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GM Notes [GM Note] 2022 Calpheon Ball Recap
Black Desert 2022-12-11 00:00

New Class - Black Desert’s First Twin Class, "Woosa”

New Class, “Woosa” - Schedule to be released December 14, 2022

“Woosa” is the younger of Black Desert’s Twin Classes. Hailing from the Land of the Morning Light, her traditional Korean outfit exemplifies this by mixing a traditional Korean outfit with a slight dash of modernity. The coloring of the outfit also expresses her personality, as the dark colors radiate the calmness and strength of Woosa’s personality. With that said though, the garment itself is relatively soft and breezy, taking on the traditional materials used for hanbok.


Main Woosa Skills

Woosa’s main weapon is a fan, and holds the meaning of “a picture calling upon a butterfly”.
The weapon is therefore called the “Swallowtail Fan”.











Like the skills illustrate above, Woosa can confront her enemies with various magic skills, and can also use her abilities to create clouds, giving her great outplay potential.


New class, ‘Maegu’

Maegu is the older twin sister of Woosa.
If you were to say that Woosa radiates strength and calmness, then Maegu’s gumiho concept is the opposite. Her fascinating characteristics are exemplified in her overall outfit, which displays bright colors with sheer red accents.

* For the new class "Maegu", we will prepare her Console release as quickly as possible.




December 14th Content Updates for Console


· Marni’s Realm ·

This update will bring about the addition of Marni's Realm. Marni's Realm was designed to allow Adventurers to defeat monsters without any outside interference for an entire hour.

We believe this will be a great opportunity for Adventurers who wish to save the time in searching for efficient monster spots.

We're well aware of the high anticipation surrounding Marni's Realm, especially amongst those who play on console, so we hope that this update brings some light to our Adventurers.


· Extended Fairy Level ·

Fairy’s maximum level has been lifted to Lv. 50 and with these changes come a newly added fairy skill, "Continuous Care", where food and elixirs can be automatically consumed.

*To celebrate the addition of new Fairy skills, we’ve added a handful of Theiah’s Orb that can be bought with loyalties on Pearl Shop. Don’t miss out on these goodies!


· Item Collection Increase Scroll UI Improvements ·

A console specific UI feature, involving the Item Collection Increase Scroll, has been added as well.

We hope that our console Adventurers will make most of the newly added Scroll UI and the Fairy skills as they add in particular to the game's quality-of-life.


· Blackstar Sub-weapon & Caphras Stone Lv. 15 ·

Next up is the update on the Blackstar sub-weapons and Caphras level cap.
So far, we've been adjusting the Caphras Stone enhancement level based on the overall growth rate of Adventurers.
The maintenance on Dec. 14th will bring about the extension of the Caphras level cap from 10 to 15 and a new Blackstar quest to obtain the Blackstar Sub-weapon.

· Solo Garmoth Summon Scroll ·

Additionally, console-exclusive solo Garmoth content will be added.

For Adventurers playing on console, Garmoth was only available as a guild boss, which was disappointing for some Adventurers and for Adventurers who weren't in a guild, there weren't that many opportunities to get Garmoth's Heart.

Now that solo mode Garmoth has been added, all Adventurers will be able to challenge Garmoth. With this new addition, Adventurers will be able to fight Garmoth solo once a week, and as long as you are fully equipped with Tuvala gear, you should be more than ready to challenge her.

We hope you look forward to this content.

Solo mode Garmoth is content exclusive to console, and, given the specific requirements needed for console, we'll take note of that as we make further preparations.


· Future Console Update Plans ·

As new contents are brought into Black Desert Console, the required time, resource as well as the complexity of the optimization process has been gradually increasing as well. After much internal discussion, we've decided to slightly change the dynamics of our update cycle regarding larger contents. To ensure the quality of our game, we plan to stock up on several months of content updates, lay them out more efficiently, perform a thorough check until they're ready, then update them together instead of sending them out one by one.

The added optimization process will help provide a more stable gameplay environment on console but we also realize that this may prolong waiting time between content updates. In this respect, we humbly ask for your understanding.

Lighter updates such as balance or quality-of-life improvements will still be updated every 2 weeks as it did before.

Regarding Next-Gen support, we understood it was a long-term challenge when we began but we’re meeting a lot more unexpected delays than we first anticipated.

Bringing new large updates on the current console platform, optimizing and stabilizing contents, and preparing Next-Gen at the same time is a realistic problem that we’re currently facing.

At this point, we’ll have to finish off by saying that Next-Gen is a work in process. We’ll let you know more about the details when we have more to share.


Other Black Desert IP Updates

· Development of Crystal Presets ·

New Crystal Presets will be updated to the Black Desert Global Labs on December 16.

Once applied, Crystals which were traditionally equipped into weapon and armor slots will now be equipped directly into a new dedicated UI, removing the equipment constraints of Crystals.

Additionally, there are additional locked crystal slots that can be seen on the UI shown above, and will become available through the Land of the Morning Light!


· DP Efficiency ·

Offense is currently more efficient than Defense.

We’ll be taking a step-by-step approach to improve defensive efficiency, by adding new gear rather than just adjusting the bonus defense brackets.


· Life Skill Tool Alerts ·

Like normal equipment, we will improve the warning UI to show if a life skill tool reaches a certain amount of durability.


· Fishing Byproduct Exchange NPC’s ·

We will try and add NPCs in the major cities and towns so there are more places to exchange your byproducts.


· Imperial Delivery and Tagged Characters ·

We will improve the system so that tagged characters can store Imperial Delivery Boxes in their storage. However, it is not a simple task and may take some time to develop.


· Ocean / Sailing EXP ·

We will change so that sailing EXP can be earned in shallow seas, however those rates will be less efficient than the great Ocean.

Bartering and ocean monster zones will also be expanded upon.

We’re also currently working on the Epheria Dreadnaught, which can be a new goal for sea-faring Adventurers.

However, as the Epheria Dreadnaught will be a very large and magnificent ship, it cannot be permanently owned. Rather, we’re approaching it with the idea that Adventurers can temporarily earn the right to use it by defeating certain sea monsters or through special barters for example.


· Cheers for Hards and Sharps ·

We will be removing the cheering animation that activates upon acquisition of Hard and Sharp Black Crystal Shards.


· Add an On/Off Filter for Low HP Pulse ·

It’s a feature that is there to alert new Adventurers that their HP was running low, but is activated too often.
Therefore an on/off option will be added to make the game more comfortable to play.


· Increase Default Horse Calls/ Using Items on Horseback ·

The default distance for calling a horse will be tripled, increasing from 50 to 150 range.

To help you know when you can call your horse, an indicator will be added showing when the horse is in range of calling.

We’re also going to allow Adventurers to open items such as boxes while riding horses. It was said however that equipping gear while mounted will not be permitted, as this is something that could be abused during Node and Conquest War.


· Switching Characters and Editing UI on new characters ·

Currently there is a limit of level 6 for switching characters, and level 10 for editing the UI.

Within a family, if a character has already achieved at least level 10, these restrictions will be lifted.


· Improve Guild Bonus Payments and Guild Contracts ·


To make it easier to pay out Guild Bonuses, we’re creating a dedicated UI for it.

Records of participation in Node and Conquest War will automatically be saved, and if Guild Members wish to appeal to their Guild Leaders, they can submit their own appeal for approval.

These approval requests will be available for all members in a guild to see, to avoid any chances of abuse.

Additionally, the inconvenience of switching servers to renew contracts will be investigated. We will be looking to revamp some of the internal guild systems to make this possible.


· Marni Stone Location Path Improvements ·

We'll be making improvements to the Marni Stone so that when it is right clicked, a path to the nearest Wacky Toshi NPC will be set.


· Clown Butlers are Scary ·

Pietro, the clown faced Butler strikes fear in the hearts of many. Send a ticket to Customer Service who can help replace it with a less terrifying butler to handle your goods.
We’ll be looking to add a toggle function in the future.


· More Options for Pearl Accessories ·

Ninja Owl-rimmed glasses will be added next week.
We will continue to develop and provide various accessories, focusing on certain classes lacking variety.


· Current Progress of the Posture Improvements for Wizards ·

The work is almost complete, and we’re preparing to apply it in January 2023.

As we’ve been working on this, we’ve come to realize that current customizations become incredibly difficult to use, so they will all need to be reset.

Various events to help with customization will be run to make it easier.


· Shared Silver ·

All Storage and Character Silver will be shared across the family.


· In-game Ways to Obtain Pearl Furniture ·

Although not all Pearl Shop furniture will not be available at the beginning, we are preparing ways to obtain Furniture that was only available in the Pearl Shop.


· Shakatu Seal Renewal ·

A Gold Bar box that can earn up to 1.5 billion silver, Item Increase Scrolls x30, Supreme Old Moon Scrolls and more will be added to a new Shakatu Seal.

It will also include the “Garmoth’s Horn,” an item that can increase the tier of pets obtainable from Garmoth, and a special yellow title, “Shining Knight” can be claimed too.

The Land of the Morning Light was modeled after the Joseon Dynasty, the last dynastic kingdom of Korea.
The setting of the Land of the Morning Light is based off various folktales and legends passed down from ancient times to modern times.


The location formerly known as Port Ratt has now been transformed into Nampo Harbor.
The Haso region, which represented the eastern region of Black Desert, has been completely revamped


The Land of the Morning Light splits off into its own story, giving a break from the main plot of Ancient Relics and Illezra the White Witch.

Adventurers will find themselves swept up into an incident with Dolswe, leading you to be under the watchful eye of Lee Duksoo, Warden of the Donghae Province.


Through this pursuit, you will stumble upon Dalbeol village, where the real adventure starts.

Unlike previous regions with linear stories, Adventurers will be searching for information on their own and deciding where to explore based on those findings.


For example, Adventurers will gather information from the town regarding a monster that eats peoples livers, and follow that information to discover who the Gumiho is, and how to solve that case.

For this questline, there will be two endings, and each ending you discover will be logged in your “Story Book”

Striped Sentries, specialized units that catch tigers

Hwajeon farmers that cultivate the land after burning the forests

Followers of Yongam

Hare and Tortoise Folk



The narrative these new races will follow will be based on Korean fairy tales and folklore.

To our adventurers who already have heard of these tales, we hope these new races will feel like a welcome and familiar addition. To those who've had no exposure to these tales whatsoever, we hope that these new races will serve to provide a fresh, never-before-experienced sense of mysticism and awe.


In the Land of the Morning Light, there are many bosses such as the Gumiho, Songakshi, Duoksini, the Bamboo Legion and the Changui.

These bosses, each with their own unique characteristics, will be the main content of the Land of the Morning Light. There will be no monster zone, but major content is designed around the “Boss Rush” idea.

These bosses can be taken down through solo play, but some monsters will also be created as Guild bosses as well.

We hope that Adventurers find the content to be enjoyable and fulfilling, and whether it’s a solo or a guild boss.


In the Land of the Morning Light, new best in slot crystals and the highest grade of gloves, Dahn’s Gloves, will also be added to Black Desert.

The Land of the Morning Light is currently being developed with the goal of launching it in Korea in February, 2023.



2022 Calpheon Ball

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