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GM Notes [GM Note] An Explorer’s Guide to Drieghan
Black Desert 2020-03-30 15:00


A Brief History of Drieghan
The land of the dragons, Drieghan, has finally opened its mountainous territory to all Adventurers to venture! Drieghan's beautiful peaks are only surpassed by its history and the amount of secrets that it holds. Today, let’s take a look at some of the key areas of Drieghan and some things that Duvencrune, its capital, has to offer.


The Beginning: Sherekhan Necropolis


Sherekhan Necropolis, a graveyard that is revered by the people of Drieghan, is where the dragons of old were defeated by the Sherekhans. After the Great Battle with the dragons, the Sherekhans that lost their lives were immortalized in what eventually became a sacred Sepulchre, Sherekhan Necropolis. With gravestones that bear the marks Sherekhans bore on their backs, a monolith was erected in the middle to pay homage to the valiant sacrifices of the brave tribe.

Sherekhan Necropolis is not only a historical site, but also a source of pride for the people of Drieghan. Each year a ceremony is held to honor the lives that were lost in the Great Battle against the dragons. 


Rumors speak of artifacts hidden deep inside of the necropolis, artifacts that speak of the secrets of the Sherekhan and the Great Battle. 



Garmoth's Nest


One of the survivors of the Great Battle was Garmoth, the Crimson Dragon. It was originally thought that Garmoth was defeated by the Sherekhans, but recent appearances over the skies of Drieghan have given weight to the rumor that the Blood Wolves helped the wounded Garmoth get back on its feet.

The reappearance of Garmoth has terrified the people of Drieghan, as they believed that the dragons were vanquished by the Sherekhans. Mercenaries were dispatched to Garmoth’s Nest to finish the dragon once and for all, but Garmoth still lives and one would assume that the Crimson Dragon is now surrounded by piles of bones inside its nest. 

The day Garmoth returns to full strength will be the day when the Crimson Dragon avenges its fallen brethren. On this day, Adventurers across the world will come together to stop the region of Drieghan from burning in the flames of Garmoth again. 

Note: Garmoth is currently unavailable. 





The Dragon’s Tooth. The Jewel of Drieghan. It goes by many names, but Duvencrune is best known as the capital city of Drieghan and also the cultural heart of craftsmanship. From jewelry to weaponry, Duvencrune is the craftsman’s spiritual home, as all goods bearing the Duvencrune mark in turn bear the legacy of the Sherekhans.

In the past, the Chief of Duvencrune essentially ruled the lands of Drieghan, passing out farming rights to the arable lands and controlling all crafting and mining operations in the area. Although these operations are still essential to the running of Duvencrune, Chief Durgeff, has instituted a council that will help make these decisions with her. Each member of the council represents a different aspect of Duvencrune’s economy and each voice is as loud as the last. The Chief still sits as the head of the council, but the other members help Durgeff to make informed decisions about the future of Duvencrune and by extension, the whole of Drieghan.

Nature has helped build a fortress around the region of Drieghan, and as such the region boasts no standing military of its own. Invaders from other regions are often put off by the sheer logistical task of reinforcing troops in the region. But as the world has modernised so did the potential of war. As a protective measure, Durgeff decided to play Drieghan’s closest neighbors against each other. She made deals with both Serendia and Calpheon, offering them access to the rich lumber resources they had in return for protection. By choosing to ally with both of these neighbours, Durgeff sowed the seeds of distrust, allowing the rivalry between the two nations to divert attention away from Duvencrune. Durgeff had essentially carved out a peaceful existence for Duvencrune, granting it a sense of security it had not had since the last dragons fell during the Great Battle.

This peace was short-lived as a hunter returned with horrifying news. One of the more fearsome dragons, Garmoth, was still alive. The hunter had spotted the Crimson Dragon on a hunt, and immediately returned to tell all of Duvencrune that the end would soon be upon them. The people began to panic, but Durgeff had already proved herself as a leader to the populace, and they fully supported her reaching out to Kamasylvia and Queen Brolina to provide more support in their upcoming struggles against the dragon.


The Craftmanship of Drieghan

The Sherekhans’ war against the dragons was not only a testament to their bravery and courage, but also a testament to those who crafted their powerful armaments. However, the traditional crafting methods that once armed the Sherekhans were thought to have been lost, but according to Hughol, Duvencrunes legendary blacksmith, there remains one book that details those methods. Unfortunately, it seems that he is the only one who has access to these works.
Weapons forged using the methods from Hughol’s book bear his name, but recent discoveries allow those same weapons to reach terrifying heights of power. By concentrating Refined Black Energy Residue into gems known as Hesed’s Crystals, craftsmen can transform Hughol’s awakening weapons into the fabled Dragon Slayer weapons of the Sherekhan, which rival the powerful Dandelion Weapons.

The Delicacies of Drieghan

Drieghanis a place of many exotic foods that sit well on the palettes of those from Serendia and Calpheon. As the region sits high in the mountains, the locals here have made best use of the resources around them. Although considered poisonous to humans, the Drieghanese people have developed a method of detoxifying bracken, which quickly led to it becoming a staple of many Drieghanese meals.

Another particularly interesting feature of Drieghanese meals is their meat choices. Yak, Marmot and Llama meat are all frequent in many meals, and can be gathered from the mountains of Drieghan.

The tendency to use ingredients that have been around since ancient times is not just limited to food, but also to medicine. One of the most potent ingredients that is used in Drieghanese medicine is Thuja Sap, drawn from trees of the same name. Alchemists use the sap in order to create a unique elixir unknown to the neighboring nations.

Recommended Drieghanese Meal

  • Stir-Fried Bracken [Knowledge Gain Chance +5%]
  • Ghormeh Sabzi [Down Attack Damage +5%]
  • Roast Marmot [Chance to Gain Higher-Grade Knowledge +2%]
  • Skewered Llama Cheese Melt [Weight Limit +100LT]
  • Special Drieghanese Meal [Chance to Gain Knowledge +5%, Chance to Gain Higher-Grade Knowledge +2%, Down Attack Damage +5%, Weight Limit +100LT]



The Agriculture of Drieghan 

The borders of Drieghan house a variety of unique plants and wildlife, but one of the most coveted plants is the famed Lakiaro plant. Legend has it that this rare type of ginseng grew from the tears of Saint Garnet, a selfless soul who helped those in need across the world of Black Desert. Whether or not the legend is true is to be discussed, but what is not up for debate is the value of Lakiaro. Vendors across the world are willing to part ways with all their savings to purchase this rare ginseng. 



There are multiple stages of maturity for the Lakiaro plant. Young Lakiaro’s are worth considerably less than their matured counterparts, and are often considered easier to extract.

However, Lakiaro is as rare as it is difficult to extract. The extremely brittle roots of the plant grow in such a frenzied web that not many can’t extract it without damaging it. The Dostter Hoe has long been used by researchers to extract the Lakiaro plant, and it can be purchased from material vendors everywhere.


Magical Crystals

The region of Drieghanalso brings with it new crystals that contain various magical properties. These crystals were originally developed by the Sherekhans, Macalod, Hoom and Gervish. Alone these crystals offer no benefits, but with multiples of the same Combined Magic Crystals equipped into gear, they become energized. These Magic Crystals can be discovered across the region of Drieghan.

Rumors also have it that these Crystals can be fused to the powerful JIN, WON, BON crystals through simple alchemy, and doing so unlocks even more of the potent magical energies that are contained within. Combining these crystals, a powerful magical medium is required. Early alchemical research indicates that Garmoth’s Scales, which are available across Drieghan contain enough raw energy to complete the process. 


The collective efforts of many of the first adventurers to step forth into the dragon lands of Drieghan have helped compile this guide, and we would like to wish readers of this guide all the best of luck when exploring the realm of dragons. 


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