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Pearl Shop [Pearl Shop] [New Outfit] Wonderland - October 18, 2023
Black Desert 2023-10-16 00:00

Where a savory aroma teases the nose

Where does the timepiece-clad Choppy hop
so merrily beneath the crimson full moon's glow?


Chase after the Choppy, down into the well,
falling down... down... into an endless abyss below...


Upon awakening, the Choppy is nowhere to be seen,
but towering trees and speckled toadstools surround.


A savory aroma teases the nose, follow the scent
to a most delightful tea-party, set before a cozy abode.

A gentleman in a striking suit of violet hue,



A maiden in a gown of sky-blue hue,


And...what's this...


a feline friend?



"Look yonder! Another wanderer from the woods draws near! to nibble on mushrooms, I fear. Stop them!"


From afar, the mushroom spirits hasten,
for the tea-drinking trio now welcome in Polly's Forest,
had first devoured the mushrooms under Weenie's watchful eye.


Having savored their leisurely afternoon, as is their wont,
the three gradually awaken the mushrooms of Polly's Forest,
to assist Weenie, the culinary master of mushroom fare.


For a spoonful of Weenie's renowned mushroom soup
is all it takes to embark on a truly wondrous escapade!

Release Date Classes
October 18, 2023 (Wed)     All Classes

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