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Notices [Notice] 6 Days till Beta: Classes
Black Desert 2018-11-02 00:00

The beta will feature all 6 launch classes for the game. 


Berserker- Brutal and destructive, the Berserker is a melee based class that uses powerful twin war axes to slash their enemies. They also have some of the strongest grab moves in the game. 


Ranger- Quick and agile, the Ranger deals with her foes from range. While it can be tricky to aim, she has the tools to stay far away from her enemies. 


Sorceress- Dark energy courses through her body, making her the ultimate hybrid class. She can engage up close or at distance, and while easy to pick up, is considered very difficult to master. 


Warrior- Strong and stoic, the Warrior uses a shield and sword to engage enemies. While not as strong and powerful as the Berserker, the warrior also has a few grabs to take down his opponents. 


Witch- Powerful yet fragile, the witch is one of the trickier classes to play in the early game. The slow casting times can make her especially vulnerable, but given time she becomes an elemental force to be reckoned with. 


Wizard- Much like the Witch, the Wizard is a tricky character to play in the early game. Learning how to dodge effectively and choosing the right spell for the job is a must to progress through the world. 


Which class will you choose once the beta starts? 


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