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Notices [Notice] Calpheon Ball 2022 in LA!
Black Desert 2022-10-26 00:00
Calpheon Ball 2022 in LA!
Adventurers, we come bearing exciting news! Before we jump into the details, Black Desert’s Executive Producer, Jaehee Kim has a special message for you: 
This year’s Calpheon Ball, unlike previous years, will be taking place in Los Angeles!
Join us in the heart of Southern California, the home of palm trees and sunny beaches!

We are incredibly thrilled to have the opportunity to host Calpheon Ball in North America and meet our Adventurers face to face.

For details on how to apply to attend Black Desert Calpheon Ball 2022, please read the following.
· Calpheon Ball 2022 Details ·
December 10, 2022 (Sat) in Los Angeles (TBD) 3:00PM PST
· Who Should Apply? ·
Adventurers playing on North America servers on the PC/Console platforms
· Application Period ·
October 26, 2022 (Wed) - November 11, 2022 (Fri) 11:59PM (PST)
· Important things to include in your application ·
Tell us one of your favorite Black Desert stories or memories.
Have a question you’ve been meaning to ask the Black Desert Team? Here's your chance to share it!
· Calpheon Ball 2022 Perks (Selected Adventurers) ·
Entry to Calpheon Ball 2022
2022 Black Desert Merch Bundle
Afterparty (food and drink provided)
* These benefits will only be provided directly to Adventurers on-site.

* Additional Notices

- For any questions or concerns regarding the event, please contact us via [Support]

- Any content not mentioned on this page is subject to the [Event Rules].  


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