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GM Notes [GM Note] Thank you, Adventurers, for 2023!
Black Desert 2023-12-29 10:00

Thank you, Adventurers, for 2023!


2023 was full of love and happiness thanks to our Adventurers!

Now we leave behind 2023 with cherished memories
and only have a few days left for the year.

With gratitude for all the support and love you gave for Black Desert,

here's Executive Producer Jaehee Kim with a message for our Adventurers.


Check the coupon we’ve prepared as a token of gratitude!

Cron Stone x1,000

[Event] Special Food Box x3

[Event] Blessing of Old Moon Pack (7 Days)

Advice of Valks (+100)

Artisan's Memory x24

[Event] Enhancement Help Kit III

Courser's Aura x5

Stonetail Wind's Meal x2

Firecracker (HappyNewYear) x3


Expiration date: Jan 31, 2024 (23:59) UTC

* Additional Notices

- Items listed without a quantity are all 1 quantity.
- Please note that expired coupons cannot be redeemed and items stored in your Mail or Web Storage will be deleted.

- You can redeem this coupon only once per Family.

- Entering a coupon code incorrectly 10 times in a row will lock your ability to use coupons for an hour.

- Coupons can be redeemed in-game via Menu → Adventurer Support → [Use Coupons]. Rewards will be sent through your Mail.


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