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GM Notes [GM Note] Hero of the Black Shrine, an Interview with Yairi!
Black Desert 2024-01-20 00:00

Hero of the Black Shrine, an Interview with Yairi!

Greetings Adventurer!

Thank you for joining us for another 'Hero of the Black Shrine' interview. This is a series focused on showcasing the incredible prowess of exceptional players in our community who have conquered the daunting bosses of the Black Shrine at the highest difficulty: Calamity 7.

Today, we would like to applaud the Cunning of the Little Champion who has outsmarted the Divine Ninetailed Fox. For this interview, [GM]Vaha has journeyed to shrine of the esteemed Fox Spirit to meet up with Yairi, the extraordinary Shai, to ask a few questions. We hope to gain some perspective on their thoughts & insights concerning these Boss Blitz battles to see if we may learn some tips & tricks to utilize against the Mythical beast, Gumiho!



Hello! I am honored to interview the first adventurer to successfully defeat the Calamity 7 Gumiho. Could you please briefly introduce yourself?


I'm honored. Nice to meet you. My name is Ryefu. I'm the guild master of BDC guild Fru_Sciante and am currently in charge of recruiting haha. My favorite content is war content such as node wars. I enjoy PvP and also grinding for PvE!


What class did you use to defeat Gumiho? Is this class your main and how long have you been playing on it?


I used Shai! I main Shai for PvE and Maehwa for PvP. I've been playing Shai since I started Black Desert Console 3 years ago! Until about a year ago, I used to play Shai for PvP as well. However I realized that in order to survive in war content such as node wars, I shouldn't use her for PvP. However, I'm still using Shai for PvE.
I'm very thankful for the class improvements that was made for Shai to be able to do well in party and end game grind zones. 


How long did it take you to triumph the Calamity 7?


I completed calamity 1~5 during the week of the Black Shrine release, and completed calamity 6~7 during the second week! It took me about 2~3 hours to clear C7 Gumiho. You don't know how many times I screamed during the moments where I thought I was so close to defeating the boss but ended up dying haha. However, since this was my first calamity 7 boss fight, the satisfacation of defeating her was well worth the effort! 


What motivated you to keep striving towards overcoming this boss?


Honestly the reason why I picked Gumiho was because foxes are cute hahaha.
The reason I chose Shai was because Shai is the number 1 class I've always been using and I wanted to dominate the black shrine with her haha! Also another reason why I wanted to overcome the boss was because I wanted to record and share a walkthrough video for my guild members in our guild social app. It took me several weeks to upload all the Calamity 7 Boss walkthrough videos. However, not a lot of players in my guild prefer Shai, so it wasn't so popular. 


What was the most difficult mechanic during this boss fight in your opinion? and do you have advice on how to best handle it? 


Calamity 7 Gumiho was tough from start to finish since most of her attacks are close to instant kill, however there were also parts that I could deal with! It's the mechanic where Gumiho splits into two during the midway of the fight.
Normally this would be a difficult phase where you would have to deal with 2 powerful Gumihos at the same time, however if you adjust your character's location before the mechanic starts, you can face them one by one! You'll be prompted a message before the mechanic starts, and if you move either to the very left or very right, you'll be able to face them one by one! One thing to watch out for is that if you get too close to the center of the field, you'll be spotted by the other Gumiho and you'll end up facing 2 Gumihos at once and will be playing your game in hard mode so be careful haha
I hope this helps!


Last but not least, do you have any words for your friends or guildmates?


I would like to thank all of my guildmates from Fru_Sciante for always playing together with me! Thank you always for helping me out! I apologize for being a foolish guild master, but I hope we continue to become a great team. 

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