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GM Notes [GM Note] [Coming Soon on 6/26] PEN (V) Blackstar: Embark on a New Challenge!
Black Desert 2024-06-22 15:44


PEN (V) Blackstar Weapon

Embark on a New Challenge!


Mark your calendars for June 26, 2024 (Wed), when a PEN (V) Blackstar weapon will be

available to all Black Desert adventurers.

The power of the Blackstar spreading in darkness, Coming Soon!

Detailed acquisition conditions and methods will be announced in a separate notice on June 26, 2024 (Wed).

PEN (V) Blackstar Weapon


* PEN (V) Blackstar weapons can be equipped or used to craft new Sovereign weapons.

* PEN (V) Blackstar weapons obtained from this event cannot be registered on the Central Market, and you can choose between a main weapon or an awakening weapon.



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