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GM Notes [GM Note] Marni's Realm
Black Desert 2022-12-14 09:00


Marni’s Realm allows you to enter a realm separate from the rest of the world to create a private monster zone.


When you enter Marni’s Realm, you will be taken to a place that is identical to a given monster zone, the same loot as well, but erases the existence of other Adventurers. You will need to first move to the designated area in any given monster zone to enter Marni’s Realm.


You cannot move outside of the designated area while you’re in the realm. If you want to go outside the area, you will have to leave Marni’s Realm.

How to Enter

How to enter Marni’s Realm
You can enter Marni’s Realm by going to the designated area in each of the monster zones.

Open the window by going to Menu – Adventure – Private Monster Zone. Then select the navigation button and go to the designated area.

Once you arrive at the designated area, you will see the Enter button appear on the left side of your screen, then enter the area via your menu.

* Your health must be at 100% to enter

* You can register the Private Monster Zone menu into your Ring Menu.


 Marni's Realm is available for the following monster zones:

- Tshira Ruins

- Polly's Forest

- Blood Wolf Settlement

- Sherekhan Necropolis (Day) ※ Monsters do not spawn if entered at night.

- Roud Sulfur Mine

- Pila Ku Jail

- Manshaum Forest

- Forest Ronaros Area

- Aakman Temple

- Hystria Ruins

- Star's End

- Sycraia Underwater Ruins (Abyssal)

- [Elvia] Biraghi Den

- [Elvia] Swamp Fogan Habitat

- [Elvia] Swamp Naga Habitat

- [Elvia] Bloody Monastery

- [Elvia] Orc Camp

※ You must be on an Elvia server to enter Marni’s Realm Elvia monster zones.


As navigation for Pila Ku Jail is not available, we will show you the designated area where you can enter Pila Ku Jail Marni’s Realm.

Marni’s Realm Rules

- The time limit in Marni’s Realm resets every day at 06:00 UTC. It will reset to 60 minutes with an additional 5 minutes provided as a buffer.

- You cannot use items like the Traveler's Map while in Marni’s Realm.

- You cannot summon or receive summons from the guild skill Command to Gather nor the item Lafi Bedmountain's Upgraded Compass while in Marni’s Realm.

- You can only call your mount if it is within the designated area of Marni’s Realm.

- Summons you had summoned before entering Marni’s Realm will disappear when you enter Marni’s Realm.

- If your character dies while in Marni’s Realm, you will be returned to the regular world.

- You cannot enter Marni’s Realm if your character has negative Karma.

- You cannot enter Marni's Realm on Node/Conquest War server.

- If Marni’s Realm is too crowded on the server you are on, then the Change Server UI will appear. You will be able to see how crowded Marni’s Realm is on the other servers and change to your server of choice.


※ You can check how crowded Marni's Realm is on your current server from the left side of the UI.


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