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Events [Winners Announcements] Introducing Black Desert Console Content Creators!
Black Desert 2024-05-06 12:00

Content Creators

Meet the official partners of Black Desert!

Live stream

[EN] PanicXen   
Hello! I'm Xen, a long time shotcaller in both NW and Siege. My content focuses on the day-to-day progression of a member of the console BDO community with a healthy blend of PvP and PvE!

[EN] Ocean0Bluu   
Looking for a place to relax? Cafe Sea Bunny will take care of your every need! (with lots of chill vibes and a hint of Node War and Siege Chaos!)

[EN] NetError   
Firing fireworks on Velia beach, Waving a flag on the rooftop of broken dreams, if you love enhancing, you've found the right place.

[EN/ES] PapiAvatar   
Warrior OONGABOONGA HARD IN THE PAINT on PVE, PVP! Estamos Unidos en BDO! Viva La Raza

[FR] ElfyClem   
Salut et bienvenue dans le monde du lifeskill ( métiers) dans Black Desert

[EN] JR3Y    
I play Musa and Maehwa 

[PT] RobertoAgras  
Olá meus amigos, eu sou Roberto Agra! No Black Desert Console, tento passar toda minha experiência focada em Grind e Encantamentos! Venha rir conosco!

[EN] Whirl  
Hi, It’s Whirl! See me flying around your local RBF or helping out in the BDC discord server. I make Lahn YouTube videos and stream daily on Twitch!

[EN] Blazian
Blazian here! BDO Console player since launch. Passionate about PVP/PVE, gearing up, and mastering life-skilling. Join me for tips and camaraderie!

[EN] Reform   
Hi I'm Reformed! I cover almost every aspect of content in BDO! I am always aiming toward growth, upgrades, learning something new and helping anyone, if I can, at the same time. Come hang out with me!

[TH/EN] Sdoria  
ดีจ้า! I'm a bilingual streamer, ไทย and English. I stream at least twice a week to show what's new on each update and my daily life in Asia server.

Hi, I am Kroc, I am a retired army vet. I try to promote laughter, positivity, and entertainment. Tune in if you are having a bad day and I promise to brighten it up.

Welcome everyone, LiveFrmDaToilet here I mainly PVP and grind in my spare time if you are looking for chill vibes and great laughter then this is the place for you. See you guys soon.

[EN] Mizz Kontagious  
Hey it's MK , I am Chill, Friendly, & One of a kind Content Creator. My stream based around Lifeskilling, Helping New & Old Players. Hopefully I can see you soon! ~ MK ~

[EN] Raidelo  

[EN] Zecct  
Hey guys Zecct here, I am mostly active on YouTube and here you can find all sorts of PVP content, tournaments, and events. Have fun and see you there!


* Click on the Twitch or YouTube icon to check out the Content Creator's channel.


Hello Buddiessss!!! This friendly bilingual French Canadian will show you all there is know about enhancing, grinding, lifeskilling and pvping.

[EN] Weay      
I'm Weay, an Awakening Maegu main. I post PVP Montages, Guides, and Character Creation videos (Drip is Important)

[EN] XTER   
Hello my name is XTER I am a multi class montage creator I also love to help with any knowledge of the classes I play and make guides

Creador contenido con varios cientos de videos comunidad hispanohablante siempre disfrutando con todos los avances y contenido del juego

[FR] SmoKeHeCate
Hello! I am SmoKeHeCate, a YouTuber and Twitch streamer. I create PVP montages with themes taken from anime! Welcome and have a great time!

[ES] Solo Quak Quak  
Hello, I'm Quak! I've been passionate about Black Desert for two years, and currently, I create content in Spanish about the game. I'm here to help and share our passion for this fascinating world!

[EN] X3noPain  
I am an Awakening Drakania Main and do guides/tutorials on everything  PVE, Lifeskill and a little bit of PVP. I also love reading up on the lore of Black Desert. Your homie X3noPain out, peace ^_^

[EN] Lord Squidius  
My name is Squid and I like Warrior

* Click on the Twitch or YouTube icon to check out the Content Creator's channel.


Want to become a Black Desert Content Creator?




- Should any selected Adventurer as a content creator be found lacking in activity or engaging in inappropriate chat/behavior, their content creator status may be revoked and any provided support materials subject to recall.
- Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change or cancel the event depending on mitigating circumstances. Any changes will be announced on this event page and will not be given separate notices.
- Accounts found breaching terms and conditions before the reward distribution may face disqualification and forfeiture of the prize, even post-win.
- For any questions or concerns regarding the event, please contact us via [Support].
- Any content not mentioned on this page is subject to the [Black Desert Event Rules].

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