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Updates [Update] Patch Notes - November 9, 2022
Black Desert 2022-11-09 00:00



A new update is here, bringing about quality of life changes and memory stabilization to Black Desert Console! Read on to see all the latest changes to Black Desert Console.




  • Items related to It’s Time to Push the Limit for a +230 Stack event can be used until the November 23rd maintenance (UTC).
    • The [Event] Essence of Devouring can also be purchased from Alfredo in Velia until the November 23rd maintenance (UTC).
    • Please note that the [Event] Essence of Limits, [Event] Essence of Devouring, [Event] Origin of Dark Hunger, and the [Event] Seal of Challenge items will be removed during the November 23rd maintenance (UTC).
  • After the end of the Life Skills: All-in-One Event!, you will be able to exchange [Event] Lara’s Seal of Diligence x1 for Black Gem Fragment x2 with Lara in Heidel.



New and Improvements

Main Weapon
Elastic Force
  • Fixed the issue where using the skill laterally would push back monsters in abnormal directions.

Main Weapon, Succession
  • Fixed the issue where you couldn't run nor perform skills while mounted atop Heilang if your character exceeded a certain weight limit.

Main Weapon
  • Fixed the issue where the Stamina cost would apply twice.

Petal Swirl
  • Fixed the description regarding the bleed effect to match the actual effect.

Flow: Magical Evasion
  • Fixed the issue where using the skill while switching out of combat stance with your aad sphera would reset the cooldown.

Wave Orb, Rising Dragon
  • Fixed the issue of Sea Dragon disappearing abruptly when using the skill after consuming Martial Spirit Shards.

Main Weapon
Moon Slash
  • Improved so the skill can be locked.

Eye of the Phoenix
  • Fixed the issue of the skill not activating when lacking Stamina.

Combust Life
  • Fixed the issue of normal effects being applied when HP is over 2,000.
  • Added HP requirement description to use the skill.

Prime: Dragonborn Constitution
  • Improved so Movement/Attack/Casting Speed Reduction effects are disabled even when using Brimbolt Annihilation upon learning this skill.




  • Changed the Contribution cost of certain residences in Grána and Duvencrune.
    • The difference in Contribution cost was returned during maintenance.
Kamasylvia Drieghan
Grána 1 11 →  8 Duvencrune 1 8 →  5
Grána 2 11 →  8 Duvencrune 2 10 →  7
Grána 3, 1F 11 →  8 Duvencrune 3 8 →  5
Grána 3, 2F 11 →  6 Duvencrune 4 8 →  5
Grána 4 15 →  8 Duvencrune 5 6 →  4
Grána 5 11 →  6 Duvencrune 6 8 →  5
Grána 6 11 →  8 Duvencrune 7 10 →  7
Grána 8 11 →  8 Duvencrune 8 8 →  5
Grána 9 11 →  6 Duvencrune 9-1 8 →  5
Grána 10 8 →  5 Duvencrune 9-2 10 →  7
Grána 11 11 →  8 Duvencrune 10 8 →  5
Grána 12, 1F 11 →  8 Duvencrune 11-1 8 →  5
Grána 12, 2F 11 →  8 Duvencrune 11-2 8 →  5
Grána 13 11 →  8 Dormann Lumber Camp 1 10 →  7
Grána 14 11 →  8 Dormann Lumber Camp 2 10 →  7
Grána 15 11 →  6 Khimut Lumber Camp 1-1 8 →  5
Grána 17 8 →  5 Khimut Lumber Camp 1-2 10 →  7
  • The times for Node Wars, Conquest Wars, Trade Wagons, and World Bosses have been adjusted by an hour due to the end of NA summer time.
  • You will now be able to select whether you want to collect water once or continuously.
    • Collect water via the ring menu will allow you to collect water once.




  • Added a usage description to the Oquilla Coin item.
  • Fixed so the item description matches with the text that pops up when using the following items:
    • [Elvia] Vaha/Syca's Rare Box, Vaha's Rare Box
  • Added so Weapon Exchange Coupon Exchange Quest can be done with Dehkima: Token of the Oath x1000 from NPC Sahin in Valencia City.




  • Changed the following Monster Zones specialized in Skill EXP into Combat/Skill EXP.
    • Updated #(tag) info in the Monster Zone Info UI according to the changes below:
      • Bashim Base: Increased Combat EXP by 2 times
      • Fadus Habitat: Increased Combat EXP by 2.2 times
      • Polly's Forest: Increased Combat EXP by 1.5 times
  • Changed Padix Island Monster Zone as follows:
    • Changed into a soloable monster zone.
    • Changed and added where monsters were spawning in Padix Island.
    • Changed so the monster respawns 10 seconds faster than before.
    • Reduced Monster's HP by 20%.
    • Changed so Ancient Platinum Coin can no longer be obtained.
    • Changed Agris Fever points consumed when defeating a monster from 35 to 7.
    • Changed the Mutant Loah Flower Pot effect as follows:
Before After
Loah Snake spawns according to a certain probability and nearby pirates strengthen/weaken. Pirates that were attracted by the Loah flower's scent spawn near Loah Flower Pot



Quest, Knowledge

  • Fixed an issue where the "Ocean Stalker from the Great Ocean" and "Hekaru from the Great Ocean" quests did not appear.




  • Memory stability has been carried out on certain images.



Modified or Changed

  • Removed unnecessary text in [Drakania] Treant/Desert Camouflage Premium Set descriptions.
  • [Wizard] Fixed the issue of some appearances being abnormally displayed when Tempyrion Robe is equipped and its durability is low.
  • [Musa] Fixed the issue of the Palgong Helmet dye not being applied when a specific hairstyle is applied.
  • [Guardian] Fixed the issue of certain underwear displaying abnormally when Bloody Dress is equipped and its durability is low.
  • [Drakania] Fixed the issue of the cloak being abnormally displayed sometimes when Marnist Armor is equipped.
  • [Drakania] Fixed the issue of this outfit being abnormally displayed during a specific pose after equipping Bloody Dress.
  • Fixed the following when equipping [Sorceress] Millen Fedora Clothes.
    • Fixed the issue of the hand part displaying abnormally when equipping a specific amulet appearance as well.
    • Fixed the issue of dyes not being applied on some appearances when armor durability is low.
  • Fixed an issue where the Treant's Tear's Life EXP +30% was not applied as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where Khan's Heart: Protection's resistance effects were not applied as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where hiding your pets would not remain after reconnecting to the game.
  • Fixed description of the outfit that can be obtained by opening the 2022 Halloween Outfit "Outfit Swap Box II".
  • Fixed an issue where "Season: Drakania" appears on the Season Pass UI.
  • Fixed the issue where the accessories' enhancement level was not displayed during the process of reforming your gear.
  • Fixed the issue where certain areas of Splashing Point appeared awkward.
  • Fixed the issue where an unnatural object was placed in certain areas of the Blue Maned Lion's Manor.
  • Fixed the issue where certain customization settings would not be applied for "Popular Creations" in the Beauty Album.
  • Fixed an issue where the enhancement grade did not appear as intended when placing enhanced items into the Production UI.
  • [Tamer] Fixed an issue where in Red Battlefield, the death message/score message was abnormal when defeated by Heilang.

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