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Notices [Notice] Introducing Adventurers’ Oasis, a New Offline Community Event!
Black Desert 2023-03-16 19:00








Introducing Adventurers’ Oasis,

a New Offline Community Event!

Would you like to join us for a fun get-together?

As mentioned during the previous 2022 Calpheon Ball, we want to create more spaces to meet our Adventurers in person. So, this year, we’d like to introduce a new, offline event where passionate Adventurers from all platforms can come together to celebrate the bonds of the Black Desert community!
If you need a break from the desert blazes,

look no further than the first ever Adventurers’ Oasis!

Like the refreshing Ibellab Oasis in the desert, cool down and hang out with the Black Desert community at Adventurers’ Oasis! The first AO will be held in the Southern California area. To have a chance to join, please apply by filling out the Adventurers’ Oasis - SoCal form (see below).

Tell me more!
What is Adventurers’ Oasis (AO)?
    • At Adventurers’ Oasis, meet and socialize with other Adventurers, bond over yummy food and drinks, and have a fun time together!
    • AO is open to all Black Desert Adventurers, including those from the mobile and PC platforms!
Event Details
    • Date: April 22, 2023 (Sat)
    • Location: Orange County, Southern California
* Selected Adventurers will receive further details about the event. 

Here’s what you can expect at AO – SoCal

Hang out and play Black Desert on all platforms!

Meet & Greet with your favorite CMs/GMs

Fun Black Desert Events including quizzes, team/individual battles, and raffles!



What's that?!

Receive some cool merch as well! 

To join, please fill out the form below and apply to have the chance to participate in
Adventurers’ Oasis – SoCal.
    • On the form, share a story or favorite memory during your journey in Black Desert.
    • The submission period is March 16, 2023 (Thu) - March 22, 2023 (Wed) at 11:59 PM (PDT)

Additional Notices

- Selected Adventurers will be announced on March 24, 2023 (Fri) in a separate notice.

- If selected, you will also be contacted individually through email to fill out a RSVP form, so please double check that you’ve entered your email address correctly in the form.   

- You may not bring a guest (+1) to this event. Though, if the guest you have in mind is also a fellow Adventurer who has filled out the survey, you may include their family name in the form. We will do our best to keep this in mind during selection.  

- You consent to the collection and usage of information from your application to participate for the purpose of determining your qualification. In the case where the information collected from the survey above does not match, your entry may be voided. Please ensure that all the information is accurate before submitting. 

- If we are unable to reach you, your invitation may be revoked and will go to the next available Adventurer. 

- Pearl Abyss will never ask for the password to your account. Please do not interact if you receive any message of this nature. 

- Please bring a valid ID at the time of the event. In the case where we cannot verify your information, your entry will be denied. 

- Expenses (such as travel expenses) are not eligible for compensation and will not be otherwise funded by Pearl Abyss. 

- During the event, we request an agreement for the collection and use of personal information as well as a Certificate of Receipt in order to deliver prizes. 

- Only selected participants are allowed to attend this event; you cannot yield or sell your invitation to another person. 

- By participating in the audience for the Adventurers' Oasis - SoCal, your face and likeness may be displayed publicly in post-event PR content, official website, etc. If you apply to participate in this event, you will be deemed as giving your agreement/consent to the use of your portrait/publicity rights. 

- In the case where the personal information collected from the survey above is shown to be false or submitted in an inappropriate manner, prizes may be retrieved and you may be restricted from accessing the game. 

- If your account is restricted prior to the event due to the violation of the Operational Policy, etc., your entry may be revoked and prizes retrieved. 

- Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change, modify, or cancel the event depending on mitigating circumstances. Any changes made can be found on the [Event Page]

- Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change the contents of the goods with a different prize of similar value without prior notice.


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