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GM Notes [GM Note] Nothing Like This Before! May 31st Event Preview
Black Desert 2023-05-26 00:00


May 31st Event Preview

To all Adventurers of Black Desert Console,
The Black Desert Console Service Team has been continuously considering how to make events more fun and exciting for console Adventurers. For the event starting on May 31, we have made some changes to the events, taking into account your gameplay situations. We will strive to provide you with a more abundant and enjoyable environment.

Thank you.


Obtain [Event] Rare Enhancement Material Box by Fighting, Gathering and Fishing.
But this time, item drop rate has doubled!

[Event] Rare Enhancement Material Box

Obtain some of the following according to a set probability:

- Advice of Valks (+60)
- Advice of Valks (+30)
- [Event] Artisan's Memory
- Memory Fragment x1-5
- Sharp Black Crystal Shard x1-5
- Hard Black Crystal Shard x1-5
- Black Stone (Weapon) x1-3
- Black Stone (Armor) x1-3


Obtain Jetina's Golden Seal
for playing 60 minutes!

Obtain all of the following
for playing 60 minutes every day!

[Event] Jetina's
Golden Seal

Old Moon Fortune Scroll

[Event] Magical Elixir

High-Quality Draught Box

3 Advice items

Black Spirit's Dice


Awakened Saunil
Siege Captain Summon Scroll

Secret Book of Florin




Daily Special event
one more time!

[Event] Blessing of
Old Moon Pack

[Event] Shakatu's
Shiny Box (Combat)

Cron Stone

Obtain rewards by logging in every day!

There are more rewards when purchasing the Daily Pass!


And there will be other events as well!

Coming Soon!


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