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Notices [Notice] Item Removal Due to Item Simplification
Black Desert 2023-12-22 00:00

Greetings Adventurers.

As previously mentioned at the Calpheon Ball 2023, an item simplification process will be implemented over time.


During the Jan 10, 2024 (Wed) maintenance, some items will be removed from the game and will no longer be obtainable.

If you possess any of the items scheduled for removal, we will compensate you with either completed items or their equivalent market value in Silver.


Please check the below for more details.



■ Details

- Time of effect: Jan 10, 2024 (Wed) maintenance

- Details:

(1) Following items will be removed/unobtainable, and Silver will be provided

Items to be removed
Market price (per item)
Ancient Seal - Black Shard
(ASIA) 4,810,000
(EU) 3,680,000
(NA) 6,500,000
Ancient Seal - Red Shard
(ASIA) 220,000,000
(EU) 235,000,000
(NA) 275,000,000
Ancient Power - Black Shard
(ASIA) 45,800,000
(EU) 86,500,000
(NA) 87,000,000
Ancient Power - Red Shard
(ASIA) 6,400,000
(EU) 5,350,000
(NA) 5,450,000

* The market price was determined based on the data as of Dec 22, 2023 (Fri) 8:00 AM (UTC).
* You can continue to use the items as before, and selling and purchasing through the Central Market are also available until the Jan 10, 2024 (Wed) maintenance.


(2) Following items will be removed/unobtainable, and completed items will be provided

Items to be removed
Completed item to be provided
Specter's Gaze
Deboreka Necklace
Abyssal Gaze
Deboreka Belt
Dawn's Resentment
Dawn Earring
Jewel of Illusion
Deboreka Earring


Thank you.


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