Pearl Shop [Pearl Shop] Pearl Shop Update January 29th
Black Desert 2020-01-29 07:30




The following items were added to the Pearl Shop January 29th 2020:


New Products

※ Items purchased with Pearls can be found in your Pearl Inventory. Depending on the item, you can list them up on the marketplace.


1. Event

The following event items will be available until:

NA: 2/11 10:59 PM (PST)

EU: 2/12 06:59 AM (UTC)

ASIA: 2/12 03:59 PM (GMT+9)


[Event] Rare Item Box

The chances of which pet you can get from the [Event] Rare Item Box are listed below: 

Product Rate Price (Pearls)
Hedgehog (Tier 4) 3% 2000
Hedgehog (Tier 3) 16.5%
Hedgehog (Tier 2) 40.5%

Snowflake Reindeer Box

(Snowflake Reindeer (Tier 1) x2)


※ [Event] Rare Item Boxes are not available for sale in Belgium. 

※ All pets within the [Event] Rare Item Box are Limited.


[Event] Premium Adventurer Pack

Product Price (Pearls)
Polar Bear (Tier 2) (LIMITED)


(20% Off!)

Value Pack (30 Days)
[Transaction Maid] Fairy Irene

Outfit 20% DC Coupon

※ Limit of 1 per family


[Event] Master of Enhancement Pack

Product Price (Pearls)
Artisan's Memory x50


(40% Off!)

Valks' Cry x20
Cron Stone x100

Memory Fragment x50

Advice of Valks (+40) x1

Blacksmith's Secret Book - 100 x1

※ Limit of 5 per family


Frostbite Outfit Set

Classes Price (Pearls)
Warrior, Ranger, Sorceress, Berserker, Wizard, Witch, Tamer, Musa, Valkyrie, Ninja, Dark Knight, Striker, Mystic, Lahn





[Lahn] Frostbite Outfit Set




[Warrior] Frostbite Outfit Set


2. Sale

The following item will be on sale until:

NA: 2/5 10:59 PM (PST)

EU: 2/6 06:59 AM (UTC) 

ASIA: 2/6 03:59 PM (GMT+9)


Golden Bell

Product Price (Pearls)

Golden Bell


Combat EXP will increase +100% for the next 1 hour in the

user's current server.


(50% Off!)

※ Limit of 3 per family


3. New

Product Price (Pearls)
[Warrior] Atanis Classic Set 2900
[Ranger] Atanis Classic Set 2900
[Sorceress] Atanis Classic Set 2900

[Berserker] Atanis Classic Set

[Tamer] Atanis Classic Set 2900
[Musa] Atanis Classic Set 2900
[Lahn] Charles Rene Classic Set 2900
[Lahn] Sileshi Underwear 700



- Please refer to the in-game Pearl Shop for more details and images for each product.


Thank you.


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