Homes I
    • [Bonus] A Hunting Quest for the Time of Poachers I
    • [Bonus] A Hunting Quest for Panicked Horses I
    • [Bonus] A Hunting Quest for the Trembling Brother I
      • Adventurers that have accepted the previous quest should complete or forfeit it first to accept the new quest.
  • Fixed the issue where Drakanias who had completed the Drieghan main quest "The Last Ritual" could not obtain the "Dragon Slayer" title.
    • This title can be obtained by talking to NPC Durgeff after completing "A Hero's Return" quest with Drakania class.
  • Improved navigation for "[O'dyllita] Delotia Pudding," O'dyllita's main quest.
    • Added the location of NPC Helonne to complete the quest.
    • Added "Deliver Wolf Blood to Helonne to complete the quest" description in quest summary window.
  • Fixed the following quest description:
    • [Absorb] Igor Bartali's Black Spirit
    • Kamasylvia Daily Quests "[Repeat] Struggle for the Forest" and "[Repeat] Unwincing Tenacity"
  • Improved auto-navigation during Kunoichi Awakening Quest "[Kunoichi Awakening] Vengeful Blade" and "[Kunoichi Awakening] Path of Emptiness".
  • Improved so quests can be done even when Amity with NPC St. Pjorn is below 0 during Calpheon main quest "The Guilty Ones".
  • Made the following improvements to Life Skill quests:
    • Life Skill "leap" quests can now be accepted regardless of your character's level.
    • Life Skill quest titles and level requirements in the quest summary are now more clearly written. (ex. Gathering Lv 40 → Gathering Professional 10)
  • Improved the "Hand over the Ancient Creature's Fragments to Desalam" condition for Bartali's Adventure Log Book 12 Chapter 1.
    • Desalam says she has gathered enough Ancient Creature's Fragment so she will now only collect one fragment instead of two from visiting adventurers.



  • Improved so that Elephant injury can be recovered in Elephant Nursery during Node/Conquest Wars.
    • But, it consumes guild fund when recovering from injury like before.



  • [Valkyrie] Fixed the issue where the corners of her eyes appeared abnormally dark.
  • [Dark Knight] Fixed the issue where the Violetta Kriegsmesser would overlap with the La Orzeca Armor's cape.
  • Fixed an issue where the key guide for the Fairy UI was not displaying as intended.
  •  Fixed an issue where the text displayed when selling a ship has been corrected.
  • Fixed an issue where the blood of certain monsters were still being displayed despite the settings.
  • Fixed the issue of Hostility Adventurer name not displaying in red when your character is Invincible.

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