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Events [Event] Port Epheria Fishing Cafe is OPEN!
Black Desert 2024-05-21 10:15

⚓Port Epheria Fishing Cafe is OPEN!🐟

Have fun fishing with your friends, guildies and GMs!


Port Epheria Fishing Cafe run by the GMs is open!

(ASIA) May 22 (Wed) 19:00 - 20:00 (GMT+9)
(NA) May 22 (Wed) 17:00 ~ 18:00 (PDT)
(EU) May 22 (Wed) 18:00 ~ 19:00 (UTC)


(ASIA) Port Epheria wharf on the Rulupee server
(NA) Port Epheria wharf on the Valencia server
(EU) Port Epheria wharf on the Rulupee server 


🎣 Don’t forget!

Things to prepare: 'Fishing Rod'
If you have a go-to fishing rod, make sure to bring it with you!
▼ Obtainable via the coupon code below! ▼

Triple-Float Fishing Rod

[Event] Energy Tonic (L) x2

[Event] Crio's Fishing Rod


Coupon Expiry: May 29, 2024 (23:59) (UTC)


Find out more about Triple-Float Fishing Rod, [Event] Crio’s Fishing Rod, and [Event] Energy Tonic (L)

Triple-Float Fishing Rod

- A fishing rod that allows you to catch multiple fish at once.
- Available to use from Fishing Skilled 5.
- Max durability of 30.

[Event] Crio’s Fishing Rod

- A fishing rod with useful effects such as Fishing +5 and Max Reduction in Auto-fishing Time.
- Max durability of 1,500.
* [Event] Crio's Fishing Rod will be removed during the May 29, 2024 (Wed) maintenance.

[Event] Energy Tonic (L)

- Restores 50 energy on use!
- Be sure to invest in your energy levels when fishing!


Swap out, the fish caught for
sturdy items at the fishing cafe!?

* Fish caught on the server during the fishing cafe’s opening hours will be obtained as the following items to an adventurer’s Family.

Fish Caught Received Items

Caphras Stone

Sharp Black Crystal Shard

Flying Fish
Cron Stone

Mackerel Pike
Memory Fragment

Brilliant Crimson Fire Flower

Mysterious Blue Conch

Fruit of Yianaros

Fourfinger Threadfin
Valks' Cry

Purified Lightstone
Discarded Glass Bottle
Concentrated Magical Black Gem

※ Rewards are credited only for fish and items obtained through fishing while using a fishing rod.
※ Items not listed above, such as Ancient Relic Crystal Shards, will not be credited separately.
※ Items credited for the fish caught will be distributed within 2 weeks after the event ends.
※ Items will be credited according to the quantity of fish caught.
※ If you catch the above fish with a fishing rod during the event period on the event server, items will be credited even if you are not at a GM Event location.
※ If you use the "Set Fish Grade" function, the fish caught will not be credited.
- Fish that have been credited to your Inventory can be sold or discarded.

※ Additional Notices

- Unspecified quantities in rewards default to one item.

- The event fishing areas may include Combat Zones, so please pay close attention to your character’s safety.

We will not provide any compensation or recovery assistance if you suffer losses or harm due to normal in-game mechanics.

- Event details and duration are subject to change or cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances.

Any changes will be announced on this event page without separate notices.

- Event items may be restricted in trade, sale, and usage, with varying binding settings per item. Transfer or recovery of these items is not possible.

- For details on item binding, refer to the in-game item descriptions.

- Items or rewards, once used, cannot be recovered.

- Participating in the event using inappropriate methods may lead to cancellation, reward repossession, and game access restrictions.

- For any questions or concerns regarding the event, please contact [Support].

- Any content not specified on this page is subject to the [Black Desert Event Rules].


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