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Updates [Update] November 15 (Wed) Update Notice (Last Updated: 11/30/2023 14:10 UTC)
Black Desert 2023-11-14 00:00
Hello Adventurers, This is the Black Desert Console Service Team.

We're informing you of the latest update applied after the scheduled maintenance on Wednesday, Nov 15.

Today's update brings Alchemy improvement, Board/Disembark functions, crystal presets improvement, and more.
We hope these help you embark on better adventures in game, Adventurers!



Alchemy Life Skill

Today's update brought an increase to the supply of core materials used for Alchemy activities, such as Trace, Sap, Powder, etc..

One only needs to look at the data of just how many Trace, Sap, Fruits, and other related materials are produced and consumed in the world of Black Desert to realize their importance.

There are many materials accumulating daily in the world of Black Desert, and yet, not all of them are not being sold on the Central Market at the current price..
We felt that there are two main reasons for the aforementioned occurrence.

Firstly, materials that have no current use are wasting away in adventurers' storage/warehouse.
Secondly, materials with rather low Silver on the Central Market are wasting away in adventurers' storage/warehouse.

To resolve such cases mentioned above,
and to encourage Central Market sales of materials not currently-in-use, a base price hike may be required,
but if we were to increase the prices of such materials used for Life Skills, this would also influence the prices of products produced with such materials (i.e. elixirs) and would increase the financial burden for all adventurers.

And so, we felt it best to increase the supply, especially in the amount gathered and by adding new sources.
We will continue to monitor this situation, and make adjustments where necessary to steady the supply, as one of the related goals of this update is also to stabilize the pricing of elixir items.

Furthermore, once a certain level of stabilization has been achieved, we plan to make adjustments to Imperial Delivery where applicable.
We ask that you continue to send us your feedback, and we will continue to deliberate and make adjustments that will be favorable to both Alchemy and Central Market-frequenting adventurers alike.

Trace Items

One of the core materials for Alchemy Life activities are Trace items, and we've increased the sources and amounts gathered. Now you can gather increased amounts of these materials from production nodes, and also gain some more by completing bonus quests that randomly appear during Alchemy activities. Trace item drops from defeating monsters have also been increased, as well as through Gathering activities. Supply from Hunting, Alchemy, Gathering, and Manufacturing Nodes have also been increased. We hope this overall increase of sources and supply of Trace items will help lessen the burden of Alchemy Life activities for all adventurers.

Production Nodes

  • Doubled the amount of Trace items obtainable from the following production nodes.
    • Trace items obtainable from Haemo Island, Dokkebi Forest, Beombawi Valley, and Golden Pig Cave production nodes have been quintupled.
Trace of Origin Trace of Memory Trace of the Earth Trace of Ascension
Glish Ruins
Fountain of Origin
Sherekhan Necropolis
Haemo Island
Pilgrim's Sanctum: Humility
Ancient Stone Chamber
Ancient Ruins Excavation Site
Dokkebi Forest
Beombawi Valley
Ancient Stone Chamber
Dokkebi Forest
Trace of Hunting Trace of Forest Trace of Savagery Trace of Battle
Glish Ruins
Lynch Farm Ruins
Bernianto Farm
Rhua Tree Stub
Tooth Fairy Forest
Lynch Farm Ruins
Golden Pig Cave
Crypt of Resting Thoughts
Bernianto Farm
Trace of Despair Trace of Death Trace of Violence Trace of Chaos
Mansha Forest
Rhua Tree Stub
Star's End Star's End
Mountain of Division
Mansha Forest
Ancient Ruins Excavation Site

Bonus Quests

  • Increased the amount of Trace items obtainable from completing the [Bonus] A Simple Test from Dalishain I quest that appears when conducting Simple Alchemy with Blood, Oil, Perfume, Elixir, and Essence items: Trace items x300 → x500
Quest Requirement Rewards
[Bonus] A Simple Test from Dalishain I Make Legendary Beast's Blood x40

Basic Reward
- 500 Contribution EXP

Completion Reward (Select one)
- Trace of Ascension x500
- Trace of Violence x500
- Trace of the Earth x500
- Trace of Despair x500
- Trace of Forest x500
- 80,000 Alchemy EXP

Make Sinner's Blood x40

Basic Reward
- 500 Contribution EXP

Completion Reward (Select one)
- Trace of Battle x500
- Trace of Death x500
- Trace of Origin x500
- Trace of Wave x500
- 80,000 Alchemy EXP

Make Clown's Blood x40

Basic Reward
- 500 Contribution EXP

Completion Reward (Select one)
- Trace of Savagery x500
- Trace of Memory x500
- Trace of Chaos x500
- Trace of Hunting x500
- 80,000 Alchemy EXP

Gathering Trade Goods Deleted, Trace Items from Gathering Added

Trade goods obtainable from Gathering activities varied depending on the type and/or characteristic of the engaged Gathering activity itself. However, with no significant change in their price after a long period of time, it's lost most of its original meaning. We thought of adjusting the pricing of these trade goods, or even their usage, but since Gathering adventurers place higher value in the weight of items occupied in their inventory, we felt that with trade goods being innately heavy in-game made the acquisition of such trade goods through Gathering activities hindered the main occupation of such adventurers. Hence, we came to the conclusion that it be for the best that we delete trade goods acquired from Gathering activities, and decided to add Trace items as an additional and more meaningful reward worthy of Life Skilling adventurers' efforts.
  • Added different Trace items to be obtainable from different Gathering activities.
    • The following Trace items can be gathered from the following Gathering activities.
Mining Jewel Embedded Stone Removed, Trace of the Earth Added
Hoe Gathering Female Kermes Removed, Trace of Forest Added
Lumbering or Collecting Sap Intact Insect Amber Removed, Trace of Ascension Added
Collecting Blood Crystalized Blood Removed, Trace of Memory Added
Butchering Well-polished Sole Removed, Trace of Death Added
Tanning Well-polished Sole Removed, Trace of Savagery Added
    • Gathering EXP previously obtained from acquiring Gathering trade goods will now be awarded when acquiring a Trace item from Gathering.
    • Trace item drop rates from Gathering activities are affected by pets with the Special Skill "Gathering Amount Increase" (i.e. Hedgehog).
      • Changed certain quests that required the now removed Gathering trade goods to now require the Fairy's Breath item.
      • Unified the daily Gathering quests offered by Liana into one general Gathering quest.
      • Depending on the level, the quest will require 1 to 5 Fairy's Breath for completion.

Sap Items

Sap is one of base resources you encounter when first dabbling in Alchemy activities, and so we decided to increase its supply as well. This change will most definitely increase the amount obtainable from production nodes, as well as the actual base amount initially gathered. For additional fun, we made Afuaru also try his hand in Life Skilling, as you will be able to randomly encounter him collecting sap in the field (and take his sap by defeating him) as well. Now when you'll need more materials for mass processing recipes, we hope that you won't remain scrounging through Central Market orders but try your hand in the new and diverse ways to acquire more sap by your own means.

Production Nodes

  • Increased the amount of sap items obtainable from the following production nodes.
    • Maple & Pine Sap: Approx. increased by 1.5 times
    • Other Sap: Approx. increased by 2 times
Thornwood Sap Loopy Tree Sap Maple Sap Elder Tree Sap
Thornwood Forest
Shiv Valley Road
Loopy Tree Forest Castle Ruins
Mediah Northern Highlands
Beombawi Valley
Gorgo Rock Belt
Veteran's Canyon
Iris Canyon
Ash Sap Cedar Sap Cactus Sap  
Ehwaz Hill Longleaf Tree Forest Pilgrim's Haven
Northern Sand Dune
Pine Sap Acacia Sap Palm Sap Moss Tree Sap
Marie Cave
Khimut Lumber Camp
Bomnae County
Honglim Base
Stonetail Wasteland Titium Valley Shady Tree Forest
Birch Sap Fir Sap Thuja Sap White Cedar Sap
Bree Tree Ruins
Khimut Lumber Camp
Mansha Forest
Dormann Lumber Camp
Phoniel's Cabin
Dormann Lumber Camp Elric Shrine
Mediah Northern Highlands

Gathering Activities - Basic Amount

  • Increased the basic amount of the following sap obtainable from Gathering activities.
    • x2-4 → x3-5
      • At 2,000 Life Skill Mastery, you'll obtain x10-20 → x15-25 sap.
Sap with Increased Gathering Amount
Ash Sap
Maple Sap
Pine Sap
Birch Sap
Fir Sap
Cedar Sap
White Cedar Sap
Acacia Sap
Elder Tree Sap
Palm Sap
Cactus Sap
Moss Tree Sap
Loopy Tree Sap
Thuja Sap
Thornwood Sap

Gathering Activities - Afuaru

  • With profits worsening from graverobbing, Afuaru has decided to try his hand at collecting sap.
    • Now when you are collecting sap, you will randomly encounter Afuaru.
    • Greedy for profit, Afuaru has been utilizing environmentally-hazardous means to collect more sap. Teach him a lesson and you'll be able to relieve him of his ill-gotten gains.
      • Afuaru is not affected by your Life Skill Mastery, nor will spawn during the Green Artisan minigame.
      • You will need to teach Afuaru a lesson within 3 minutes, or he will run away.
      • Only one type of Afuaru can spawn at any given point in an area.

Fruit Items

In the world of alchemy, fruits stand as a pivotal ingredient, chiefly sourced from farming and gathering. If you have a penchant for farming, the increased yield allows you to amass more fruits. Those looking to secure an abundant supply of fruits can do so by utilizing Mysterious Seeds. Additionally, when using a hoe for gathering, you can collect a diverse array of fruits, making it easier to obtain this crucial ingredient for your alchemical pursuits.

Mysterious Seed

  • Increased the amount of obtainable fruits by 1.5 times from Plant Breeding using the Mysterious Seed.


  • Increased the amount of obtainable fruits from Plant Breeding by 1.33 times.


  • Increased the probability of obtaining all types of fruits through hoe gathering by 1.7 times.
    • However, the number of fruits obtained through Buried Trace remains unchanged.

Alchemy Byproduct (Mysterious Catalyst) → Powder Item Exchange

Among the basic materials, powder items are readily available in substantial quantities through production nodes. To address specific alchemical needs or unforeseen situations, a new exchange system has been introduced, allowing you to temporarily acquire powder items using Mysterious Catalysts.
  • Added an exchange system to allow the exchange of powder items with the "Mysterious Catalyst", which can be obtained when performing alchemy.
Required Item Exchange Item
Mysterious Catalyst x10 ▼ Select one of the following for exchange:
Powder of Flame x200
Powder of Rifts x200
Powder of Earth x200
Powder of Time x200
Shining Powder x5

Unintended Byproducts During Alchemy

The inclusion of a probability-based system in alchemy, resulting in the acquisition of various items during synthesis, was initiated to enhance alchemy's characteristic of producing a diverse range of items. Nevertheless, the current demand for significant inventory and storage space to engage in alchemy has introduced an additional hurdle. To mitigate this, less versatile items like Wheat Flour and Deep Frying Oil have been streamlined, and more valuable items with greater utility have been introduced for acquisition.
  • Added and removed the following items among the unintended byproducts that can be obtained when performing alchemy..
Removed Items Wheat Flour, Deep Frying Oil, Destruction/Guardian/Life Spirit Stone (green/blue grade)
Melted Gold Shard, Gold Ingot, Broken Alchemy Stone Shard, Tenacious Origin of Life
Added Items Unknown Seed, Remnants of Burnt Spirits, Alchemy Stone Shard, Dead Tree Essence
  • Adjusted the probability of obtaining the following unintended byproducts as a result of removing some unintended byproducts:
    • Cron Stone, Memory Fragment, Hard Black Crystal Shard, Gold Bar 10G, Rough Opulent Crystal, Ancient Spirit Dust, Metal Solvent, Gem Polisher, Clear Liquid Reagent, Pure Powder Reagent, Oil of Regeneration, Oil of Storms, Oil of Corruption, Oil of Tranquility, Gold Bar 1G, Black Stone (Weapon), Black Stone (Armor).

Unknown Seed

We've broadened the sources for obtaining one of the rarest materials in alchemy, the Truffle Mushroom. Previously, it could only be found through Gathering in specific locations or monster zones. Now, you have the option to grow Truffle Mushroom Hypha to obtain mushrooms.

However, considering the rarity of this material, preserving its scarcity is crucial. Thus, we've designed the Truffle Mushroom Hypha to prevent Plant Breeding, allowing only Harvesting.

Given its low probability of acquisition during alchemy, we anticipate that avid alchemists will naturally come across and utilize it.

  • During alchemy synthesis, there is a low probability of obtaining Unknown Seeds.
    • By performing Simple Alchemy with 1 Unknown Seed and 1 Truffle Mushroom, you can obtain Truffle Mushroom Hypha.
    • Truffle Mushroom Hypha takes up 10 grids in the garden and cannot be bred.
    • Truffle Mushroom Hypha can only be harvested once when fully grown.
      • When harvested, a large amount of Truffle Mushrooms can be obtained.
    • On average, you can obtain 60 Truffle Mushrooms when harvesting Truffle Mushroom Hypha.
    • You can obtain White Truffle Mushrooms according to a set probability.

White Truffle Mushroom

  • When harvesting Truffle Mushroom Hypha, there is a low chance of obtaining White Truffle Mushrooms.
    • White Truffle Mushrooms are traded at a higher price and can be used as a substitute for Truffle Mushrooms in the Elixir of Detection recipe to obtain better results.
White Truffle Mushroom [Alchemy Recipe (at least Alchemy Master 1)]
Oil of Storms x1 + Pure Powder Reagent x6 + White Truffle Mushroom x3 + Trace of Savagery x3 + Old Tree Bark x2

[Alchemy Result]
Elixir of Sharp Detection x25-35
  • Changed the icon of the Truffle Mushroom item.
    • The base price and max price for Truffle Mushroom, Unknown Seed, Truffle Mushroom Hypha, and White Truffle Mushroom in the Central Market are as follows.
Item Base Price 
Max Price
Truffle Mushroom 100,000 Silver 200,000 Silver
Unknown Seed 4,000,000 Silver 20,000,000 Silver
Truffle Mushroom Hypha 4,000,000 Silver 20,000,000 Silver
White Truffle Mushroom 3,500,000 Silver 15,000,000 Silver

Register Alchemy Materials to Central Market

We've introduced a change that allows you to list specific alchemical materials like Thick Turo Blood, Turo Heart, Abyssal Essence, and Remnants of Burnt Spirits on the Central Market.
Previously, adventurers had to venture into monster zones to collect these materials for crafting elixirs. For those who didn't practice alchemy, these materials were essentially worthless loot. Now, we've made this adjustment to benefit all adventurers by facilitating transactions on the Central Market.
  • The following items can now be registered and traded on the Central Market:
    • Thick Turo Blood, Turo Heart, Abyssal Essence, and Remnants of Burnt Spirits
Item Base Price Max Price
Thick Turo Blood 4,000,000 Silver 8,000,000 Silver
Turo Heart 7,500,000 Silver 15,000,000 Silver
Abyssal Essence 2,500,000 Silver 5,000,000 Silver
Remnants of Burnt Spirits 7,500,000 Silver 15,000,000 Silver

Everlasting Herb

  • Increased the probability of obtaining Everlasting Herb through hoe gathering by 30%.

Coral Crystal, Blue Whale Oil

  • Added the chance to obtain Coral Crystal and Blue Whale Oil when defeating the following sea monsters:
    • Candidum, Hekaru, Nineshark, Ocean Stalker, Black Rust, Saltwater Crocodile
    • [Violent] Nineshark, [Violent] Black Rust
  • Increased the probability of obtaining Coral Crystal as follows:
    • Candidum: 4.5 times
    • Nineshark: 5 times
    • [Violent] Nineshark: 1.2 times
    • Black Rust: 3.5 times
    • [Violent] Black Rust: 1.2 times
    • Saltwater Crocodile: 1.2 times
  • Added the chance to obtain Griffon Claw when defeating the following Griffons:
    • Immature Griffon, Immature King Griffon, Griffon, King Griffon
    • Ahib Griffon, [Awakened Boss] Ahib Griffon, [Darkened Boss] Ahib Griffon, [Wild] King Griffon

Alchemy Product and Ingredient Prices on the Central Market

The prices of certain items crafted through alchemy will be adjusted in order to facilitate smoother trading with the increased supply of materials. This shift is aimed at normalizing the selling prices of crafted items, which were impacted by the rising costs of primary materials in July.

Consequently, items crafted from these increased materials will offer a broader spectrum of pricing options. Furthermore, in cases where demand increases and pre-orders are made, we aim to increase the opportunities for goods to be supplied through the Central Market.

We apologize for not adequately explaining these intentions and hastily disclosing only the adjustments to the prices, causing concern among many adventurers. We will continue to make improvements to ensure that both those who want to craft elixirs and those who want to purchase them from the market can enjoy greater convenience. Thank you.

  • Changed the maximum price of the following items and materials in the Central Market.
Item Name Before After
[Party] Elixir of Frenzy 429,000 900,000
[Party] Elixir of Endless Frenzy 1,470,000 1,900,000
[Party] Elixir of Draining 398,000 800,000
[Party] Elixir of Strong Draining 600,000 1,700,000
[Party] Elixir of Death 408,000 800,000
[Party] Brutal Death Elixir 1,090,000 1,700,000
[Party] Elixir of Assassination 475,000 950,000
[Party] Elixir of Lethal Assassin 910,000 2,000,000
[Party] Elixir of Detection 1,090,000 2,200,000
[Party] Elixir of Sharp Detection 1,940,000 4,500,000
[Party] Grim Reaper's Elixir 497,000 1,000,000
[Party] Grim Soul Reaper's Elixir 800,000 2,100,000
[Party] Elixir of Carnage 505,000 1,000,000
[Party] Elixir of Brutal Carnage 960,000 2,100,000
[Party] Elixir of Sky 420,000 850,000
[Party] Merciless Sky Elixir 1,040,000 1,800,000
Elixir of Frenzy 390,000 780,000
Elixir of Endless Frenzy 1,340,000 1,660,000
Elixir of Draining 372,000 740,000
Elixir of Strong Draining 530,000 1,580,000
Elixir of Death 307,000 610,000
Brutal Death Elixir 935,000 1,320,000
Elixir of Assassination 460,000 920,000
Elixir of Lethal Assassin 825,000 1,940,000
Elixir of Detection 950,000 1,900,000
Elixir of Sharp Detection 1,820,000 3,900,000
Grim Reaper's Elixir 345,000 700,000
Grim Soul Reaper's Elixir 715,000 1,500,000
Elixir of Carnage 356,000 710,000
Elixir of Brutal Carnage 870,000 1,520,000
Elixir of Sky 481,000 960,000
Merciless Sky Elixir 945,000 2,020,000
Griffon's Elixir 254,000 1,200,000
Strong Griffon's Elixir 505,000 2,600,000
[Party] Griffon's Elixir 280,000 1,250,000
[Party] Strong Griffon's Elixir 560,000 2,700,000
Elixir of Mastery 565,000 1,130,000
Elixir of Improved Mastery 1,030,000 2,360,000
Elixir of Destruction 359,000 720,000
Elixir of Lethal Destruction 760,000 1,540,000
[Party] Elixir of Destruction 296,000 750,000
[Party] Elixir of Lethal Destruction 785,000 1,600,000
[Party] Elixir of Mastery 620,000 1,300,000
[Party] Elixir of Improved Mastery 870,000 2,700,000
Perfume of Courage 14,500,000 30,000,000
Elixir of Indignation 2,250,000 4,000,000
Sturdy Whale Tendon Potion 30,000,000 40,000,000
Spirit Essence of Wind 200,000 400,000
Cannonball 96,000 500,000
Flame Cannonball 72,000 300,000
Sturdy Forest Tread 20,000,000 30,000,000
Special Sky Mushroom 40,000 60,000
Special Bluffer Mushroom 41,500 60,000
Special Ancient Mushroom 45,000 60,000
Special Amanita Mushroom 40,500 60,000
Corrupt Oil of Immortality 28,000,000 40,000,000
Metal Solvent 450,000 1,000,000
Plywood Hardener 450,000 1,000,000
Enhanced Flax Fabric 135,000 1,500,000
Leather Glaze 450,000 1,000,000
Blue Whale Oil 16,700,000 25,000,000
Shining Powder 204,000 300,000
Griffon Claw 1,000,000 2,000,000
Black Gem Fragment 550,000 1,500,000
Black Gem 1,000,000 2,000,000
Rainbow Button Mushroom 16,000 100,000
Truffle Mushroom 100,000 200,000
Oil of Enchantment 2,560,000 15,000,000


We've added the ""Disembark"" function, which will instantly teleport your character from your ship to the nearest wharf manager.
Now when your ship is near a wharf, you'll be able to quickly move to land regardless of how many ships are anchored nearby. (Any adventurer atop your ship will be able to use this function as long as there is a wharf manager nearby.)
We've also allowed for this function to be on the Ring menu, so we hope many of our bartering-enthusiasts and partied adventurers will enjoy this quality-of(-a-pirate's)-life improvement.
  • Added the "Disembark" function to the Ring Menu
    • Any adventurer atop a ship will be able to see and use the "Disembark" function to instantly teleport on land as long as there's a wharf manager nearby.
      • If you're on the wheel, you will need to choose the Disembark once to take you off the wheel, and do it again to move to the wharf manager.
      • The Disembark function has a 5 sec cooldown before you can use it again.
  • Improved so that when you have a ship nearby, the Board widget will be displayed.
    • You can also continue to use the boarding function when you're within 0-30m of your ship.

Maids/Butlers in Atoraxxion & Pit of the Undying

We've made it so you can now employ the services of your maids and butlers within Atoraxxion and the Pit of the Undying. You can now transfer meals, elixirs, exchangeable items, and others from your storage/Central Market warehouse within these instances as you please.
  • Improved so you can now use storage/transaction maids/butlers within Atoraxxion.
    • You can employ the services of storage/transaction maids/butlers to transfer items to and from your storage/Central Market warehouse.
    • Your storage maids/butlers will access the storage of Valencia City from Atoraxxion.
      • If you've completed the Abyss One: The Magnus quests, you'll be able to access storage of other regions as well.
  • Improved so you can now use storage/transaction maids/butlers within the Pit of the Undying.
    • You can employ the services of storage/transaction maids/butlers to transfer items to and from your storage/Central Market warehouse.
    • Your storage maids/butlers will access the storage of Velia from the Pit of the Undying.



Masterpiece: Treasure Furniture

  • Patrigio, the Head of the Crow Merchants Guild in Crow's Nest, the mysterious island covered in fog, has started to show interest in a new treasure.
    • Show the following items to Patrigio in Crow's Nest and accept the quest "The Treasure's True Owner."
      • Krogdalo's Sanctuary
      • Patrigio in Crow's Nest can be found during the questline "Crow's Nest" under Quests - Suggested - [The Great Expedition] Crow's Nest, Misty Island of Mystery.

The Treasure's True Owner: Krogdalo's Sanctuary

  • Show "Krogdalo's Sanctuary" to Patrigio in Crow's Nest to obtain the Masterpiece: Krogdalo's Sanctuary.
    • For Krogdalo's Sanctuary, you can acquire the "Celestial Pathfinder" title once you obtain the treasure.
Masterpiece: Krogdalo's Sanctuary
  • Added exchange methods for the below Arms Dealer NPCs to exchange the below weapon boxes for Hunter's Seal x5. (Updated: 11/16/2023 05:00 UTC)
    • The below items are no longer available for purchase from Arms Dealer NPC shops. (excluding ones that require Amity.)
    • Added weapon box exchange info to the description of Hunter's Seal.
Location and NPC Required Items Exchange Item (Select one)
Velia Arms Dealer Alfredo
Heidel Arms Dealer Ornella
Calpheon Arms Dealer Ronatz
Altinova Arms Dealer Tulem
Hunter's Seal x5 Ain Weapon Box
Seleth Weapon Box
Kalis Weapon Box
Bares Weapon Box
Yuria Weapon Box
Krea Weapon Box
Rosar Weapon Box
Offensive Sub-weapon Box
Accuracy Sub-weapon Box
Defensive Sub-weapon Box
Krea Sub-weapon Box
Rosar Sub-weapon Box
    • Open the above weapon boxes to receive items suitable for your class.




Low-level Monster Zone Improvements

  • Increased the density of monster packs spawning in the following monster zones.
    • Bashim Base
    • Desert Naga Temple
    • Crescent Shrine
    • Roud Sulfur Mine
    • Pila Ku Jail
  • As more adventurers are coming to Titium Valley, Desert Fogan Sentries have started to stand guard by the entrance to Titium Valley in the desert.
    • Following Desert Fogans in the desert and you'll find your way to Titium Valley.

Gyfin Rhasia Temple (Upper)

  • Changed Trace of Forest to be obtained upon defeating the following monsters.
    • Gyfin Rhasia Guard
    • Gyfin Rhasia Decimator
    • Gyfin Rhasia Flamen
    • Gyfin Rhasia Crusher

Ash Forest

  • Changed the quantity of Tainted Specter's Cloth obtained when defeating Volkras or Barnas.
    • x2-4 → x3-5

Olun's Valley

  • Changed Trace of Ascension to be obtained upon defeating Olun's Golem or Golem's Left Arm.
    • Changed the quantity of Golem's Heart Fragment that can be obtained when defeating Golem's Left Arm.
    • x3 → x3-5
  • Reduced the respawn timer of monsters by 50%. (Modified)

Mirumok Destroyer Offin

  • Increased World Boss, Mirumok Destroyer Offin's HP by 50%.
  • Relocated some Saunil patrols in the Saunil Camp to no longer harass auto-navigating Adventurers.

Kratuga Ancient Ruins (Modified)

  • Reduced the number of monsters spawning in Marni's Realm by 35%.

Illezra's Dark Shadow (Modified)

  • Changed the health and attack power of Illezra's dark shadow that spawns during the succession questline of all classes as follows.
    • HP reduced by 30%.
    • AP reduced by 30%.



NPC, Background, Sound

  • Changed so that finding the nearest NPC with the repair feature from a location with a villa nearby will no longer guide you to the villa manager inside the villa where entry is not possible without a villa pass.
    • When navigating to an NPC with the repair feature in the above situation, you will be guided to an NPC located in the nearest village.
    • Villa managers inside villas can no longer repair equipment.




Pet Group Name Edit

  • Added a feature to change pet group names.
    • Press the Rename Group button at the bottom of the pet list window to change the name of each group.
    • Each group's name will be displayed on the group button tooltips.
  • Changed the pet group name to be displayed in yellow in the description text if you've named them.

Crystal Preset via the Ring Menu

The Crystal Preset function, which many adventurers have been conveniently using, was a function that could be inconvenient for some adventurers as it could interfere with their field of vision when the preset was changed through the Black Spirit or could be difficult to find for new adventurers. Now, you can apply the preset without summoning the Black Spirit by using the Ring Menu
  • Changed the process of equipping and removing crystal presets to be done through the Ring Menu without summoning the Black Spirit.
    • Removed crystal Transfusion from the Black Spirit menu.
      • When equipping or removing a crystal preset, the preset will be applied or canceled after about 3 seconds.
      • If you take damage or get hit by a debuff while changing a crystal preset, the change will be canceled.
  • Changed the design of the Transfusion UI.
    • Changed the button for Transfusion Preset to be displayed on the left side of the screen.
    • Changed the stats of the equipped crystal to be displayed on the right side of the screen.
    • Changed the tooltip for crystals to be displayed on the right side of the screen.
    • Changed so you need to press the Save button to apply or cancel applying crystal presets.
      • By pressing the save button, you can check the changes in the preset through the summary window.
  • Added a special effect to be displayed in the barter window when a special barter occurs.
  • Changed the Mount Transport list to be sorted by region.
  • Improved the search for Crafting Notes to be not affected by case sensitivity or spaces.
  • Changed the system alert displayed when freeing a Fairy to be more readable.



  • [Shai] Fixed the issue where wearing the Wonderland Outfit with certain shoes would make the outfit's tail portion appear abnormal.
  • [Ranger] Fixed the issue where wearing the Lovely Bloom Armor and Priyah Bikini together would cause your appearance to appear abnormal.
  • [Ranger] Fixed the issue where wearing the Nereid Armor with certain shoes would make portions of the outfit appear abnormal.
  • [Striker] Fixed the issue where wearing the Blazing Inferno Gloves and weapons would make the gloves invisible.
  • Fixed the issue where characters could not move away from a specific location in the Rhutum Outstation.
  • Fixed the issue where the NPC giving Serendia quests appeared at the Lemoria Guard Post.
  • Fixed the issue for Mythical Arduanatt where Wings of Freedom was recorded as Mighty Leap in the skill logs when pressing L1/LB.
  • Fixed the issue where you could succeed in the Green Artisan minigame for Hoe Gathering even when you had actually failed the objective.
  • Improved characters progressing through simplified main questlines to now be able to proceed with the following quests.
    • Investigating Rumors, Calpheon Resource Report
  • Fixed the ship transfer and mount transport UI to properly display mount information.
  • Fixed the Memory Fragment exchange description of Offin Tett's Light Fragment.
  • Fixed the issue where the appearance of Kamasylvia Castle was unnatural in the World Map.
  • Fixed the issue where animal bones in a specific location in Arehaza were unnatural.
  • Fixed the issue where the number of items extracted from outfits appeared abnormal.
  • Corrected the loot distance of the Helter-Skelter Ceros to match the description in the Pearl Shop.
    • Added details about looting to the pet registration description.
  • Fixed the issue where items in the storage were abnormally displayed when checking the pet UI with the auto sort function of storage turned off.
  • Changed the Node Tax Info to now only display for node managers of nodes undergoing a Node War.
  • Changed the commands for Unbeaten.

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