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Events [Event] Special Events for New/Returning Users
Black Desert 2020-03-04 03:00


New to the world of Black Desert? Coming back from a hiatus? We’ve got some brand new benefits to help you get up to speed with the ever evolving world of Black Desert. Take full advantage of these benefits and start your latest adventure on the right foot.


Olvia Servers - The perfect environment for new players

With the latest update comes the Olvia server. This server is available to new and returning users for their first 30 days, and offers an additional 100% Combat EXP and 30% Skill EXP. The Olvia server exists alongside the other servers, and will have a majority of events that run across Black Desert. The only events which will not run there are events which include Node Wars, Conquest Wars and Red Battlefields.

Hot Time Events on Olvia Server
As mentioned above, most events will run on Olvia server. An example of this is the ‘Hot Time’ event which offers more Combat and Skill EXP for players to enjoy. The Olvia server opening will coincide with a Hot Time event across all servers which will offer all adventurers +200% Combat EXP and +30% Combat EXP for 2 weeks. Please note that these boosts are events, and as the event ends, the Olvia server will return to it’s normal +100% Combat EXP and +30% Skill EXP.

Hot Time Event Period: March 4th After the Update ~ March 18th Maintenance


Cliff’s Equipment Support

The great Captain Cliff is offering access to his armory for those adventurers who prove themselves on the battlefield. New and returning players will be able to accept quests from Cliff at Western Guard Camp, and by completing the three objectives you have proven yourself worthy of handling Cliff’s weapons. Once the objectives have been completed, you will be able to open the weapon box on your character and get weapons for the class you open them on.


New/Returning Adventurer Login Rewards!

Log in each day and you will receive special gifts to help you on your way. All you need to do is play Black Desert and the items will be sent to you directly each day. You will receive items for logging in depending on whether you are a new user or a returning user. You will also be eligible for the standard login rewards, so you will receive even more items for logging in. (LEARN MORE)

There are even more events and a whole world for you to explore in Black Desert, so what are you waiting for?


Glossary for New Users

Servers: In Black Desert, all progress is moved with your character. So once you lose access to the Olvia server, you will be able to carry on your progress on any other server. You are free to move between servers as much as you like.

Combat EXP: This EXP will level up your character. Increasing the amount of Combat EXP earned will allow you to level your character quicker.

Skill EXP: This EXP will allow your character to learn new skills, or upgrade pre-existing skills. The more Skill EXP your character has, the more powerful your skills will be.

Node/Conquest Wars: PvP mode where guilds will battle it out for ownership of a region. During node and conquest wars, monsters will not spawn across the world. To continue questing, you can switch to any non-war server for the duration of the battle.

Weapon Box: A weapon box can be opened on any character. Once opened, it will give you weapons based on the class you are currently playing.

New User: Users who make their first connection to Black Desert within the last 30 days.

Returning User: Users who already have an account made, and made their last connection around 30 days prior to their next login.


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