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Notices [Notice] Notice on Port Ratt Changes
Black Desert 2023-03-08 00:00
As previously announced in the Global Labs’ [February 24th Update Announcement], certain land and sea regions in Black Desert are scheduled to change during the March 22nd maintenance (UTC)
※ This image was taken from content undergoing development and may be changed when released on official servers.
Please refer to the following for details on specific changes to the regions and relevant content.


■ Schedule

Great Ocean changes applied on:

During the March 22nd maintenance (UTC)

■ Details

Category Criteria Changes (if any)
Mounts, Characters, Other

Mounts, garden/fences, and characters located in:

Port Ratt

Vadabin and Juur Seas

Nada, Mariul, and Zagam Islands

Mounts and characters: Moved to Oquilla’s Eye

Fences: Moved to Oquilla’s Eye storage

Port Ratt ferry Discontinued
Items stored in containers of campsites and/or inventory of mounts located in the Vadabin, Juur, and Margoria Seas near the Land of the Morning Light continent Moved to Oquilla’s Eye storage
Port Ratt Wharf Expansion Coupons (Used/in possession) Changed to Nampo Wharf Expansion Coupons and moved to Heidel storage
Items/mounts stored in Port Ratt storage/wharf Moved to Oquilla’s Eye storage/wharf
[Manor] Fountain of Blessed Springs crafting materials Moved location of treasure chest used with the “Ocean Horizon Key”
Old Moon Flare Using in the Great Ocean now moves you to Oquilla’s Eye instead of Port Ratt
Contents Contribution Points (CP) invested in nodes and production nodes of Nada, Zagam, and Mariul Islands CP refunded to Family
Workers on task at Nada Island Fish Drying Yards 1 and 2

Workers: All tasks completed

Production Results: Moved to Oquilla’s Eye storage

Trade Good origins Port Ratt → Margoria Sea

Wharf usage (supply, repair, etc.)

Port Ratt wharf → Oquilla’s Eye wharf
Port Ratt’s trader Unavailable
Gathering materials in regions scheduled for change Unavailable
Former Port Ratt regions Unavailable
Ocean currents and stormss Changes to certain ocean currents and storms in Margoria, Juur, and Vadabin Seas
Monsters Great Ocean monsters Changed the location of the Goldmont Pirate Territory, Black Rust Habitat, and Nineshark monster zones
All NPCs located in Port Ratt, Nada, Zagam, and Mariul Islands Moved to Oquilla’s Eye
Barter NPCs for Margoria's Star in the Great Ocean Changed Shipwrecked Cargo Ship location
NPC lines Changes to certain lines
Quests Quests in Port Ratt, Nada, Zagam, and Mariul Islands Can be accepted and carried out through NPCs in Oquilla's Eye
Knowledge Knowledge descriptions Changes to certain descriptions
Knowledge Category "Residents of Port Ratt"

Category name changed to "Those Who Left Nampo"

Character Knowledge: Obtain by talking with Ratt Delegation NPCs

(Same method as before)

Knowledge Category "Margoria Sea"

Margoria Sea knowledge: Obtain by exploring the region

(Same method as before)

※ Since you can no longer explore the islands of Zagam, Mariul, and Nada, you will need to talk with Zawoon, Daenata, and Katio of the Ratt Delegation

Knowledge Category "Oceanic Creatures"

Obtain by talking with the Ratt Delegation

(Same method as before)

Knowledge Category "Margoria Adventure Journal I"

Obtain via questline

(Same method as before)

Knowledge "Ocean of Destiny"

Obtain via Mysterious Painting 4: Goldmont Fleet questline

(Same method as before)

※ With the origin of Port Ratt trade goods now being changed to the Margoria Sea, there may be changes to the price of certain trade goods after the March 22nd maintenance (UTC).


Access to Port Ratt and certain Gathering materials in the former region will become unavailable after these changes. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and ask that you refer to the above chart for more information.


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