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Notices [Notice] Pre-Season Node/Conquest War Schedule
Black Desert 2023-01-13 00:00




Starting January 22nd (UTC), Adventurers will be able to enjoy a new experience in Node Wars as a new pre-season will begin.


For a pain-free transition, we would like to inform you of the period where Node Wars will not be possible. Also, prior to the start of the new pre-season, the January 18th maintenance (UTC) will reset all Node information, so please be aware that this process is happening.


■ Schedule for Node/Conquest War reset and implementation of pre-season

Stage Period
Reset of current Node War/Conquest War information During the January 18th maintenance (UTC)
Suspension of Node War system From January 18th to January 21st (UTC)
Node War Pre-season period From January 22nd ~ until the February 15th maintenance (UTC)

Pre-season ends

Reset of Node War/Conquest War information

During the February 15th maintenance (UTC)

※ With the resetting of information of Node Wars and Conquest Wars, we will provide the Supreme Old Moon Box to Adventurers in the Guilds occupying Calpheon, Mediah and Valencia Castles.

※ During the suspension of Node Wars, forts and annexes built to participate in Node and Conquest War between January 18th and January 21st (UTC) will be returned to guild funds after being reclaimed.

※ After the Node War Pre-season period, Node War will be suspended between February 15th ~ February 18th (UTC).


■ Major changes during the pre-season of Node Wars

- Reduction in the total number of nodes to allow more guilds to contest.

- Guilds can participate in different tiers and nodes on different days of the week.

- The maximum number of participants is set by region, so you’ll be able to choose a node that best suits the number of people you can put in.

- You can only participate in one Node War at a time.

- New participation limit system should promote more active node wars.

- Even if you don’t win the match, you’ll receive the same amount of Resplendent Medal of Honor.

* Please refer to the January 18th Patch Notes for more details!


During the pre-season period of Node Wars, further improvements and updates will be made to Node Wars, and we will try to provide more intense and fun Node War contents to Adventurers in the future.


Thank you.


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