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Notices [Notice] [Completed] 1/12 Unscheduled Maintenance (Last Updated: 01/12/2024 08:01 UTC)
Black Desert 2024-01-11 00:00


Below are the details regarding the compensation for the unschedued maintenance of 01/12/2024.

When unscheduled maintenances or extensions of maintenances occur, the Black Desert Console Team has given out compensation via in-game mail. However, Adventurers may be confused by the in-game mail or not see it at all.
Therefore, we will be writing these notices in the event that compensation needs to be sent to Adventurers due to maintenance.


Unscheduled Maintenance Compensation Guidelines

  • Eligibility: Accounts that were created prior to the maintenance in question
  • Compensation: Heartfelt Gift Box III x3
  • Expiration Date: Before January 26, 2024 23:59 UTC
  • Received via: In-game Mail


※ Notes

- After the expiration date passes, the compensation via in-game mail will be unredeemable, and the in-game mail will be deleted.

- You will receive the following items per Heartfelt Gift Box III that you open:

GM's Lucky Box x1 GM's Blessing 2 (1 Hour) x3 Book of Training - Skill (3 Hours) x1 Book of Training - Combat (3 Hours) x1 Item Collection Increase Scroll x3

- Due to the unscheduled maintenance, the validity period of certain paid items has been extended by 180 minutes.

Example: The buffs that come from certain paid items such as Value Packs


We will do our best to provide a more stable service. Thank you for your patience and understanding.



We will be taking down all servers for a temporary maintenance. Please refer to the following for details:


Maintenance Purpose:

  • Fixing the issue where season graduates couldn't complete the "Lv. 61! Select a TET (IV) Blackstar Weapon!" challenge.
    • Adventurers who could not receive the challenge reward can do so after the maintenance is over.


Maintenance Schedule:

NA: January 11th 09:00 PM ~ January 12th 12:00 AM (PST)

EU: January 12th 05:00 AM ~ 08:00 AM (UTC)

ASIA: January 12th 02:00 PM ~ 05:00 PM (GMT+9)


Server: All servers



※ During the maintenance, all Adventurers will lose connection to the game and will not be able to use the Black Desert + Central Market nor redeem coupons on the website.

※ The servers will be shut down in order once the maintenance begins, and your connection to the game will be lost even though you were in queue.

※ The maintenance schedule is subject to change. If there are any changes, it will be announced on the website.

※ Name change or item recovery requests will not be processed during this maintenance.

Before exiting the game, please put your character in a safe zone. Please be noted that your character and mount can be attacked by nearby monsters and other characters if you leave the game in a combat zone. Also, you will not be able to play the game during the maintenance.


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