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Events [Event] Win a Limited Edition Black Desert x Advanced Jar + Shaker Cup Set!
Black Desert 2024-03-27 11:00



Join the Black Desert x Advanced Giveaway!

The twins from the Land of the Morning Light took a trip down to and returned with limited edition Woosa & Maegu themed jars and ice shakers!
Enter the Black Desert x Advanced Giveaway for a chance to win either a Woosa or Maegu set! 
Perfect for Woosa and Maegu mains! 😉

Check out the details below!

How to Participate

Event Period: March 27, 2024 - April 17, 2024 (23:59 UTC)

Visit the giveaway Gleam page:


Log in using one of the provided methods.

Complete the actions on the giveaway page to be entered into the Black Desert x Advanced Giveaway!

10 Winners in Total

Take a look at the prizes!


5 Winners

Maegu Ice Shaker x1
Fox Spirit Lychee Jar x1

5 Winners

Woosa Ice Shaker x1
Swallowtail Taro Jar x1

*  Note: 10 winners will be picked at random from a combined pool of participants across Black Desert Online PC (NA/EU), Black Desert Console, and Black Desert Mobile.

Join the Giveaway!


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