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Events [Event] Better, stronger Blessing of the Morning effects and additional blitz loot from Earth-feebled bosses
Black Desert 2024-05-28 00:00

Better, stronger Blessing of the Morning effects
and additional blitz loot from Earth-feebled bosses!

May 29, 2024 (Wed) after maintenance - June 12, 2024 (Wed) before maintenance

Did you know?

You can instantly enter Black Shrine
Boss Blitz from the menu!

* Of course, you will be returned to the location you entered from once you’re done!



Better, Stronger Blessing of the Morning Effects!


Double the power from the Black Shrine’s Blessing of the Morning effects!

Bosses Blessing of the Morning effect
[Sun Aura]
Golden Pig King, Oduksini, Apex Changui
AP + 1 > 2
[Moon Aura]
Bari, Songakshi, Bamboo Legion Lieutenant
DP + 1 > 2
[Earth Aura]
Sangoon, Gumiho, Duoksini, Imoogi
Item Drop Rate + 20 > 40%
* Up to Item Drop Rate +340%!
* The Blessing of the Morning buffs will last for 3 hours as before.


Grab Boss Blitz rewards bearing the Earth Aura!


Summon the Black Spirit and accept the
[Event] Craving for Power quest → Defeat
one Earth-feebled Boss!

* The quest can only be completed once per Family with a character that is Lv. 56 or higher.


  • Find the bosses via Menu - Adventure - Black Shrine.
    • Earth-feebled Bosses: Sangoon, Gumiho, Duoksini, and Imoogi.
  • Regardless of the boss’ difficulty, you can obtain rewards!
  • Invest the "Light Orb" in the Earth Aura before battling the bosses above! It will make it easier to defeat the Black Shrine bosses!

  • Learn how to invest a light orb
    • Click "Manage Aura" in the upper-right corner
    • Choose one of the Sun/Moon/Earth Aura to invest a light orb
    • Press "+" button to invest a light orb


Defeat all the Earth-feebled bosses,
And gain additional Boss Blitz rewards!

Obtainable from Earth -feebled bosses during the event period!

[Event] Boss Blitz Reward: Earth Aura (Rank 1)

* Bosses encountered during main quests do not count, and only Earth-feebled bosses defeated through the Black Shrine will count towards quest completion.


Main items that can be obtained according to a set probability!


Dahn's Gloves

Flame of Hongik

Crystal of Harmony

Girin's Crystal

What’s in the [Event] Boss Blitz Reward: Earth Aura (Rank 1)?

  • You can obtain all of the following items:
    • Imperfect Lightstone of Earth
    • Sealed Black Magic Crystal x2
    • Memory Fragment x10
    • Sangpyeong Coin x60
    • Trace of the Earth x12
    • Embers of Hongik x15
    • Black Stone x34
  • You can obtain the following items according to a set probability:
    • Dahn's Gloves
    • Flame of Hongik
    • Deboreka Earring
    • Tear of Illusion
    • Bonghwang's Crystal
    • Haetae's Crystal
    • Girin's Crystal
    • Essence of Taebaek
    • Crystal of Harmony
    • Crystal of Darkness
    • Crystal of Bitterness
    • Crystal of Decimation
    • Resplendent Lightstone of Earth

※ Additional Notices

- Unspecified quantities in rewards default to one item.

- [Event] Craving for Power quest does not count towards the completion of Rulupee's Travels.

- Event details and duration are subject to change or cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances. Any changes will be announced on this event page without separate notices.

- Event items may be restricted in trade, sale, and usage, with varying binding settings per item. Transfer or recovery of these items is not possible.

- For details on item binding, refer to the in-game item descriptions.

- Items or rewards, once used, cannot be recovered.

- Participating in the event using inappropriate methods may lead to cancellation, reward repossession, and game access restrictions.

- For any questions or concerns regarding the event, please contact [Support].

- Any content not specified on this page is subject to the [Black Desert Event Rules].


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