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Events [Event] Copy Your Items & Try a New Class!
Black Desert 2022-10-26 00:00

Now’s the time to try a new class!

NA: After the October 25th maintenance (PDT) ~ Before the November 8th maintenance (PST)
EU: After the October 26th maintenance ~ Before the November 9th maintenance (UTC)
ASIA: After the October 26th maintenance ~ Before the November 9th maintenance (GMT+9)

You only need ONE Marni’s Unstable Fuel to copy your items to a new character!

ONE Marni’s Unstable Fuel


* Marni's Unstable Fuel can be purchased from the Old Moon Manager NPCs for 10,000,000 Silver.

Need more info about copying items? Look below!

  • Item Copy allows you to copy the items of a “main” character to a tagged character, allowing you to try out the tagged character with your main character’s gear. You can use this feature to try out your main character’s gear on a different class and experience new adventures in the Black Desert world!


  • In order to use “Item Copy,” you must first set up a character tag and complete a questline.


▲ Select the characters you’ll tag together and press the “Tag” button!


  • Things to keep in mind!
    • Tagged characters will always share the same current location.
    • You must return to the original town/city where you tagged the characters to untag them.
    • Tagged characters cannot hold/handle trade items.
    • Both characters must be Lv. 7 or higher to be tagged.


  • Complete “[Marni's Suspicious Device] A Splendid Deal”
    • With a character that is Lv. 56 or higher, complete the [Marni's Suspicious Device] A Splendid Deal questline from the Black Spirit.
    • You can accept this quest from the Black Spirit with a character that is Lv. 56 or higher.
    • Once you fulfill both requirements, you’ll be able to see the “Item Copy” button.



  • In order to copy items, you must have Marni's Unstable Fuel.
    • Marni's Unstable Fuel can be purchased from the Old Moon Manager NPCs in each city/town for 10,000,000 Silver



  • Normally, the amount of Marni's Unstable Fuel that you will need follows the formula below.
    However, you will only need ONE Marni’s Unstable Fuel to copy items during the event!

Item Copy Cost Formula

(All 3 Weapons) Central Market Price x 1.5% + (All 3 Weapons) Number of Caphras Stones for Caphras Enhancement x 21,500 Silver

    • The minimum cost to use Item Copy is "Marni's Unstable Fuel" x20.
    • The original items and copied items cannot be stored in Storage or listed on the Central Market.
    • If you use your Storage or Maids/Butlers for Life Skills on several different characters, make sure to unequip any items in your “Tool Slot” before copying the items.


  • The following items cannot be copied:

- Class-specific outfits such as the Calpheon Noble Dress
- Tuvala gear equipable by a season character
- Naru Gear
- Gear from Main Questline Rewards

- Gear available for a limited time
- Gear rented with Contribution Points
- Gear incompatible with Weapon Exchange Coupons
- Shai’s Sol
- Life skill gear that can be equipped in main, sub-weapon slots such as fishing rods or floats

  • This guide is a summarized summary of how to use item copy. For more information, please refer to the [Adventurer’s Guide].

* Event Notice

- Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change or cancel the event depending on mitigating circumstances.
- Items given in this event may be family bound or character bound. Please check each item before using them as they may vary depending on the item. Items that are character bound cannot be moved or switched. There also may be restrictions on sale and use of items as well.
- Any changes to the event will be made on this page.
- Participating in the event using inappropriate methods will result in the cancellation or retrieval of your reward, as well as restrictions from the game.
- You must have created at least one character in your account before the rewards are sent in order to receive the event rewards.

- If you have any questions about this event, please send a ticket through [Support].
- This event follows the [Event Rules].


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