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GM Notes [GM Note] Second Wave of Events for Cross-Play's 3rd Anniversary!
Black Desert 2023-02-28 00:00

Thank you for showing your love and support for Black Desert as the 3rd Anniversary of Cross-Play nears! As a token of our appreciation, small gifts have been delivered to your in-game mail.

Here is to more adventures in the world of Black Desert.

Year Family was Created Rewards
[Event] Maid for Hire Box x2
[Event] Maid for Hire Box x1



During the event, defeat monsters, gather, or fish to obtain [Event] Seal of Wanderlust!

After the February 28th maintenance ~ Before the March 22nd maintenance (UTC)


Seal of Wanderlust

* You cannot obtain the event item from Water Scooping, Shoveling, or Milking Cows.
* The [Event] Seal of Wanderlust is an additional dropped and does not affect the drop rates of existing items.
* The [Event] Seal of Wanderlust will be removed during the March 22nd maintenance (UTC).


Bring the [Event] Seal of Wanderlust to NPC Igor Bartali in Velia after March 2nd 12:00 AM (UTC).
Interact with Igor to exchange them for special items.

More Details Here!


In celebration of the 3rd Anniversary of Cross-Play,
Verdi is roaming from village to village selling special items!
Find Verdi in Velia, Heidel, Calpheon, and Altinova!

After the February 28th maintenance ~ Before the March 22nd maintenance (UTC)

 During the event period, visit Heidel’s NPC Lara to get a special reward, as well as news on Verdi of the Crow Merchants Guild.

Cron Stone x500


Reset Mount Growth x1


In celebration of the 3rd Anniversary, Verdi from the Crow Merchants Guild will appear in the following location, selling special items.

[Crow Merchants Guild] Verdi can appear in Velia, Heidel, Calpheon or Altinova. She will appear for one hour before moving to another location.

More Details Here!

Special Spring Attendance Rewards!

February 28th 06:00 AM (UTC) ~ April 25th 12:59 AM (UTC+1)


Value Pack
(20 Days) x1


Wizard Gosphy x1


[Event] Classic Outfit Box x1


[Event] Thankful Premium Outfit Box x1

More Details Here!


Guild attendance rewards have arrived!
If you haven’t already, join a guild!
Check out the rewards you can get if you are in a guild!

February 28th 06:00 AM (UTC) ~ April 25th 12:59 AM (UTC+1)



[Event] Item Brand Spell Stone x1


Black Spirit Special Dice Box x1


[Event] Kuku x1


Fine Accessory Box II x1

More Details Here!


3rd Anniversary of Cross-Play

After the February 28th maintenance ~ Before the March 22nd maintenance (UTC)

Combat EXP Hot-Time


Combat EXP

Skill EXP Hot-Time


Skill EXP

Item Drop Rate Hot-Time


Item Drop Rate


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