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Updates [Update] November 1 (Wed) Update Notice (Modified: 2023-11-21 08:00 UTC)
Black Desert 2023-10-31 00:00
Hello Adventurers, Black Desert Console Service Team.

We're informing you of the latest update applied after the scheduled maintenance on Wednesday, Nov 1.

Today's update brings Drill Sergeant of Battle Arena, Imperial Steed, ship contents, quests for Khan's Heart, and more.
We hope these help you embark on better adventures in game, Adventurers!



New Addition & Improvements

All Classes
To aid adventurers in their neverending quest to be the very best, we decided to make some improvements to the drill sergeants located within the Battle Arena. These drill sergeants will now offer training at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, which will affect how quickly they recover from debuffs such as from Knockdown - they might quickly stand up or even counter with a debuff of their own after recovery. We hope this aids our adventurers in testing out their own unique combos in the arena.

Battle Arena Drill Sergeants
  • Drill sergeants of the battle arena are now better equipped to help adventurers train their combat prowess.
Hit Detection Effects
  • Improved the drill sergeants of the battle arena to help practice combos by visibly displaying attack decision effects.
    • Practicing with drill sergeants will now display hit detection effects such as Down Attack, Back Attack, Critical Hits, etc.,
Training Levels
  • Added beginner, intermediate, and advanced training levels to the drill sergeants.
    • You will find drill sergeants with the appropriate training level in their titles.
Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Stands up slower than normal after a Knockdown debuff. Gets up quicker after a Knockdown debuff. Gets up quicker after a Knockdown debuff, and counters with a debuff of their own. (Stun → Knockback)

Character Fixes & Changes
  • [Dark Knight] Dark Shadow - Fixed the issue where the All DP increase buff didn't refresh and would fade while maintaining the skill with your vediant.
  • [Guardian] Prime: Savage Hack - Fixed the issue where you would perform the skill's attack 1 when comboing from a continuous Prime: Boulder Crush.
  • [Shai] Sun, Moon, Stars, Time to Shine!, Shout to the Sky, Summer Rain - Fixed the issue where the skill effects would not refresh for Shais in the same party or platoon.
    • The Shai equipped with the higher-enhanced Sol will overwrite the buffs of other Shais by performing these skills.




Otterworldy Threat of the Vellonia Merchants - Khan, Oquilla's Eye (Khan's Heart)

Khan, Oquilla's Eye, is one of the guild raid bosses that require much teamwork and cooperation to take down. To make such guild activities bear more meaning, we decided to add a special questline. Now when you tackle on this guild raid boss each week, we hope these quests will help foster further growth between you and your fellow guildies.
  • Curio, head of the Vellonia Otter Merchants Union, is said to be troubled by the damage wrought by Khan of Oquilla's Eye.
    • Apparently Curio and the Vellonia Otter Merchants have been researching "Khan's Dim Magic" from a non-alchemic approach for quite some time now.
    • Khan's Dim Magic
      • Collect all 3 Khan's Dim Magic rewarded from completing the "Otterly-concerned Vellonia Merchants (I to III)" quests, then use them as a replacement for 1 Khan's Concentrated Magic for crafting one Khan's Heart: Destruction/Protection/Life.
Quest Objective Reward
[Crossroad] [Difficulty 0 to 3]
Otterly-concerned Vellonia Merchants I
(Once per Family)
Defeat Khan of the appropriate difficulty
Khan's Dim Magic x1
[Crossroad] [Difficulty 0 to 3]
Otterly-concerned Vellonia Merchants II
(Once per Family)
Defeat Khan of the appropriate difficulty
Khan's Dim Magic x1
[Crossroad] [Difficulty 0 to 3]
Otterly-concerned Vellonia Merchants III
(Once per Family)
Defeat Khan of the appropriate difficulty
Khan's Dim Magic x1
  • You must defeat the Khan matching the accepted quest's difficulty level.
    • You cannot change the difficulty once the guild boss has been summoned.
    • You cannot proceed with all "Otterly-concerned Vellonia Merchants (I to III)" quests at the same time, nor can you complete them out of order.

  • Added new recipes to craft Khan's Heart (Destruction/Protection/Life) with Khan's Dim Magic.
    • You can craft Khan's Heart (Destruction/Protection/Life) with 3 Khan's Dim Magic via Simple Alchemy.

Khan's Heart: Destruction

Khan's Heart: Protection

Khan's Heart: Life

[Current Recipe]
Khan's Concentrated Magic x1
Alchemy Stone Shard x400
Magical Shard x200
Trace of Chaos x100

[Added Recipe]
Khan's Dim Magic x3
Alchemy Stone Shard x400
Magical Shard x200
Trace of Chaos x100

[Current Recipe]
Khan's Concentrated Magic x1
Alchemy Stone Shard x400
Magical Shard x200
Trace of Despair x100

[Added Recipe]
Khan's Dim Magic x3
Alchemy Stone Shard x400
Magical Shard x200
Trace of Despair x100

[Current Recipe]
Khan's Concentrated Magic x1
Alchemy Stone Shard x400
Magical Shard x200
Trace of Forest x100

[Added Recipe]
Khan's Dim Magic x3
Alchemy Stone Shard x400
Magical Shard x200
Trace of Forest x100

Mount Recovery (Repair) Item Cooldown

  • Reduced the cooldown for using mount recovery (repair) items: 5 min → 1 min
Horse, Donkey, Miniature Elephant - Carrot, High-Quality Carrot, Special Carrot, Carrot Confit, [Oasis] Carrot
Camel - Dried Briar, Acacia Leaf, High-Quality Acacia Leaf, Special Acacia Leaf
Wagon - Wagon Repair Kit, High-Quality Wagon Repair Kit

Imperial Steed

  • Added the Imperial Steed which can be birthed according to a set probability when breeding horses at the stable.
    • "Imperial Steeds" have undergone a strict set of regulations imparted by the Stonetail Horse Club and are worthy of bearing the stature of the Imperial Court.
    • Imperial Steed foals certified by the Stonetail Horse Club are born with the "Imperial Stature" skill already learned.
      • The Imperial Steed cannot learn any other skill than "Imperial Stature."
    • The Imperial Steed cannot be exchanged, nor registered to be sold on the Horse or Breeding Markets.
    • The Imperial Steed can be reared up to Lv. 15 for the sole purpose of Imperial Delivery.
    • Deliver a well-grown Imperial Steed to the Imperial Court to obtain approx. 120 million Silver along with other rewards
    • You can obtain all the following items as rewards.
Obtained Item No. Usage

Mythical Feather
10 Mythical Horse

Flower of Oblivion

Royal Fern Root

Stonetail Fodder
20 Awaken Dream Horse attempt
(Courser Training)

Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast

Pure Forest Breath

Rainbow Gem Fruit

Breezy Conch Seaweed

Deep Blue Hoof Root

Golden Seal - [Imperial Training]
8 Exchange for items

Wind Spirit Stone Fragment
50 Craft Horse Gear and others

Earth Spirit Stone Fragment

Water Spirit Stone Fragment
    • The higher the tiers and levels of the parent horses, the greater the chance to breed an Imperial Steed.
      • Your parent horses' levels will only increase your chances to birth an Imperial Steed up to Lv. 30. A parent horse at Lv. 31 has the same chance to birth an Imperial Steed as a parent horse at Lv. 30.
    • Your Training Level and Mastery do not affect your chances to breed an Imperial Steed.
    • You can only obtain an Imperial Steed through horse breeding. You cannot exchange horses to obtain an Imperial Steed.
    • You cannot use Mount Brand Spell Stone, Mount Skill Change Coupon, Mount Skill Selection Coupon, Mount Skill Training Coupon, Mount All Skill Training Coupon, Horse Appearance Change Coupon, Premium Horse Appearance Change Coupon, Reset Mount Growth, or Mount Name Change Coupon on an Imperial Steed.

Kamasylvia Castle and O'dyllita Castle (Modified)

  • As the Oracle of Sylvia, bestowed upon the Prophet Tulid, spreads, clouds of war begin to gather over Kamasylvia and O'dyllita, the homelands of the Ganelle and Vedir.
    • When the Ahibs of Thornwood Castle in O'dyllita began to take action under the name of , the Ganelles of Kamasylvia also unveiled , which had been concealed by the power of the rekindled Kamasylve's Light.

  • Improved fishing while seated in a fisher's chair so you can now use certain consumable items.




Masterpiece: Treasure Furniture

  • Patrigio, the Head of the Crow Merchants Guild in Crow's Nest, the mysterious island covered in fog, has started to show interest in a new treasure.
    • Show the following items to Patrigio in Crow's Nest and accept the quest "The Treasure's True Owner."
      • Krogdalo's Sanctuary
      • Patrigio in Crow's Nest can be found during the questline "Crow's Nest" under Quests - Suggested - [The Great Expedition] Crow's Nest, Misty Island of Mystery.

The Treasure's True Owner: Krogdalo's Sanctuary

  • Show "Krogdalo's Sanctuary" to Patrigio in Crow's Nest to obtain the Masterpiece: Krogdalo's Sanctuary.
    • For Krogdalo's Sanctuary, you can acquire the "Celestial Pathfinder" title once you obtain the treasure.
Masterpiece: Krogdalo's Sanctuary
  • Changed some of the following seed prices sold by Noyoung the seed vendor.
    • Perilla Seed: 3,140 Silver → 4,480 Silver
    • Rice Seed: 1,440 Silver → 5,230 Silver
      • Seed bundle prices containing the aforementioned seeds have been adjusted accordingly.




  • Removed some of the Mine Imps' spawn locations to prevent them from interfering with adventurers progressing through Northern Heidel Quarry quests.
  • Relocated some Saunil patrols in the Saunil Camp to no longer harass auto-navigating Adventurers.



Quest & Knowledge

  • Improved characters progressing through simplified main questlines to now be able to proceed with the following quests.
    • Investigating Rumors, Calpheon Resource Report
  • Improved the speaking and motion animations of characters during the Maegu and Woosa Awakening questlines to appear more natural.
  • Fixed the camera effects to make the cutscenes appear more natural during the [Woosa Awakening] Fox's Gift II and [Maegu Awakening] Fox's Gift II quests.
  • Added a speech bubble to Mister Turt during the What the Dead Fox Left Behind quest of the Tale of Imoogi in the Land of the Morning Light.




Finding the Nearest Silver Buff NPC

Many adventurers who sought to purchase "Church buffs" would have to search for the name of specific NPCs in town each time. We implemented an entry to the "Find NPC" (magnifying glass icon) function so you can find the nearest Silver buff NPC with the press of a button.
  • Added a button to find the nearest Silver buff NPC via the Find NPC function.
    • Go to Main Menu > Function > Find NPC where you will find the "Silver (Church) Buffs" button. Press it to navigate to the closest NPC offering Silver buffs.
  • Improved the layout of the guild invite window to now include a button to switch between multiple guild invites.
  • Added a special effect to be displayed in the barter window when a special barter occurs.

When riding on your boat to go barter or sail, your navigation would end up displaying irregularly and would force you to reset it. We decided to fix that.
  • Fixed the issue where riding your boat after setting up your navigation to a target in the sea or an isle wouldn't update your navigation correctly.
  • Added mention of Season Gift Exchange Coupons to the description of Evergreen Season Pass - Leveling Up, One Step at a Time! 2.
  • Changed the content displayed on the UI upon completing the Season Pass to graduate.
  • [Black Shrine] Changed the Black Shrine UI to now display the selected boss' difficulty below the description.
  • Improved the enhancement UI screen so that "Another Adventurer's Choice" to be connected to "Select Advice of Valks."
  • Added a button to the Black Spirit's Adventure board to take you to the Ancient Black Spirit's Adventure board when the event is ongoing.
  • Improved so closing will only close the opened "How to Play," "Rewards," or "Arcana window for the Black Spirit's Adventure.
  • Changed the image that appears during game loading.




  • Due to summertime ending, the NA/EU Node/Conquest War, Tribute Wagon, and World Boss spawn times have been changed by 1 hour.



Changes & Fixes

  • [Sage] Fixed the issue of the arms looking unnatural when sitting after wearing the Lovely Bloom Armor.
  • [Woosa, Maegu] Fixed the issue where wearing the Marnist Outfit displayed portions of the outfit abnormally.
  • Fixed the issue where your sub-weapon appeared abnormal when wearing the [Woosa] Ram Horn Witch Outfit.
  • [Maegu] Fixed the issue where the character appears awkward when wearing Salanar Armor on certain body shapes.
  • [Shai] Fixed the issue where certain parts were dyed like a metallic material when having a Lovely Bloom Helmet equipped.
  • [Shai] Fixed the issue where shadows appeared on the character's face in customization when you apply tattoo 11.
  • [Maehwa] Fixed the issue where the Special Actions of Wonderland outfit were displayed abnormally.
  • [Nova, Corsair] Fixed the issue where wearing the Marnist/Wonderland Outfit would display an abnormal idle motion.
  • [Lahn] Fixed the issue where you couldn't register the Kibelius Crimson Glaives obtained from opening the Kibelius Premium Set.
  • Fixed the issue where purchasing furniture from the Pearl Shop while your Inventory was open wouldn't refresh your Pearls displayed in your Inventory window.
  • Fixed the issue where Wild Herb spawned inside a boulder in a certain part of the Asula Highlands.
  • Fixed the unnatural background of the following residences.
    • Fixed the unnatural background of the following residences.
    • Heidel 8-1, Rm. 3: entrance
    • Calpheon East Gate 8, 1F: floor
  • Changed the voice line of Eileen for the quest "[LoML] A Step Further" that adventurers who started in Land of the Morning Light need to complete to cross over to the main continent.
  • Fixed the issue where the quest objective didn't match the location marked on the map for the Balenos-located "A Wealth-Bringing Production" quest.
  • Matched the Rock Head Bison's knowledge icon with its actual spawning location on the World Map.
  • Fixed the issue where using parenthesis while searching in the Menu would prevent any search.
  • Fixed the issue where attempting to remove an indomitable flag would display "Remove Fort/Command Post."
  • Fixed the unnatural background of a certain fountain in Calpheon City.
  • Fixed the issue where Silver instead of Crow Coins would be displayed in the Buyback tab of the Crow Coin Shop.
  • Fixed the issue where installment selection was sometimes canceled in certain situations during the Place Mode in residences.
  • Fixed the issue where your newly-created season character would automatically graduate after leaving the server selection window if you hadn't logged in for 180 days or more.
  • Corrected the navigation guidance to Zya, the Old Moon Manager of Grána City.

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