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Pearl Shop [Pearl Shop] [New Outfit] Lath'rakan - November 8, 2023
Black Desert 2023-11-06 00:00

Blood heirs of valiant dragon knights




In a world where dragons reigned supreme,
Under the shadow, black and extreme,

The world that shook in helpless fear, 
Has long since drawn its final tear.

Many a knight, in battles so grand,
Laid down their lives to defend the land,
Their bloodline lives, in heroes so brave,
Echoing tales of battles they gave.

To the remaining dragons, a nightmare they seem,
Almost as if, of two dragons they dream.

Golden dragon, Labreska's fame,
No dragon dared, to its power lay claim,
Even challenged the power of gods, they say,
Moves with grace, in armor and blade, come what may.
Its presence reminds of a time so fine,
When Labreska hunted its own kind, in line.

Black dragon, Markthanan, known to all
Slaughtered humans, made Drieghan fall,
If such knights of strength and zeal were near,
The battles with Sherekhan and Markthanan would easily clear.

As the moon hides behind the cloud's haze
Darkness blankets both land and skyways,
A brilliant strike breaks the night's trance,

In a blink, the great dragon falls, at the knight's stance.

In a forest where dragon's roar ceased to be,
Only the stars shine, in silent decree.



Release Date Classes
November 8, 2023 Drakania, Guardian, Nova, Valkyrie


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