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GM Notes [GM Note] The Do Wielder of the Enlightened Flames, Maegu
Black Desert 2023-09-27 00:00

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The Do Wielder of the Enlightened Flames, Maegu
Awakening Maegu can now use the Foxtail Fans as a conduit to harness the power of the Fox Spirit's flames,
Unfolding the fans in both hands, she engages in close-quarter combat with her enemies in beautiful and graceful movements, swirling foxfire with each twirl, as if performing a classical dance.

Enhanced by this power, she can swiftly evade enemy attacks while smoothly chaining her own,
The radiant and captivating beauty of her foxfire will be the last spectacle her enemies will ever see!

Combat Style, Melee

Maegu now fully embraces the revered Fox Spirit, becoming very proficient in close combat.
By calling the Fox Spirit from the fox's eye, she can enhance her skills' effectiveness!

[Main Skill] Emberclaw Slash - Flow: Emberclaw Sweep

Call upon the revered fox spirit through the fox's eye and bind it to the foxfire of your foxtail fans The spiritforged foxfire becomes sharp claws that slash through enemies.


[Main Skill] Emberclaw Finale

When the revered fox spirit is reflected in the fox eye, the presence of the spirit makes the surrounding enemies feel intimidated. Then, imitate the claws of the fox spirit with the spiritforged foxfire and sweep away the enemies in front of you.

[Main Skill] Foxflare Ambush

Quickly surround yourself with foxfire and leap into the air to aim for the enemy’s back.

[Main Skill] Twirling Rhapsody

Rotate in an elegant dance and charge into the enemy’s side, striking them.


Awakening Weapon, Foxtail Fans

A new weapon unfolds in Maegu’s splendid gestures,
The powers summoned by the Foxtail Fans will defeat the enemies that interfere.

[PVE Basic Combo]

Foxflare Stroke (↓+ R2/RT)

Foxflare Fleche (R2/RT)

Emberclaw Slash (L2/LT + R1/RB)

Flow: Emberclaw Sweep (Hold R1/RB)

Emberclaw Finale (L2/LT + L1/LB)

Emberclaw Torrent (L2/LT + R2/RT)

Twirling Foxflare (L2/LT + ◯/B)

Flow: Foxflare Encore (Hold ◯/B)

Foxflare Ambush


What kind of story is hidden behind Maegu,
who ignited the enlightened flames?

Meet the awakened Maegu
who has attained new powers on October 4 (Wed).



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