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GM Notes [GM Note] Hero of the Black Shrine, an Interview with ShineApple!
Black Desert 2024-01-19 00:00

Hero of the Black Shrine, an Interview with ShineApple!

Greetings Adventurer!

Thank you for joining us for another 'Hero of the Black Shrine' interview. This is a series focused on showcasing the incredible prowess of exceptional players in our community who have conquered the daunting bosses of the Black Shrine at the highest difficulty: Calamity 7.

Today, we would like to commend the might of the Storm's Tempest who has supressed the Begrudged Wraith. [GM]Vaha has crossed over to the Stone Island in the Land of Morning Light to meet up with ShineApple, the Thunderous Woosa, to ask a few questions. We hope to gain some perspective on their thoughts & insights concerning these Boss Blitz battles to see if we may learn some tips & tricks to utilize against the Haunting Spirit, Songakshi!



Hello! I am so honored and excited to meet your acquaintance! Could you please briefly introduce yourself?


My family name is ShineApple and I'm from guild Pandora. As a gamer, I'm very thankful for being given this opportunity. I'll take this experience as a great memory in Black Desert. ^^ Shoutout to my guild Pandora and all the BDO adventurers!


Is Woosa your main class and how long have you been playing on it? (History about previous classes is welcome as well!)


I tend to play multiple classes, however I've been using Woosa as my main class since the class release. Other classes have their own charms, however I can't get over with the oriental style, Hanbok, and Dosa.


How long did it take you to triumph over Songakshi in Calamity 7? And then How long did it take to lock-in a top time?


I'm not sure if I should say this or not but... I fell in love with Songakshi while playing the LOTML quest (isn't she pretty?).
Since then, I've been progressing directly up to C7 Songakshi, and I think I've spent about two hours on Calamity 7. 


What motivated you to keep striving towards overcoming the highest difficulty of this boss?


I think the most important factor is to have an unbreakable spirit.

After that, it would be analyzing mechanics/phases, crystals, and elixirs.

Songakshi fights with fast and powerful attacks, so you must apply damage while trying to dodge most of her attacks in order to win.
If you face the instant kill phase due to the lack of damage, check if you have enough Forward Guard and HP, then try to exchange skills with the boss and risk yourself to apply more damage.


What was the most difficult mechanic during this boss fight in your opinion, and do you have advice on how to best handle it?


My love... Don't tell me you've forgotten me...? It's called the bloody tears mechanic. There's a ring of Songakshi clones that are all crying, but the one that's crying bloody tears is the real one. The time limit is quite short, so you need to be cautious when figuring this out. If you hit a fake Songakshi while using an AoE skill, they will use instant-kill attack so you need to be careful! I had a lot of trouble with this mechanic. It was difficult to figure out the Songakshi with bloody tears sometimes. However, the solution I found was simple. It makes me cry bloody tears as well. ^^ The solution is to put your eyes close to the monitor and figure out the bloody tears! As a bonus, you can even get a close look at the beautiful Songakshi ^^

Once again, We would like to sincerely thank ShineApple for taking time out of their day to join us for this interview. You are truly amazing and we can't wait to see what other impressive feats you will accomplish in the future!

We hope that everyone had a wonderful time reading this interview and maybe some of the tips shared by our outstanding adventurer will come in handy when you are challenging the Black Shrine!

Good luck out there, see you in the next interview!


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